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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 5 – Heading Into the Finals

This is the most important night of these four young dancers’ careers. We know what the judges want; they want the final three to be Lauren Froderman, Kent Boyd, and Robert Roldan. The question is if the viewers will support them in this and vote out Adechike Torbert. Seeing Lauren in the final three last week was just too close of a call for everyone, and Robert has been there more times than Adechike. Kent? Well, he’s never been there, and that says he really doesn’t have too much to worry about tonight.
The final four take on a group routine with what looks to be only All Stars to Drumming Song by Florence + the Machine. It’s a jazz number, so I’m going to guess it’s choreographed by Sean Cheesman, as the song and the dance has a little bit of an African beat to it. It turns out it’s choreographed by Dee Caspary. I don’t know if I’ve been right on that all season.

Adam Shankman, Mia Michaels, Nigel Lythgoe, and Tyce Diorio are once again manning the judging panel. This brings us to our weekly mention of National Dance Day, as we see video of celebrations across he country. Nigel was in Washington D.C. where he uttered “God Bless America,” and Adam and Mia were in L.A. Nigel thanks everyone and says next week on the finale we’ll see even more as they’re even getting stuff from NASA on this. He’s been coerced into doing another tap routine as wel, and we’ll also see favorite routines from the season, including the hip hop routine Twitch and Alex Wong did. Of course Alex won’t do it, but an absolutely fantastic dance legend is stepping in for him, but Nigel won’t give away who it is. He does mention Desmond Richardson right before this. Could it be him?

We’re treated to a performance by Janelle Monáe, and I have to say it’s not really my cup of tea to begin with, and even if it was. I don’t want that right now. I just want to know who’s going home. Although she can dance, I must say.

After we watch a few clips of her two dances last night, Lauren Froderman comes out for a solo, dancing to Wasted Time by Me’Shell Ndegéogello. You can definitely see her growth here, and that’s absolutely what you want to see at this stage.

The dancers were invited to the Gatorade Performance Lab, where they’ve tested Eli Manning, Dwight Howard, and Kerri Walsh. They’ve never had dancers here before. Courtney Galliano thinks dancers are athletes, saying it’s just their job to make it look easy. Kent calls the show physically demanding because of the multiple routines to learn, and Lauren talks about the rehearsing, seven hours of dancing straight. They’ll learn today about their nutrition level and how they can improve it. Twitch and Courtney stick around after the final four leave to get more results. Twitch is right up there with a lot of football and basketball players. Courtney is lean, and not as much muscle as Twitch, but also very tiny. At the end it’s decided dancers are athletes.

Cat Deeley pauses to hear the screams for Kent Boyd, and shows his clips, followed by him dancing his solo to Dynamite by Taio Cruz. He started out really good, but his growth is amazing. The judges are right that he’s not a boy anymore.

The final four are brought out onstage, and somehow Kent didn’t get the memo that they’d all be joining him at this point as he swears on live TV, and Lauren places her hand over his mouth. Cat’s going to name one of the top two vote-getters who were separated by only 2%, so apparently it isn’t such a slam dunk for Kent. It’s Lauren moving on first. Not one is more happier for her than Kent and the judges. Adam whoops and hollers, then says although it has all stressed him out, he went to bed last night and prayed she’d make it into the finale, as she deserves to be on the stage dancing. She’s been amazing and has turned into a completely different dancer than the one who auditioned for them.

Cat gives us a preview of the upcoming tour which will include the top six and assorted All Stars. There will be some brand new routines that were created just for this, and season six winner Russell Ferguson will be dancing as well.

It’s time for clips of Adechike’s routines last night, and he then comes out for his solo, dancing to Sir by Various Artists. While he hasn’t grown the way the judges seemed to have wanted him to, Adechike still shows tremendous growth.


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