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Big Brother 12, Aug 5 – Paint Yourself Into a Corner

So far, Rachel and Brendon seem to be running the house. Two HoHes and two PoVs in a month. And now Britney has won two PoVs too. They seem to be a small powerhouse in the running. Britney keeps floating around not aligning with anyone, other than Lane, but if she would settle down and decide to align with Brendon and Rachel, they might be able to make themselves a final three deal that could be very promising, since they’re winning most of the PoVs and HoHes.
After the PoV meeting, Hayden is understandably upset, as the deal he’d brokered with Rachel and Brendon didn’t go through. Something went wrong, and he talks about Britney screwing them. Britney knows they’re pissed off, but she couldn’t take the risk that Rachel was going to put up Lane. The only reason Rachel said that was because she didn’t want Britney to use the veto. She wants Kristen out. Rachel is smarter and craftier than most give her credit for.

Kathy goes in and tells Kristen that Britney is controlled, and that she’s playing with the devil. The devil, here, has to be Rachel. Kristen is devastated, knowing there’s no chance both her and Hayden will stay in the game. It’s not just the separation in the game, but a separation from somebody she created a bond with.

Rachel tells Brendon it’s great for them, to be able to break up another strong alliance. Hayden goes out to talk to them and says there are no hard feelings or animosity against them. He think he’ll stay anyway, and Brendon lets him know he’s voting to keep him. Added to the Brigade votes, Hayden knows he’ll stay and doesn’t even have to campaign.

Britney talks to Enzo and tells him the reason she decided not to use the PoV was because Rachel had mentioned she might put up Lane. That upsets Enzo, to have Hayden already on the block, and now nearly Lane as well. Brendon and Rachel better have eyes in the back of their heads, as the Brigade is coming after them.

Hayden goes in to talk to Kristen and Kathy, and Britney comes in as Kathy leaves. She tells them she was 100% going to use the veto, but when Rachel said she’d put up Lane, she decided not to use it. Kristen wants to go rip Rachel’s head off, saying they had the perfect plan, and Rachel purposely derailed it as she wants her out of the house. Kristen knows she doesn’t deserve to go home (because everyone else that leaves does deserve it?). Hayden knows either way it’s going to be two months before they see each other again. If she leaves and doesn’t fight, she’ll regret it, but she doesn’t want to campaign against Hayden, obviously. She tells him she thinks they make a cute couple.

Britney has some fun while Rachel and Brendon are in the backyard, hanging out with Ragan and Matt in the HoH. They all have some fun putting in her hair extensions, with Britney doing a really good imitation. Rachel and Brendon walk in, and luckily for them, she just laughs. Britney can’t believe that Rachel is so clueless that she doesn’t understand they’re making fun of her. She tells the DR she’s totally flattered about it, knowing the highest form of flattery is totally making fun of someone. So apparently she’s not that clueless; just is confident in her self image. However, she does need to remember that about Britney when thinking of aligning with her.

The Brigade talks, deciding they’re still in good shape. Kristen waches the four of them talking and working out, and mentions that earlier Hayden had told her he was totally fine if she campaigned, so she knew the only way he would feel so safe is if he had an alliance that she didn’t know about. She goes to Ragan, knowing she needs votes and only has Kathy. She mentions the workout the Brigade was having and thinks something has already formed. She wants to convince Ragan to keep her there because he won’t want to be left with all the alpha males. Ragan has already considered this possibility of an alliance, saying he thinks they’re friends, and could be an alliance of men who are picking off weaker players. If that’s the case, his shelf life could be very limited.

Kristen goes next to Britney and says her vote is really, really important. She tells her she knows Lane will eventually form an alliance with other strong guys, and if there’s something already forming, she’s screwed. She’ll be the first to go, and after her it’ll be Rachel and Kathy, and after that, Kristen will be left alone with all the guys. She next heads to the HoH to talk to Brendon, and mentions Hayden probably forming an alliance with Enzo and Lane. She tells him eventually they’ll be split up just like her and Hayden. She wants him to see she isn’t as much of a threat as that possible alliance. It’s definitely giving Brendon something to think about.


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