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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 11 – More Dancing Than Any Other Finale

Nigel tells Kent his lines get better and better and stronger each week that he watches him. His emotions were real again with an honesty to the performance that he really likes. If there’s a chink to his armor of his performance, it’s in his upper body strength, as there aren’t enough girls to lift in Wapokaneta and the cows are too heavy. But, it didn’t show here, not a single chink in his armor.

Mia notes he was so invested in it emotionally and goes back to Kent saying something at the end and asks what he said and he can’t immediately recall. She tells him he said, “Get off” to Allison. It was so cool, as he was so invested that he allowed himself to go there not only physically, and since he has that in his back pocket and doesn’t need to think about it anymore, he can allow himself to fly inside the reality and honest of the story, leading to him telling her to get off at the end, which Mia thought was genius. She doesn’t know how many other ways she can tell him she loves him.

Adam asks what is going on with Kent right now, and he says it’s personal, but “you just get so invested in the movement and story that the steps don’t even matter.” The judges all look at each other as if to say, “Finally!” Adam tells Kent he just became an artist. He was not competing. He did so much more than was asked. Adam is so proud of him as he went so far past the show. He just became an artist and is such a special guy. Adam then notes he has a joke with his friend over, “Let’s do a couple of a pirouettes, then do a really slow devlape.” Kent just did it, and it wasn’t a joke. The most beautiful part of the whole thing was the stillness, his quiet moments, his relationship. It was magnificent and blew Adam away.

Cat sat down with Lauren who thinks it’s col to be the last woman standing, but finds it great just to be here, as the whole goal is to make it to the end. Her favorite routine was the first one with Kent, and Cat asks if it was because of the kiss at the end. She’s never shared an experience like that, and she’s not just talking about the kiss. Her riends and family are the best support system. She knows people have faith in her and want her to do well. She doesn’t think she would have tried out if it wasn’t for them. It’s surreal to be here in the finale, as she looks back and sees her growth and knows whatever happens, they’re all family. She dances tonight to Mary J. Blige’s I’m Goin’ Down, and like the others, her growth is very evident as well.

Robert and Kathryn McCormick got together for a Spencer Liff routine. The story is the two of them in an interrogation room, with Robert the suspect and Kathryn the investigator trying to get answers out of him. Spencer thinks Robert needs to be careful to not overdo it. He admits sometimes he’s not the coolest kid on the planet, but knows he has to keep it cool. They’re dancing to Cool from the West Side Story Soundtrack. I honestly don’t know if there’s any more to say about Robert at this point. He’s just incredible, especially in this, as I’m sure he was thrilled to not get ballroom again. At the end they show us he split his pants.

Nigel first mentions that this is one of his favorite pieces of music. He thinks Cool is only in the movie, not in the stage play, but Adam tells him he’s wrong. Take that Mr. Executive Producer. Robert danced it very, very well with a different style altogether. When Kathryn pulled him up by the tie, the strength that required was incredible. He is showing all the different sides to his dancing and he just gets better every week.

Mia got nervous, because it is one of the best pieces ever choreographed. There were moments of vocabulary in there of Jerome Robbins. She loved the classic Robbins feel to it., as they put their own story behind it. It was danced geniusly, but she wanted more simmer and sizzle inside of it, as there was a tightness and quickness, coming down into a coolness. Other than that, it’s a love fest. Adam has to say this is obviously a special piece of material and he’s done it, but song is the best piece ever done before. He has to say Spencer did a great job with it, putting a fresh spin on it and incredible to the story. The music is a road map, but he stayed on track, and Rob did everything asked of him. Jerome Robbins would have been proud of him and would have hired him.

Lauren does her final routine tonight with Pasha Kovalev on a cha cha choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie Lapatin. She’s supposed to see Pasha and he blows her mind, making her go a little out of control, even getting a little dirty. Lauren has to be a maneater, but Melanie doesn’t think they’re asking too much. This one is going to be hot. They dance to Christina Aguilera’s Not Myself Tonight, and hot it is. These two were hot together the last time they danced together and nothing’s changed there. Aside from that, it’s incredibly good technique.

Nigel notes it’s a fabulous routine, particuarly enjoying the jump onto Pasha’s back from Lauren’s knee, with the incredible strength in her back that assisted her tremendously. The foot actions, the knees, the hips, and for somebody not trained in ballroom before, she’s the best contemporary girl they’ve had do a ballroom routine. He’s no expert in the field, but it looked perfect. It’s thanks to Pasha as well,. Pasha is asked if they stopped putting buttons on his shirts. Cat notes the buttons are in her room. Tony and Meredith gives props from the audience, for the dance I think, not the lack of buttons.

Mia asks Lauren asks who she is. She’s so happy the routine stood up for her butt, especially in the beginning. It really does make a differnece, and it’s all about the hips and the butt and commitment. If she was still dancing, she would want to dance just like Lauren. That’s an amazing compliment. She just has so many different qualities about her and Mia never gets bored watching her, as she’s sexy, powerful, emotional, vulnerable, and so many things, and she would want to achieve some of that as a dancer.

Adam notes that Lauren feels music like no one else on the show, and if music were turned into a person it would be her. She literally understands what every note, every rhythm and physically embodies it. Not only with her body, but in her head, her space, behind her eyes, and exhibition style perfect. She danced as effortlessly as some people breathe.


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