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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 10 – Quality versus Quantity

Jay is waiting on Jason for a lamb. He is assured it is resting. On his way up to the pass, Jay decides to send the table. When Jason brings the lamb up it is no good for a second time. Jason seems to be confused as to what is going on, but it gets out there eventually and is perfect.

Holli has moved on to entrees and is waiting on Nilka for venison. It comes up overcooked and Holli tells Nilka it looks like beef jerky. Funny, it was done in the same “you donkey” tone of voice Chef Ramsay gets. Well, they were warned.

Over in blue, beef is returned to the kitchen for being too tough. Jay believes that Jason does not react well to Chef Ramsay’s yelling, so instead he tries to baby him. There is lots of positive reinforcement and back stroking going on over in the blue kitchen. Wouldn’t we all work better to that kind of managing> It seems to be driving Chef Ramsay crazy though. Ben decides that Jay needs to crack the whip a little more and heads himself up to the pass to start calling out orders behind Jay’s back. Insert Siobhan adjectives here!

Jay tells the diary cam that Ben was great and really had his back. This makes no sense. Jay is trying to become the executive chef. No executive chef is going to want their line cooks taking control of the kitchen and actually being okay with it. He has no control over his own line.

Holli is still working on entrees and Nilka brings up more venison. Holli screams back to the kitchen that the venison is gorgeous. Nilka calls back oh “it’s no good?” Holli says no, it’s gorgeous; Nilka throws her hands up in worship and lets out a hallelujah! It’s a nice dynamic in the red kitchen, but who knows how long that will last.

It didn’t last long; Autumn is now blaming the rest of the kitchen for her slowness. Nilka asks if she can help and is told no, because she doesn’t know what she is doing. Autumn is refusing help from anyone. Holli needs to order someone on the station to get the food out instead of begging for them to get the food up there.

The entrees are down to three tickets each. It is a race to the finish. Blue team finishes first; but Holli notes that it is all about quality. Both kitchens clear down and say their goodbyes to the line cooks. Chef Ramsay sends Holli and Jay back upstairs while he goes through the diner cards.

We saw food being returned and full tables not being served together in the blue dining room. In the red dining room the biggest problem we saw was waiting for the food. On paper it looks like a quality versus quantity showdown. Holli had problems with time management in the kitchen; Jay let Ben take control. I know who I would vote for, but I am not in charge.

Jay and Holli go upstairs to wait, and smoke, and drink. Neither seems too confident. They get called back downstairs. Chef Ramsay believes that both of them have exciting futures in this industry. They are told to stand by their doors.

Yea! Holli’s door opens. Quality prevailed! Cocky failed! Jason looks like the model of the scream posters with his hands on both cheeks and his mouth hanging wide open. Ben drinks and walks away. Holli is greeted at the bottom of the stairs by her son, and a big “I love you momma.” It makes me teary eyed. Her son is so darn cute screaming, “You’re the winner.”

While the credits roll, poor Jean Philippe gets a shower in Champagne thanks to Chef Ramsay. Autumn tells Holli that she gave Holli her all. Jason tells Jay he is not going to kiss him. Sous Chef Andi tells Holli that she deserved the win and she loves her. We also see last year’s winner Dave run by, still in that brown wool cap. The season ends with Jay telling the diary cam that he is hoping he can take her pants off tonight. Well, they will always have Australia. I wish they would film the after party celebration, it looks like they have a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading along this season, I look forward to the new season starting up next month.

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