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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 11 – More Dancing Than Any Other Finale

Throughout the first half of the season we all certainly thought we’d see Alex Wong dancing in the finale and probably named the winner. Yet, here we are without that talented dancer thanks to an injury. The emotional side of us hoped to see Kent Boyd here, and there he is. The fun side of us wanted to see Lauren Froderman here as well, and she’s still hanging with us as well. We didn’t really expect to see Robert Roldan, but he kind of snuck up there on us. But truthfully, I couldn’t imagine the final three without him as the intros.

Our judges for tonight are once again Adam Shankman, Mia Michaels, and Nigel Lythgoe. Before we get going on the night, we get treated to a clip of the highlights of the season, including some clips of Alex Wong to remind us what we lost, and clips of our final three to remind us how lucky we are to have the final three we have.

Kent got together with Lauren Gottlieb this week on a Nakul Dev Mahajan Bollywood routine. It’s about a couple about to get married, as he gets cold feet. Lauren talks about them getting silly, but thinks you have to when doing Bollywood. Nakul says Bollywood is very campy, so “bring on the faces, Kent.” Kent guarantees he can deliver a lot of cheese for us. They dance tonight to Om Mangalam from the Kambakkht Ishq Soundtrack. There’s something about Bollywood that really seems right for Kent, and it’s not just that it works with his faces. The energy of it is so Kent.

Nigel calls it great fun choreography from Nakul, great costumes, and great dancing. He thought it was great to start us off. They captured all the fun that was asked of them as an 18 year old getting out of a marriage. Mia thinks it was the perfectly tailored Bollywood piece for Kent. They took a breath and said go, and he did. It was fast and fun and he hit everything precisely. It was very Kent-ish and it worked. Adam thinks the Energizer Bunny should just retire. He knows they have five dances this week, but to bring this much energy and precision, when he did his stops and hits, everything was literally perfect, like he was the feel good dancer of the year.

Nigel talks about the other dance influences in the dance and Adam mentions how hard the flat-footed floor spins Kent did are. Kent admits it makes him feel pretty good when all the girls scream. Nigel has more fun asking him if he’d wear that outfit in Wapokaneta. He answers no, not so surprisingly.

Lauren gets a chance to work with Twitch on a Tabitha and Napoleon D’Umo hip hop. The story behind this one is a presidential debate. It’s the debate through dance, so the gestures are resembling the lyrics or speaking. It’s your typical point/counterpoint as he asks if we really think she can do what needs to be done with that cute smile, and she promises to hit hard and be pretty. Tabitha points out Lauren could be the dark horse in the debate and in the finale. They’re dancing tonight to Kanye West’s Power, and she is definitely hitting it hard. She’s meeting up really well with Twitch.

Nigel talks about art inspiring art as they watched a congresswoman dance last week on National Dance Day and now watch the dancers be politicians. He tells NappyTabs they’re just so good, inspiring people to dance, and hopes Sarah Palin doesn’t try to pick this routine up. With 1.7% difference in votes two weeks ago and 2 points difference last week, it’s anybody’s night to win, and he thinks all three deserve it. These first impressions are really important. Lauren danced this strongly. After Kent threw down a good card with his Bollywood routine, she brought out strength and what she’s good at, transfixing us with everything she does. She managed to nail it again.

Mia also gives NappyTabs props for a great season of homerun after homerun after homerun, and Lauren has mirrored that. Mia doesn’t think there’s anything she can’t do. Consistency is key to a choreographer hiring a dancer, always knowing they can trust you on live stage or live television. She hasn’t had one bad performance this season, and more than anything Mia loves her balance of masculinity and femininity. Adam thinks it’s fascinating that Lauren is campaigning in this routine she’s doing for the finale. The easiest thing he can say is that she makes him proud to be sitting in the chair. She’s the best, and he has nothing to add. She has blown the season out of the water and is one of his favorite girls the show has ever had. So he did have something to add.

Robert is paired with Mark Kanemura on a Tyce Diorio jazz roune that Tyce calls a power surge of electric energy. Robert says it’s all about energy and speed and the transferring of weight, and he thinks with jazz being about sharpness and lines and techniques, they’ll incorporate it all. Mark finds it nice to go from sharp and strong into that fun kind of groovy moment. They dance tonight to Devo’s Whip It, and this seems just custom-made for both of these dancers. It’s matching them quirk for quirk.

Nigel thinks it stresses the point of what they’ve been saying, that dancers can’t just expect to work with one choreographer and one style in their career. If you take Tyce, he just did an incredible routine that isn’t anything like what he normally choreographs, making it really interesting. Nigel liked the style and the fun the two of them had. Once they lost Alex this year, he thought maybe Kent will be the one to win, and he likes Kent, but as the weeks have gone by, he’s watched Lauren who is so strong, and watched Robert go more and more higher up. He’s not here as a critic, but as a judge, and he really doesn’t mind which of the three wins, and it’s really unusual for him to say. The three of them have shown everyone so far why they’re in the finale.

Mia thinks Mark and Robert look like they should be on tour with Adam Ant. She loves the look. Mia wants to say what’s interesting is that when dancers come on the show they’re more grounded in the beginning and get wowed, but Robert did the opposite, being more wowed in the beginning, then more grounded. He’s the most improved dancer on the show this season, a completely different dancer right now. This piece was fabulous, and they’re awesome together.


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