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Hell’s Kitchen, Aug. 3 – There’s a Baby in the Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen, Aug. 3 – There’s a Baby in the Kitchen

Sorry for the late recap, Tuesday I was at the shore for my birthday, lying in a motel bed on my stomach with the most painful of back sunburns. I was however enjoying the most amazing piece of triple chocolate cheesecake out of a styrofoam to go container. It came from this little local hole in the wall place right off the beach. It truly was amazing! I’m home now and ready to watch Hell’s Kitchen. We can hope that a certain arrogant sexist pig is booted but something in my gut says no. Chef Ramsay ended last week’s episode telling the contestants that he is going to turn it up another notch. We will see.
The contestants are awoken with a call telling them that Chef Ramsay would like them to get ready and dress nice. Not quite sure why this is such a dilemma for everyone, but they all seem to be running around not quite sure what to do. Ben wears a suit and Holli and Autumn are both in evening dresses. Jay wears a black, buttoned down sports shirt and a faded, ill-fitted pair of jeans. Chef Ramsay wants to know why everyone is dressed so smart and Jay looks like a bag of s#*^.

Chef Ramsay tells them that he can’t bring them to the Savoy Grill because it is under massive remodeling; he brings the Savoy to them instead in the dining room. Chef Ramsay seats the chefs and feeds them a dish featured at the historic hotel. After eating they eat the dish, Chef Ramsay tells them that they have 45 minutes to recreate it. Looks like Jays comfy clothing might just have been the right move.

Chef Ramsay gives them another dish in the kitchen for them to study and deconstruct it. Autumn, Ben and Holli believe that the protein is venison and start preparing it. Jay was not sure of the protein, so he prepares the three that he thinks it could be and will judge when they are finished. The chefs also have to figure out what the fruit puree is. Again, Ben Autumn and Holli all choose the same ingredient, apple. Jay purees pear.

Ben, Holli and Jay all choose pancetta as the base of the puree; Autumn chooses to use bacon. At the last minute Jay decides to use flank steak and knows if he is right he will look like a rock star. Time is up.

The two most important things Chef Ramsay is looking for, aside from general taste, are proper ingredients and proper protein. Chef Ramsay tastes each dish individually and discusses the preparation with them.

Chef Ramsay congratulates all of them on great tasting dishes. Jay is the only person that used the pear which was the correct fruit. He then tells them that the protein should have been an obvious choice of venison. Benjamin and Holli are asked to bring their dishes back up to be judged, the dishes are almost exact. Holli wins the challenge. Ben is told that his watery sauce should have been more of a glace. Once again, Ben tells the diary cam that he should have won the challenge because he is the best cook. Well, Ben, I hate to be the one to break it to you but, if you were the best cook you would be winning the challenges, which you are not.

Holli gets to spend the day on a beautiful yacht. The losers get to spend the day cleaning and downsizing the dorm.

Back upstairs, Ben is yet again complaining to Jay that his dish was better than Holli’s. Ben continues by calling her dish slop and saying she has no passion for food. This is not the first, or even the second time, these guys have lost to her. Jay adds to the conversation that he would be angry if he lost to Holli. Earth to Jay, you did lose to her, and you came in fourth. He thinks he would be suicidal if he lost to Autumn. They tell each other that the girls are no competition for them. I really would love to be a fly on Holli’s wall when she watches these episodes; she has been made a fool of by Jay. Ben believes that even if Holli wins, he will still be better than her in three years.

While Ben and Jay sit and sulk, Holli gets into her limo and is joined by Jean Philippe. When they arrive at the marina, Holli is in for a huge surprise – her son and Phil, his father, are on the boat. Her son is just the cutest thing ever. I wondered why she couldn’t pick a friend to go with her. I don’t quite understand the dynamic because she is obviously very close to Phil. I have a feeling Holli is one of those women that always needs to be in some type of relationship with a guy at all times. Holli speaks about bringing her son and his father to London with her if she wins. She has also spoken about bringing Jay.

Jay and Autumn are bringing down 14 twin mattresses, one at a time of course. Autumn is talking non-stop to Jay. Serves him right! Holli returns to the kitchen and Ben finds out that she was able to spend time with her family. He cracks just a little bit more. He has such a large chip on his shoulder, I have to wonder if the same chip would be there if Jay had won.

The next day Ben wakes up sore and tells everyone that he doesn’t think he can prep for service. I think his back and shoulder hurt from that giant chip he is lugging around with him! He actually does sit out prepping. He is sleeping and soaking in the hot tub. He goes down to the medic and requests to see a chiropractor. He gets an adjustment. He goes into the lounge where the others are taking a break for lunch and tells them he is done and is quitting. This is the same person who only the day before said Holli was the one with no passion or drive. He just doesn’t want to be beaten by a girl.