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Big Brother 12, Aug. 8 – Curiosity Killed the Matt

We had a couple of interesting things happening at the end of Big Brother on Thursday night. Not only did we have an ongoing endurance competition, we also had Julie’s news that the new Saboteur was going to be Ragan and that him being asked to do this would be touched off by the new HoH getting an offer to go into Pandora’s Box. All this is making tonight’s episode really exciting. We’ll get a lot of information in this hour that we’ve been waiting on for a few days.

Brendon knew going into the HoH competition that the only way he could guarantee his and Rachel’s safety would be to win the HoH competition. Matt talks about the Brigade hitting speed bumps the past few weeks, so they need to win this competition and get control of the game again. Hayden, coming off the block, wants nothing more than to win HoH and send Brendon or Rachel home. Kristen’s gone and it sucks, as she deserved to be there way more than “those two clowns.” He’s not sure if the Brigade thought he was starting to turn and give his allegiances to Kristen, but he needs to put his faith with them, as it’s the only way he’ll make it to the end.

Rachel was glad to see Kristen go, and knowing it was 6-1 in favor of her leaving made it all that much better. Kathy knew she was the only vote for Kristen to stay, and the last time she did that, it took her straight to the block. But she doesn’t care if there are repercussions, as you do what’s right. You can’t be a puppet in there. Enzo notes goodbye and good riddance for Kristen, yet he does feel badly for Hayden.

During the paint can comp, Ragan whispers to Matt that he’s having problems, because his arms hurt. He knows he doesn’t want to be the first person off, as he’ll be a Have Not and can’t stand the thought of eating slop for a week. Enzo thinks getting slapped by the paint brush was pretty good. While he wanted to reach around and bitch slap Brendon, the paint brush is doing it for him. Britney says this is disgusting, as it shot directly into her mouth, and she had a huge blob of paint right over her mouth, and it’s sick.

Kathy tells Lane she’s going to take the Have Not for everybody and asks if that’s a deal. Enzo laughs that was a deal with herself. Kathy says they think she’s just weak, and that’s easier for them to think she’s not a threat, but fingers crossed, it’s not a mistake. I’m on the fence with that one. Lane notes it’s really hard to stay up there on the paint can and his forearms and biceps were burning, as he gives us a shot in the DR of “one hell of a bicep.” Brendon is having hard time with it as well with his arms burning, standing, squatting, etc. Rachel keeps encouraging him, saying “you’re doing great, Brendon,” and Matt, Lane, and Britney mock her later in the DR.

Enzo’s arms are killing him as well, but with all the Brigade members up there still, he feels he’s in good shape. He decides to let them do the hard work and go grab himself a pina colada. Matt thinks he’s undoubtedly the most selfish person in the game, willing to let everyone else do the dirty work. He doesn’t think Enzo’s time will ever come, though.

Ragan plays it smart and asks Britney for an update on how Brendon is doing on the other side of her. She thinks he’s doing pretty badly. He does what he does best and talks a lot to psych out Brendon. Rachel tells Brendon he’s a swimmer and has this. All Hayden is thinking is “Fall Brendon.” If he falls, the Brigade is safe,” but if he wins this thing, their whole game plan is going to blow up in their faces.

Enzo mentions everyone is waiting for Brendon to drop. If he does, the Brigade knows they’re all safe and they know who’s going up. He finally falls at 36 minutes after it started. Rachel is frustrated with him, as she was relying on him to do what it takes to win. She did that for him, but when it’s his turn to do that for her, he doesn’t. As Ragan is having Stevie Wonder moments with paint on his face, Brendon comes up to Rachel and apologizes. She notes he hasn’t been doing well in any of these HoH comps. She tells him to make sure he wins PoV, and that upsets him as he just walks away. He says it doesn’t matter as he’ll be going home, but she knows she is, as she’s the one that keeps winning HoH.

The next person to fall is Lane, feeling safe with the Animal and the Brain still up there. Britney is in pain and safe, and doesn’t want to be the one to put Brendon and Rachel up on the black anyway as they think they’re in an alliance, so it’s better just to fall, which she does. Falling shortly after her is Hayden, leaving the fate of the Brigade in Matt’s hands, with just him and Ragan the only ones up yet again in an endurance comp.

Matt notes he’s getting tired of the Brains being the one who has to be the one picking up the weight in a physical endurance competition. Rachel knows Matt isn’t a fan of her or Brendon, so she hopes he falls. Ragan can either win and be forced to get blood on his hands, or take second place and not have the burden of putting two people up for eviction. It might pave the way for him to get further in the game. With the paint absolutely drenching them, Ragan wants to send his laundry bill to Big Brother.

Ragan finally falls off after an hour up there, as he felt like he wouldn’t be put up on the block, and that keeps with his strategy so far to lay low and act only when he needs to. He hopes he doesn’t end up regretting it. Rachel isn’t sure how this happened again that the scrawniest, weakest dude in the house ended up winning anther endurance competition. He tells Rachel he’ll see her next week in the HoH room and will keep the sheets clean for her. He wants the Brigade to get their act together, though, as he can only do this every other week. Hayden’s glad he won it, but says he better get his act together with the nominations this time, or else they’re kicking him out of the group.


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