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Big Brother 12, Aug 5 – Paint Yourself Into a Corner

Julie asks how hard it was to play the game to stay, knowing Hayden would leave. She states it was hard, as she had to tell everyone why they should keep her, without saying a bad word about him, and knowing it would be hard to stay without him. Julie tells her she did a great job campaigning, doing it with dignity, and while she at one time thought she’d have the votes to stay, there were one or two others that really wanted to vote for her, but she thinks people were apprehensive what the payback would end up being if they voted for her. The house continues to do what the majority wants instead of what’s good for them.

In the goodbye videos, Matt tells her she fell victim to the Big Brother unitard curse. Those before her are Lydia, Jen, and even Casey in the banana suit. Rachel tells her she is the definition of the word bitch, and asks her who she thinks she is trying to talk to Brendon behind her back. She tells her not to ever try to get between her and her man again. Her man doesn’t get manipulated by trifling hoes like Kristen.

Ragan tells her she was evicted because of Rachel’s insecurities, and she should take it as a testament to how beautiful, wonderful, and intelligent she is. Kathy says it’ll be hard to wake up knowing Kristen isn’t there. Brendon talks about the lie she told that Hayden was in an alliance and wasn’t forthcoming, and says she made a mistake, and now she’ll have to live with it. Boy, is he going to feel dumb later. Hayden tells Kristen about the Brigade and says if he had to choose between the two, he would have chosen her.

Julie asks if the Brigade was a surprise to her, and her reply is that it is and it isn’t. She thought there was something going on with the way the things were working out and the way the women were being eliminated. She told Britney if she left, Britney would be next. She doesn’t hold it against Brendon, as this is a game and they all came into it thinking they all have to do what they have to do. She came in saying she’d be the way she is outside the house, and she’s true to herself. Julie mentions Steve, and Kristen is going to take time for herself and decide what she wants. But from Steve’s comments before, I don’t think she has much of a choice. He sounded done.

Whoever wins the HoH competition will be tempted by Pandora’s Box. Inside, will be a game-changing power. If the power is accepted they’ll unleash the new Saboteur. The houseguests with the most votes to become the Saboteur were Enzo and Ragan, with Ragan ultimately edging Enzo out. Whether he’ll get to be the new Saboteur will be up to the new HoH.

It’s an endurance comp yet again, with the last person standing on the huge bucket of paint becoming the new HoH. The huge can of paint starts spinning, and Julie tells them the first person to fall off will be the one and only Have Not for the week. They all get doused with paint, well almost. Brendon somehow escapes the blast, but Hayden gets absolutely soaked. A huge paintbrush comes and brushes them after this.The huge paint bucket has a small ledge and will once again benefit the people with smaller feet.

Hayden, now, has a reason to win again. He was trying to keep too much going with keeping both the Brigade and his showmance secret. Now his showmance is gone, and he just needs to focus on the Brigade. As the members have noticed, if they last one more week, they’ll be half the house and can begin to control votes. Yet Kristen was outing them on the way out of the house, alerting everyone to the possibility. Is that going to be enough to get into everyone’s heads so they can stop this alliance before it can become the majority?

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