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Project Runway, Aug. 5 – Making the Big Time with Marie Claire

Back at the apartment, Valerie raves about how well she gets along with her roommates, who include Gretchen and Sarah. Meanwhile, A.J. finds Jason aloof and creepy. Peach mopes about her dress, and her roomie Kristin wants her to shut up. Mondo tells us that he feels lonely and out of things. He’s also one of the first guys to hit the sack. (Smart. He’ll be well-rested in comparison to his fellows.)

On the morning of the photo shoot, the designers tell us about how none of them wants to go home. Thanks for the newsflash, guys. They head to Parson’s and get to work. Tim stops by to send in the models and to remind everybody to be “editorial.” In other words, they need to think about what would look good in a magazine and on a huge billboard. He also reminds everyone they have two hours for hair and make-up.

Then it’s off to the photo shoot. Jason has not finished sewing his dress and is therefore literally holding it together with safety pins. I’m calling it now: he’s toast, either tonight or in the very near future. Construction and/or time management problems tend to sink people in the early going, and since this challenge had a normal time allotment, the judges probably won’t cut him the slack they did last week.

The photo shoot is being overseen by Zanna Roberts Rassi, the senior fashion director of Marie Claire. She offers commentary on some of the models. She feels that Andy’s model looks like she has a stomachache – and the woman is indeed holding her hands over her stomach as if she might be ill. Nicholas wants to get just the right shot, while Peach complains that her model isn’t doing a very good job of modeling. Mondo chooses a shot that shows his model with a startled expression, and Jason manages to pick a horrible shot of his model in a flat-footed stance with the safety pins – and a hole – showing.

Then it’s off to the runway for the show proper. Heidi tells the designers that, given the magnitude of the prize, there will be no immunity this week. The guest judge is Joanna Coles of Marie Claire. Heidi reminds the designers that they will be judged on their photo shoot as well as the show.

Nicholas is up first. His model is wearing a miniskirt embellished with fancy stitching, a silvery-grey shirt with an extremely open back and a short black cape. The skirt’s okay, but the other two pieces are awful.

Christopher made a short black dress with yellow trim, short sleeves, and a scoop neck collar. Jason sends down his “infinity dress,” which is a sleeveless silvery monstrosity which doesn’t look like an eight anywhere and does look as if it’s been pinned into place.

Michael C. made a dark brown minidress with a bustier and a flared skirt. A.J. sent down a black and yellow minidress. Peach’s third look is a pink and white minidress with polka dots and brown trim on the back. I might have liked it – when I was six years old. Michael D. made a black minidress out of some mesh material that is just barely decent. Any shorter, and the poor model would be showing her crotch on national television. Aside from that, it looks nice. Ivy made a sleeveless beige minidress.

Valerie’s dress is stunning. It’s sleeveless and fire engine red. It also has a zipper down the front, like one of Seth Aaron’s outfits. Sarah made a dark minidress with orange trim in the sleeves. Andy sent down billowing green pants and a purple top that looks sleeveless, but actually has sleeves that can be fanned out. Casanova made a white skirt and a navy jacket with billowing sleeves. Kristin made a tan minidress with what first appears to be a large coral collar, but is actually a scarf.

Gretchen made a navy jumper with short, but poofy, sleeves and an adjustable front. Mondo sent down a black and white checked skirt that flares outward. He also made black leggings and a black and white top. Finally, April made a brown minidress with embellishments on the neck and shoulders.

Heidi calls Mondo, Peach, Nicholas, Jason, Valerie, and Gretchen. She then congratulates the other ten designers for making it to the next round. A.J. is extremely relieved to be among them. He and the other designers discuss who is likely to win and who is likely to be sent home. The consensus seems to be that Valerie will win, while Nicholas, Jason, and Peach are the most at risk.