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Top Chef: DC – Episode 7 Commentary – That’s a $10,000 Tamale

Sbarro – Braised Chicken with Chickpeas, Cucumber-Mint Salad and Yogurt – Marcus likes the “heat.”
Stephen – Stew with Lamb Meatballs and Yogurt Sauce
Moby – He went right for the tongue, because he was “raised on tongue.” That’s what she said. Beef and Lamb Tongue Stew with Cabbage and Potatoes. Moby admits to not eating spicy food and so he isn’t sure if it is spicy, followed quickly by Padma’s disdainful “it’s not very spicy at all.”
Kelly – Admits to have never eaten Ethiopian food. Leg of Lamb Wat with Cauliflower, Yogurt and Mint Puree. Marcus again likes the heat on this one.
Hot Amanda – Went right for the goat leg. However, she does not know the proper etiquette in cooking these ingredients and needs an “Idiot’s Guide to Ethiopian Food.” Stewed Goat on Grilled Injera. Marcus commends her for making the stew modern.
Kenny – Duo of Lamb – Meat Loaf and Rib eye with Curry and Dukkah Spice. Marcus likes how he took his deep flavors and made it nice and cool.
Spenny – Berbere-Spiced Doro Wat with Egg, Mango Yogurt and Mint on Steamed Injera. Marcus really likes it and wonders if Spenny was born Ethiopian.
Ed – Stewed Lamb and Beef Tripe with Cauliflower, Chickpeas and Braised Greens
Tiffany – Also has no idea what she is doing, and wishes she can tell you the name of her dish. I have an idea. “Winning Ethiopian Style Goulash.” Beef Goulash with Poached Egg, Currants, Peppers and Yogurt. Marcus raves and says he tasted eight others, but still wants to stand there and eat hers.

Bottom Three
Sbarro – Should have been bold, but was “too shy.”
Stephen – It was interesting, but the meatball was not juicy.
Moby – Bold choice, but too dry.

Top Three
Hot Amanda – Combination was fantastic.
Spenny – His knowledge came through in the dish.
Tiffany – Marcus says there are lots of similarities between Ethiopian food and goulash and she found them.

Tiffany wins and laughs, “I’m the winner! Ding, Ding, Ding!” Ed speaks for everyone when he says having his BFF win was great, “She beat Angelo (Spenny), that’s the best part.”

Elimination challenge – Randomly draw order of selection of nine countries. Then cook a dish inspired by that nation’s cuisine. Make 100 servings for diplomats, ambassadors, etc. However, they will not have a kitchen on-site, only Sternos to heat. Local uber-chef Jose Andreas is the guest judge – King of Spanish cuisine, among other talents.