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Big Brother 12 – A Strategic Overview of Week Four

It’s been four weeks, and the Rachel and Brendon showmance alliance is still intact, but for how long? After Rachel won her second HOH of the season, she nominated Hayden and Kristen, who had just been exposed by Andrew for having a secret showmance of their own. When Britney won POV, Hayden and Kristen tried to convince her to use it, so they could have a chance at staying together. However, when Rachel threatened to put up Lane, Britney decided to keep the nominations the same, and Kristen was voted out in a 6-1 vote.

What was Kristen’s downfall? Can the brigade ever trust Hayden again? Do Brendon and Rachel have a chance next week if Brendon doesn’t win HOH? And, as always, where do the players stand strategically?

She never had much of a chance after Rachel won HOH. Her only chance was exposing the Brigade alliance that she wasn’t even sure existed. She should have at least pretended to be more confident of its existence while trying to get more votes.

It’s very important for him to win HOH this week. If he doesn’t, either he or Rachel will be evicted. It’s really just a matter of time before they start losing competitions and get eliminated from the game.

Britney is playing a smart game aside from the fact that there is a huge alliance right in front of her face that she knows nothing about.

Enzo (aka Meow Meow)
I still think Enzo is playing the best game. He is doing a great job of keeping the Brigade alliance a secret. He makes everyone think that he is on his/her side, without making any promises. Enzo is in the best position to win this game.

Hayden needs to earn his trust back with the Brigade. He doesn’t want to be on the bottom of that alliance. I think it would be a good idea for him to improve his position by creating a sub alliance with Matt.

Kathy doesn’t have any strategy that I know of. She seems like she is planning on staying as long as the other houseguests allow her, and I don’t think they’ll be allowing her much longer.

Lane has a nice side alliance going with Britney. If Lane plans on winning this game, he should think about using Britney to turn on the Brigade before they turn on him.

Matt did a great job of staying out of trouble this week, but a lot of it was luck. His target dramatically decreased when Hayden and Kristen were exposed as a couple. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

Rachel is a huge threat, and everyone knows it. She can’t make it much longer with such a big target on her back. Sooner or later, luck has to run out. Rachel hasn’t been playing a good game and as soon as she is out of power, it will be revealed just how bad of a position she is in.

I’ve discovered that Ragan is not the best judge of character. He thinks Kristen is beautiful, wonderful, and intelligent, even though she has been cheating on her boyfriend with Hayden. He also sympathizes for Matt, even though his wife is actually in good health. Ragan’s gullibility is part of his charm, but it is also going to hurt him in a game like this.

Question of the Week
Why does Rachel accuse every eliminated houseguest of trying to get between 
“her and her man?” 

I’ll be back next week with some more strategic musings.

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