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Big Brother 12, Aug. 8 – Curiosity Killed the Matt

Enzo asks Ragan what happened, and Brendon offers it was two against one. Ragan tells him he wasn’t even there, but Brendon says he heard two people yelling at one person. Ragan notes no one was yelling, and the person who raised her voice the most was Rachel. He tells Brendon coming into the room and telling them what happened perpetuated things. Rachel walks in now and pulls Brendon out of it to go back in and talk to Matt. She apologizes to Ragan, saying, “because I’m a bitch.” Rachel notes there are nine people in the house, and it doesn’t make sense to her to get rid of two of the stronger people who could help him. Yet he tells them if one of them does go home, he’ll be personally attacked by the one that stays. She tells him they’ll be targeting him, not the one that stays. He needs to do what he feels is smart, though.

The Saboteur comes on the TV screen, and everyone runs into the living room to hear the message. The Saboteur thanks Matt for opening Pandora’s Box and releasing him. His mission is to destroy all of them and cruise to the half million dollars. Brendon asks why something bad is happening if Matt only won a dollar. Matt says in the DR he never should have touched Pandora’s Box, and that curiosity killed the Matt.

Britney asks why anyone would want to be the Saboteur. She thinks they have enough drama there. The others ask why someone would want to stab everyone in the back. Ragan’s freaking out inside and feels like a horrible person, but when America beckons, you have to do what America wants you to do. Enzo hopes the person isn’t in the Brigade and if they are, he’ll sniff him out. Brendon says it would be tempting to get this power if it was a week you particularly needed it.
It’s time for Matt’s nominations, and Rachel thinks her and her showmance will be nominated because it’s the easiest thing to do and Matt is too much of a pansy to piss off anyone else and it’s getting old. Brendon doesn’t feel good about it and is starting to feel apathetic. He knows they’ll be a target and feels Matt is a liar. Enzo wants Matt to stick to the plan this time, and hopes the Gremlin does what he’s supposed to do. Matt says this nominations are more important than the last time he was hoH, just because it’s a bigger power move, but they’re in a different part of the game now, and it’s time to take out the trash.

At the ceremony, Matt pulls the first key, the one belonging to Kathy. Also safe are Ragan, Britney, and the rest of the Brigade, Lane, Enzo, and Hayden. This leaves Brendon and Rachel as the two nominees. Matt tells them it couldn’t be less personal or more strategic. He’s heard them say a couple times they like science and assume they like facts and figures. Factually, they’re a dominating force in the house and are the only pair that has won consistently. He’s sure one of them will win PoV though.

Brendon says it’s tough to imagine life in the house without Rachel as they’ve become so close and he won’t trust anyone but her. Rachel notes she’s fought for 35 days in a row in the house and she feels like a lost puppy. She thinks she needs another injection of Botox, as she has so many wrinkles right now. Enzo says finally Matt can be the brains again as he did what he was supposed to do.

The only move for anyone other than Rachel and Brendon was to nominate them … together. They tried backdooring them last time around, and they won PoV. When they were on the block together the first week, they w on PoV and got the replacement voted out. This was the only move for Matt to make.

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