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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 11 – More Dancing Than Any Other Finale

Adam thinks the piece was a testament of the success of the All Star component. He doesn’t think Robert could have grown that much working with another contestant. One of the things that’s so compelling is that you dance better after the show when you’re no longer competing, as you’re just relaxed. Robert danced “way as well as Mark” was, and that’s all he’s been asking, that they dance like they’re not competing and dance for the joy of competing. Additionally, they’ve been dogging him about not dancing up, and tonight, he finally did it. It made Adam “throw up with happiness.”

Cat Deeley is sitting down with each of the contestants before they do their solo tonight, and Kent talks about feeling excited like he’s going to die. He was so not ready for this in Las Vegas, and to now be here in the top three when he didn’t even think he could make it to Vegas is crazy. She asks him about his faces and makes him do a few. He fails at the sad face. His favorite moment was finally getting a chance to work with Lauren. He does his solo tonight to Train’s The Finish Line, and does some amazing choreography on his own. This guy wants it.

Robert worked with Lauren this week on a Dee Caspary contemporary routine in a piece about them going home and finding peace. It’s the last voyage home and the last moment onstage to reflect. They use a pillow in the routine, and she notes it’s deceiving as you’d think it’s quiet and nap time, but she’s sweating onto the pillow. Dee issues out a warning that there’s no sleeping until the piece is over. Lauren thinks maybe she’s just halfway home. They dance tonight to That Home by Cinematic Orchestra. It’s just a gorgeous, flowing routine with a nice easy movement form both throughout.

Nigel compliments Dee on the choreography with the touches of genius, like the little bit where Lauren threw the pillow then jumped into Robert’s arms. He likes watching the young choreographers grow this season along with the dancers. The one word that sums up both Robert and Lauren is strength. The little bit where he held up to her ankle and she came up was incredible abdominal strength. Robert finishes everything off from his fingers to his toes, and shows how through all the different styles, they complement the show and can now answer the title of the show as “Yes I Can”.

Mia tells Dee he’s unreal and a real artist. The use of the pillow and the fluidity of the connection was neverending. She knows she told Robert before he’d had his best performance to date, but this one by far was the most delicious performance by him. He is just another whole thing and doesn’t know what he’s doing other than the show, but something’s happening with him as he’s evolving into a genius dancer. A gorgeous quality about him is that he’s so open and humble and they embrace him, as he’s surprised by how successful he’s becoming. She wants him to keep that as it’s so becoming and so beautiful. Lauren was perfection, and Mia is so proud to come back this season and watch the journey of all these kids. She’s proud Mama Mia right now.

One of the things that Adam saw that was so great was that Dee did a number about how tired all the dancers are, and they probably are at this point in the season. All he saw up there other than magnificent beauty was how much they support and love each other in the group. That was such an extraordinary piece about action and reaction and rebound. One word: magnificent.

Kent worked with Lauren next, doing a Mandy Moore jazz routine. Mandy thinks these two are so quirky, cute, and weird, in a really cool way, so she wants the dance to embody that. They’re really themselves in the piece, and the last time they danced together Kent stole a little kiss at the end, but she warns him there is no kissing this time. They’re dancing tonight to Hip to Be Square by Huey Lewis & the News. It’s another one where he gets to do do the Kent Face, and I’ll be damned if at times it doesn’t look just like Mia’s impression of it. What a fun piece this is.

Nigel says again it shows the difference in styles they’re going to be asked to do as they become a professional dancer. Mandy went for the geeky thing and a little bit of fun, but he doesn’t think they were challenged enough for the finale of the series. There wasn’t enough real dancing to get ahold of the critique. However, they kept the characters well and did what was asked of them.

Mia puts her geeky glasses on and says she isn’t sure what to say. It was fun, so she enjoyed the quirkiness, nerdiness, and lightness, and they danced it well. They killed it, but she didn’t like it, because it wasn’t her cup of tea. They did it very well and it was fun. Adam loves them, telling them it was great, and to just get out of here. Kent defends the routine, saying the main thing with Mandy was she wanted them to have fun and wanted to show what they are. And that’s what they are. He asks as long as they had fun, who cares? They do fake nose-picking while their voting numbers are being displayed just to show some more geeky fun.

InRobert’s sit-down with Cat, he talks about feeling pressure and how he’s still shocked to be here still, even after being in the bottom three a few times. He set a goal for himself to just make it to the finale. His favorite routine was Travis Wall’s Fix You. It was a special moment and he could relate to it all. His mom looked at him after the show and started crying knowing where it came from. His worst moments were all of the ballroom routines. The first thing he’ll do if he wins is look at his mom and ask her what she wants, as she’s given him everything. This all makes him feel like he can accomplish anything. Hie does his solo tonight to The District Sleeps Alone by The Postal Service, and shows every bit of the growth they’ve been talking about with him all night.

Kent now gets together with Allison Holker and Stacey Tookey in a routine about looking into a relationship that everyone thinks is perfect. They try to act like they’re perfect, but a lot of unspoken problems, and the pressure of being perfect is what’s tearing them apart. The biggest challenge will be the maturity that it’s asking of Kent. She’s trying to take him to a place that’s really honest. They dance tonight to Joshua Radin’s Sundrenched World (Live Session). Wow. This guy has it in him. He doesn’t have to be the geeky fun guy. He’s got some anger here that he shows, and he definitely has it in him. It brings me to tears a little, that honesty.


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