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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 10 – Quality versus Quantity

Chef Ramsay tells Jay and Holli that the former contestants will be moving back in tonight in order to give them extra time with them. Jay is very disappointed and was hoping he would get to sleep with Holli tonight. You know, maybe they deserve each other.

Jay gets to pick first since he won the challenge; he will be blue kitchen again. He chooses Ben first. Ben knows that he is better at everything then Holli and is looking forward to proving it. I think had he not been a quitter last week he may have just been there. I don’t know that that was such a good move strategically. Jay witnessed first hand Ben trying to take over the pass from Chef Scott. Also, Ben and Holli do not like each other, it would have been interesting watching Ben have to take direction from her.

Holli choses Autumn for her red kitchen team. Autumn feels like she is the popular kid in school. Jay chooses Jason next, nothing surprising there. Holli picks Nilka next. Last up are Fran and Siobhan, how to choose. Jay could offer to let Holli have both of them maybe. Jay chooses Fran because she is willing to try hard. Fran says that she is willing to die for Jay. Jay’s team is made up of three people that throughout the season had major problems with communication, if nothing else it should be entertaining. Holli gets Siobhan on her team, and to say the least, does not looked thrilled.

Siobhan admits she knew she would be picked last, but is just happy she is not on Ben’s team. She uses adjectives to describe him I would like to have used all season.

Chef Ramsay dismisses them and tells them to use this time to familiarize their teams with their menus. Autumn believes that she is really going to have to pull her weight and Siobhan’s in the kitchen. Jays team believes that they can’t be beat. This year instead of the final two designing their dining room’s, it is done overnight by a design team while they are sleeping.

The next morning comes and the chefs start prepping for service. Siobhan is moving very slowly and is already demanding more attention from Holli and Autumn. Even sous chef Andi tells her that she is driving her insane. Over in the blue kitchen Ben has started taking control. Ben is taking on quite a bit of the menu and Jay doesn’t seem to have any problem with him doing so much. Blue truly believes that it is not going to be close. Fran tells the diary cam that she is concerned that Ben is taking over too much.

Chef Ramsay calls Jay and Holli upstairs to his office 30 minutes before service. They both are sick to their stomachs thinking that something bad is going to happen. When they sit down Chef Ramsay tells them that he is sending both of them to Australia for a food and wine holiday. Holli is looking forward to vacationing with Jay. All I can think about is her son; she has been away from him for months and just wants to vacation with Jay. I don’t get it. They are also given their chefs’ jackets.

Jay tells the diary camera that although she is attractive, he is going to mop the floor with her and her face. Nice talk from a guy that wanted to sleep with her the night before. Jay pep talks his team; he is very confident that they will by far win this competition. Cocky almost never works out in reality tv land. He believes that Siobhan will be Holli’s downfall.

Holli’s pep talk involves teamwork and competition. Holli warns them that she is going to be a bitch, and that they should expect it. The doors to Hell’s Kitchen open for the last time this season.

We are told by Mr. Announcer Guy that there are 50 influential diners dining in Hell’s Kitchen tonight. This makes me think that they will be filling out some sort of judging card, or why would they be influential? We also see both families.

Jay’s team is off to a fast start with Ben making the amuse bouche. Unfortunately for Holli, she has Siobhan on that station, and not only is she slow, but she incorrectly proportions and has to start over. Holli knows that she is slow, so why she is on the starter station I don’t know. Luckily for Holli, Fran is burning scallops. She gets her act together and appetizers are moving out of the blue kitchen.

Holli is having a lot of trouble with Siobhan and Nilka in her kitchen. The food is coming out perfect, but it is taking a long time to get out.