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Big Brother 12, Aug. 8 – Curiosity Killed the Matt

Last week Rachel was trouncing around like Queen Bee, but this week there’s a new king in town, Matt. He thinks she better watch out. The Brigade has a meeting sans Lane in the Storage Room, and celebrate. They know they have to do what they should have done the first time, and Hayden says they told him to bring it on when they put him up on the block last week, so he cannot wait to taste sweet, sweet revenge, and watch them cry like little babies then laugh in their faces. Enzo says Matt has a way of surprising the group so he just needs to stick to the plan and put up Brendon and Rachel.

Brendon heads to see Rachel and ask if she’s made at him, and she tells him he did the best he could and did a really good job. He apologizes anyway, and she says he just doesn’t understand that by him not winning, it puts a bigger target on her. It’s not always all about him. He cheers her on saying they’ve never accepted defeat before, and aren’t going to now. She pushes him away, and he says it’s hard, as he doesn’t have anyone else in the game he trusts. He tries to plead with her again to not be mad at her, and she says she’s not upset, but he’s being emotionally insensitive. He stalks off again.
Matt gets his HoH room, and Britney notes how fake it is that people that aren’t friends with him go up and pretend to be interested in all their crap. I guess she means like what she did last week with Rachel. So they tried to act like a ridiculous version of Rachel, which she just didn’t get. They then play a game they called Trapped, which is the last person to be trapped with Brendon and Rachel, and it’s of course Matt stuck with them. He tries to get them to leave, but they’re in no hurry.

Matt comes up to his room later and gets Pandora’s Box. He gets told he could release something good or bad upon the opener or the rest of the house. That’s his decision this week. He has a chance to dramatically alter the course of this game, to behold the diamond power of veto. With every temptation comes a consequence. He talks it over wit himself. A stipulation is he can’t tell anyone what he’s doing and knows it could ruin his entire gameplay.

Matt decides to go in the Box and takes the Veto. It can only be used once at one of the next two evictions. He must keep it secret or risk losing it. He’ll learn soon what he unleashed on the rest of the house. Now he knows he totally runs the house for the next two weeks. He knows if he doesn’t tell anyone anything, he’ll be the leading suspect for whatever is about to happen to the house, so he puts the veto away in his suitcase, and takes out the old dollar card from the old competition he won.

Matt gathers the troops and preps them for a negative situation. He tells them he always said that if he was ever presented with Pandora’s Box, he’d open it, and of course he was, and he opened it. Brendon’s first thought is that if something good happened to him something bad will happen to them. Matt tells them he saw a briefcase on the screen, and thought it meant he won money, but all he got is the dollar card. Lane doesn’t think it’s all adding up. Enzo thought he got money, but the rest of the Brigade has no choice but believe him. Brendon doesn’t trust it and figures he won something and doesn’t want to admit to it to put a bigger target on his back. Matt figures no one bought the lie that he told them.

Brendon asks Rachel how much she thinks he just won and wonders if it was $20,000 and if Rachel would keep it quiet. She’s pretty much non-communicative. Ragan explains Pandora’s Box to Kathy and Hayden saying if someone gets something good, the others get something bad. He admits he’s scared.

Ragan goes into the DR and finds a note, figuring it’s not good. He gets the offer that the fans want him to become the new Saboteur in the next two weeks and that he needs to complete three sabotages each week. If he chooses to accept it and survives, he’ll be awarded $20,000. He’s shocked he was selected and isn’t sure how to respond. He’s flattered America voted for him, but is completely torn what to do. If he accepts the money, he could do things that could potentially ruin his game in the house, which is scary. The one thing he doesn’t want to do is let America down. Yet, he ultimately decides to do it.

Rachel talks to Matt in front of Ragan, asking if they can talk about nominations. Ragan asks if she wants him to jump out, and she says she doesn’t care, as she knows they’re a team. She tells Matt they’re either going to make a deal or not. She realizes no one in the house likes her, and she doesn’t want him to think she’s bullying him. But she wants him to realize if he puts them both up, one of them will probably win PoV. He tells her that’s exactly why they’re so scary to him. She tells him she’s there by herself though, and then compares her and Brendon to Matt and Ragan.

Ragan asks why he’s there and says they’re not a pair, and Matt is just his friend. He says no one has ever come up to him and proposed an alliance to him. He’s upset, saing Rachel has a tendency to spout off BS and pretend it’s true, and sometimes people believe her fiction. Matt doesn’t control his vote and he doesn’t control who Matt nominates. Rachel tells him it doesn’t have anything to do with him so he should just go. He’s so offended she called them a pair, and she tells him if he’s so offended to go. They get in a tiff, as he says throughout the game he has been nothing but respectful to her, and she says she hasn’t ever been rude to him.

The others listen to them argue, and Brendon walks into the middle of it. Meanwhile, Matt’s just sitting there listening. He does say if he needs to have a conversation, he doesn’t go in and pull Ragan into it, and Brendon claims they don’t either, but Matt disagrees, saying he was just going to say to Rachel it was nice to have her there without Brendon, and he then walked in. Rachel tells him he and Ragan should leave then, and they do. Matt says he knows none of that is the reason she came in there, and that’s between them to get it figured out.


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