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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 3 – Excellence Was Just Delivered

It wasn’t a complete shock to see Billy Bell and Jose Ruiz leave last week, but it was a complete shock to see Lauren Froderman standing next to them in the bottom three. How did that happen. It had been assumed she was a lock for final 2. Can she rebound this week?
Joining Adam Shankman, Mia Michaels, and Nigel Lythgoe on the judging panel, we have Tyce Diorio. Cat Deeley brings up National Dance Day this past weekend, and everyone agrees they had a great time. Cat says she danced at home in her room, which is a o thing for everybody, as if we watched her, we’d have bled from our eyes. Those are her words, not mine. I’ve seen plenty of people dance who did make my eyes bleed, though.

Tyce worked with the top four in a group Broadway routine to Guys and Dolls’ The Crap Shooters Dance.They’re guys and doll, actually. Robert thinks the excitement took over their bodies and they went crazy. The best way for Lauren to describe how they feel to be in the top four is the way they enter the room, which is just running in screaming. Adechike calls this the time to have and enjoy the moment. Lauren thinks they’ll do well if they ever focus and enjoy thngs seriously. Kent just does that Kent face that Mia hates. Tyce predicts it’ll be like 4th of July. The final four take the stage tonight, and it’s classic Broadway. Lauren’s dress is undone in the back, yet they never mention it. The trooper she is, she keeps going. They all do equally well on this.

Tyce enjoyed working with the top four and calls it great and was honored. It’s a complete journey, what you rehearse and what you see on the stage. For him, Kent really does stand out. Robert did a an excellent job, Lauren was beautiful, and he wants to see Adechike’s fight. Adam thought it was fun and loves these guys. He thinks it’s been a remarkable time for them. He hopes they remember every second of it, as they’ve given all of them a lot of joy and he hopes they’ve had a great time as well.

Nigel notes they’re all bidding for a post in the finale, and one person is going to be disappointed unfortnately. All they can come out of tonight with is knowing they gave it their best shot, and it’s then up to the fans. Interestingly, they don’t go to Mia for her opinions on this.

Lauren Froderman worked with Pasha Kovalev on a Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo tango. It’s all about the relationship between the man and the woman. Pasha calls it a conversation without words. He talks with his eyes, talks with his touch, and talks with his look. “Quiet, but wild.” Lauren calls her character seductive, manipulative, and sexy, very like Lauren’s usual work. She notes it’s an intimate dance and promises it will be steamy. They dance tonight to Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla. When you have Pasha and Lauren togehter, I don’t know how it couldn’t be steamy.

Nigel jokes his eyes steamed up in the middle of it. The passion in it was incredible along with the intensity and he found the control of it all magnificent. He tells Lauren to be careful not to rise with it, but feels she showed why she’s here in the top four and made a great effort to show why she should be in the finale. Pasha was was so steamy even Nigel wanted to dance ith him. Tyce wants to give Lauren exactly what she deseres and that’s the props. She gave the audience the oomph, the aah, and the uuhh, etc., The silence was golden and they used it and took the choreography and met it head on. It was so commendable and so excellent.

For Mia, the choreoraphy was absolutely unbelievable. She tells Lauren she just became a woman, and when she giggles … she lost that accreditation. That was so mature and Mia was lost in the simmering of the whole room. It was mesmerizing and felt very voyeuristic to her, and she likes that … a lot.

Adam notes first about the overturning of Prop 8 and asks his colleague and friend Nigel to marry him. Cat thinks if Nigel can’t marry Pasha, maybe he should marry Adam. Nigel would normally say no, but he’s been a bit lonely lately. He’d like to give him his answer at the end of the show. Back to Lauren, to quote Sting, “Every Little Thing You Do Is Magic.” She is so amazing, what she just did, the moment when she was so lost in the thing, Adam felt he was in a movie, like Last Tango In Paris. She used her legs like arms. It was brilliant. “It was art, Baby.” He’s asked what he thought of Pasha’s eyebrows, and syay he did’t know what worked better, Pasha’s legs or eyebrows, but he found his eyebrow lifting in solidarity.

Here’s a reminder of what Lauren was doing befoe she auditioned for the show. She was a student in high school, and was involved in cheerleading, dance line student body vice president, and was involved in a teaching club. She won an award for Most Spirit. Her dad notes her wide-ranging interests, and says their biggest issue with her is that she doesn’t completely drain and exhaust herself. She notes she gets bored easily and needs to be always on the go. Her mom doesn’t know how she could hold it together yet still get the good grades. Since she’s been on the show, she graduated high scool, but is still as busy as ever. The show forces you to grow up fast, but not just in dancing, as a person as well, and she’s so grateful. She hopes we enjoyed watching it, as she enjoyed living it.

Adechike Torbert is w Lauren Gottlieb on a Sean Cheesman African Jazz routine. Sean put a little twist in it, throwing some Afro-Caribbean in it as well. The story is the path to freedom – two people looking for that promised land. Things start to come into focus for them, and Sean sees it as a metaphor for Adechike’s journey on the show, one week up, the next down. Lauren says he used to be so serious, but now he’s smiling. He just wants to enjoy himself and have fun at this point. They’re dancing tonight to Ralph MacDonald’s The Path, and again it’s another stunning routine. It’s quite the celebration.


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