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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 5 – Heading Into the Finals

This goes right into the clips of Robert’s two dances, of him being called brilliant in both, and after, he comes out for his solo to Rusko’s Mr. Muscle. We didn’t really get to see him performing before he was picked for final 11, yet from what we saw early on in the season, it’s still more tremendous growth.

The three male dancers gather on the stage to hear the next dancer who is moving on. The other person in the top two is by no surprise, Kent. He has his best Kent face on, saying it’s because he’s excited. Nigel didn’t think anyone was a sure bet at this point, saying there’s never been the same number one every week, but he’s so pleased he came to Wapokaneta,. He also mentions Kent’s discussion with Mia about his face, with her not liking it, and him saying that’s just who he is. Nigel thinks what he’s learned is that he needs to control that as well, as he’s not the artist at the end of the day, the choreographer is. He’s the brush for the painter. Last night in Travis Wall’s routine there was no cheesiness, as he’s grown emotionally.

It’s time for Desmond Richardson to do his own solo. After all we’ve heard about him this season, I want to see him. He dances to Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones. He really is tremendous and you can see what he’s brought to Adechike’s style. Not that Adechike is quite there, but you can see the similarities.

While some of the dancers from Step Up 3D danced here last week, this week the finalists got a chance to go to the premiere. The final four screamed and yelled their way into a limo, with Adechike wearing a tux, I’ll add. They also head to the After Party, asking questions of the cast, producer, and director. Produer Adam Shankman admits he stole some of the wardrobe. From the Step Up 3D Soundtrack, Flor Rida is here live tonight to sing Club Can’t Handle Me. He’s supported by some of the dancers behind him, including Dominic, Twitch, and Lauren, among others.

It’s time to find out who’s going home and who the remaining person in next week’s finale is between Adechike and Robert. The person moving on is Robert. He and Adechike hug, and Lauren and Kent celebrate on the sidelines. The judges definitely seem pleased. Tonight he feels great and calls this an honor to have been here. It’s only the beginning of the journey for him. He’ll remember most the homies, pointing over to the final 3.

I’m definitely sad to see the season ending next week. It’s been a fantastic season. As much as I dreaded the changes, I have to admit they made this show even better. And while the dancers were always close, there’s something about the non-competitive level of the All Stars that led the finalists to just one big happy family. The dancers are always close but this time it seems every more so. They’re closeness just seems to add to their already great talent.

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