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Big Brother 12, Aug 5 – Paint Yourself Into a Corner

Julie addresses the houseguests live tonight and tells Kristen she’s looking groovy. She mentions Hayden’s solitary confinement, and wonders with hindsight, is he sorry she didn’t keep the hippietard? He says he was sorry not to trade it off for $5,000. He thinks Kirsten looks hot in it, definitely better than he would. Julie tells her she gives Jen from season 8 a run for her money, and Kristen conceitedly says definitely.

Julie tells Kathy, Kristen, and Ragan that she knows they really wanted to win the luxury competition; unfortunately, another wanted to win it even more. Julie lets them see a clip of it again, and I’m sure hoping she plays Ragan’s hilarious comments. Instead, we just see the winning team with Hayden and Enzo cuddling. Julie asks Enzo what was going on, and he says he was amped up and he gets really emotional. They say The Other Guys was a great movie.

Julie turns to Britney and asks who the most difficult housemate to live with is and she answers Ragan, because of his flatulence. He’s really gassy. It smells really badly, but they love having him around as he’s so hysterical. He says every fart has come from Britney’s legs. Julie decides to shut this one down now.

We get to see shots of Kristen and Hayden cuddling and making out, and sharing their feelings about each other. He says it’s weird that his mom is watching, and we cut to a clip of his family watching the show with him talking about how hot Kristen is. His mom says he’s the love of her life and he is always everybody’s favorite, having the charm with all the girls wanting to talk to him. She doesn’t think Kristen is genuinely into him and that she’s crazy. The showmance has derailed his game and hopefully she’ll be going home. She wishes she could tell him to think with the head that’s on his shoulders and keep focused on the game.

Of coruse, then we head to Kristen’s home as they’re watching the same thing. Her friend says she likes goodlooking guys, but for her to be making out with him, it’s shocking, as she does have a boyfriend back home, and of course, we get a shot of that guy watching. He calls it unblievable. It’s funny, as the graphic under Steve says he’s “Kristien’s Boyfriend,” then it changes to “Ex-Boyfriend.” They were dating for two months before she left and he asked if she wanted to be a single person on teh show, and she said no. He doesn’t think much of Hayden, as he’s a 24-year-old kid, where Steve is 31. He feels lied to and is disgusted. It’s always going to be a feeling of guilt for her. In his opinion it’s over, and he says she has plenty of mess to clean up when he comes back, so he hopes she brings a mop and bucket.

Julie talks to Rachel privately in the HoH. Julie asks if she has any plans to pull anyone else into the alliance with Brendon, and Rachel does indeed hope to pull Britney in. It’s a hard struggle, but they’re both competitors, and she’d add to that. In her first reign, she targeted Monet and sent her packing, but this time she targeted Kristen, yet Rachel says she wasn’t targeting women as a strategy, but Kristen attacked her, so she felt like she had to get her out. Her next target could be Matt from what he did to her during her first HoH. Like him or not personally, it’s a game, and she has to protect herself and Brendon. Two weeks ago she said Brendon was so amazing and once in a lifetime, but since then they’re butting heads. The honeymoon may be offer, but she thinks it proves they may be a real relationship.

Hayden makes his last plea speech, and says for his position on the block, the last thing he would do would be to throw someone under the bus, as he has more class than that. Unfortunately for him and Kristen, some peole don’t have any class at all. He thanks everyone for the past three weeks and tells them to vote to keep the person they think will help their game the most.

Kristen says Andrew called her the Tin Man and said she had no heart. She’s done nothing but play with her heart since she’s been there. She’s been loyal, honest, and strongwilled the entire time. Even though there’s a chance she can’t prove herself and stay, she knows some peole are cowards and some people don’t play the same way she does. She tried her very best and thinks she’s a standup person.

The voting begins, and Enzo is up first. He votes to evict Kristen, and Kathy votes to evict Hayden. Matt votes to evict Kristen, as do Lane, Ragan, Brendon, and Britney. Kristen is evicted. She has a round of goodbyes, specifically a big hug for Hayden. She exits the house, still in her hippietard.


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