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Hell’s Kitchen, Aug. 3 – There’s a Baby in the Kitchen

Ben is upstairs raising his arms to put gel in his hair, and bending over picking up clothes. He says he needs to tell Chef Ramsay he can’t work on the line, he can’t move and he needs to go home. This guy has proven over and over and over again he is not capable to run a kitchen. For the life of me I don’t understand why he is still here. He is a quitter and has done absolutely nothing for service. After all that babying he comes back and announces that he is going to cook. The others want him gone.

Tonight is the night that they get to take charge of the pass. The kitchen opens and Ben is moving around just fine. Jay is the first to take charge of the kitchen. He notices how fluid Ben’s movements are and is disgusted that he worked a full day before service and Ben is fresh for service. Jay is doing well running the pass. Sous Chef Scott will now try to sabotage the crab capellini. Jay catches the lobster and sends it back to Scott. He then catches the crab in the risotto. Jay is doing really well leading the kitchen; Ben believes he is the only chef that can beat Jay – even though his back is killing him.

Being a sufferer of arthritis in my hips, I know what pain is. I know what it is like to sit on the floor and not be able to get up. I am about ready to throw something at the tv if he doesn’t let this go. I actually find it insulting for all the people that truly suffer in pain and cannot move. He has to be Hell’s Kitchens’ biggest baby. In past seasons we have seen heart attacks, scarring burns, cuts to the bone, broken bones, and this idiot was so hurt he couldn’t prep. He didn’t even carry down 14 mattresses. I can honestly say I can’t wait for this season to be over with.

Jay’s turn at the pass is done and flawless. Holli is up next. She has never run a pass before and has to deal with nerves. Jean Philippe is in on the sabotage this time and brings a 6 top ticket up with only 5 orders. Unfortunately for Holli, she does not catch it, and Chef Ramsay has to show her. Ben loves it.

Somehow when Jay is bringing a risotto up to the pass he ends up pouring some of it onto Chef Ramsay. Chef Scott tries to trick Holli with scallops cooked only on one side, but she catches it. Ben is up next and has a nice little bounce in his step. Why Chef Ramsay would ever want him as a head chef I will never understand. I just keep chanting “fail” in my head. Oh, it works. Chef Scott is able to get a lamb and a venison wellington past Ben. Scott tries again and Ben does notice it is rare, but doesn’t figure out that it is the wrong cut of beef.

Autumn is last to run the kitchen and right away the power seems to go to her head as she demands that they all say yes chef back to her. Sous Chef Scott tells her 30 seconds on garnish and twice she yells at him that she needs it now. She fails her first sabotage failing to catch parsnip puree. When Chef Ramsay points it out to her she giggles. That infuriates Chef Ramsay. After she misses that, she decides it is best to send everything back. Needs salt, cold, salty, everything is being sent back to the chefs. Chef Ramsay takes control back.

Service is complete, and Holli and Jay notice how weird it is that Ben’s back was fine and he had a great service. Chef Ramsay tells them that 2 chefs will be going home tonight. They all believe Ben should go home because he quit. Ben, of course, chooses Holli and Autumn to go home. Chef Ramsay tells them he is not interested in hearing who should go home; he wants to hear why they feel that they should stay. I would like to see Jay and Holli continue on, I don’t think that will happen though.

Ben feels that he is well-skilled, a hard worker, and passionate. He believes he is the best cook there and no one can touch his food.

Jay believes that he has not had a bad service, won many challenges, and been consistent. He adds that he is passionate and could be a good chef for Chef Ramsay.

Autumn is next and points out how many times she has been on the chopping block and not given up or quit. She says she is resilient, strong and capable.

Holli tells Chef Ramsay that she has never been kicked out of the kitchen and has had pretty consistent services. She adds that she has never been up for elimination and is strong enough to run the kitchen. She should have brought up how many challenges she has won in the past few weeks.

Chef Ramsay sends Autumn packing first. He compliments her on her passion, fight, and commitment, and tells her not to lose that. She should be proud of herself.

Chef Ramsay congratulates Jay for making the finals. He then turns to Ben and Holli. The person joining Jay is Holli. Oh joy! When she struggled tonight with the pass, I thought for sure Ben was going to get it. Chef Ramsay tells Ben to push through the doors and not give up. He shot himself in his foot by being a quitter, and will have to live with that.

Chef Ramsay sends Jay and Holli back upstairs to start planning their menus. Holli tells the diary cam no more nice Holli, and Jay says he is going to mop the floor with her face.

Chef Ramsay brings back quite a few loose cannons next week to help in the kitchen; it should, if nothing else be entertaining.

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