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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 3 – Excellence Was Just Delivered

Adechike cries now saying he’s so grateful and is completely humbled by the experience. He thanks the network for giving dancers the opportunity to showcase themselves and leave it out there. No matter what the outcome is, he thanks everybody. Does he see the writing on the wall?

Robert dances the last time before the finale with Dominic Sandoval on a Napoleon and Tabitha D’Umo routine. It’s about two clowns who just find out their big top is closing, making them sad, where their nature is to be happy. Dominic gets indignant, saying no one fires them, as they’re the best clowns ever. Napoleon calls it an internal struggle, and Napoleon thinks they’ll just go crazy, as Tabitha says their lives become warped, showing the dark sides of a clown. They dance tonight to Scars by Basement Jaxx feat. Kelis, Meleka, & Chipmunk. It has a certain Tim Burton quality to it, but happens to be perfect for Robert, and really for Dominic as well.

Nigel loves the creative choreography and calls it absolutely stunning. He particularly enjoyed the cradle where they were knocking each other’s heads on the way. He asks Dominic if he’s going on tour, in some odd communication, and hopes they get to do this routine then, as it really was tremendous. Whatever they throw at Robert, he just does it, and there’s nothing better in a dance competition than that. It’s hard to critique his dance, as he did everything that was asked of him. What was asked of him was brilliant, therefore he was brilliant.

Tyce loved the Tab&Nap. He found that Robert really showed up for the piece, and that’s what people are waiting for. He took it on and made it magic. It’s like everything and a bag of chips. He made it everything it was. He then addresses Dominic doing a perfect imitation of him.

Mia calls it hip hop theater, “what a concept.” Robert was so completely committed, everything about it was perfect. He has had an amazing evening tonight. Adam tells Dominic the good news is he just got put on tour. But the bad news is Robert just out-danced his ass. He was “sickness, Dude.” This night is yours.

For the last routine before they open up voting, Kent is paired with Neil Haskell on a Travis Wall contemporary routine. It’s about two guys who are best friends, who have grown together and built a great friendship together. Kent learns Neil isn’t the friend he thought he was, as he’s never there for him. He stabbed him in the back and Kent decides he’s not going to put up with it, fighting back, then decides just to walk away. They dance tonight to DeVotchKa’s How It Ends. It is simply amazing, and the best part is, he loses the Kent face completely. Mia will be proud.

Nigel thinks if he was in the top four, and one person was going to be sent home at the end of the show, he would want to pick out Travis Wall as a choreographer who can give him something as inspirational as that piece. It was an absolutely chilling piece, and he thinks it’s the number of the show. He asks Travis if someone stabbed him in the back recently, and indeed they did. He’s sorry to hear that, but thank goodness, as we never would have seen this routine. Kent danced it brilliantly. The height he got when Neil threw him up in the air … the pair of them from the baseball routine to this one … both are stunning pieces of choreography. He hopes we get to see it again on the finale, as it was tremendous, and predicts Kent just earned a spot with this one.

Tyce asks, “Are you kidding me?” Excellence was just delivered by the choreographer, the dancer, and the All Star in this performance. “Are you kidding me?” Amazing and fantastic. For MIa it’s the first time she can’t find words. She breaks down in tears and apologizes for not finding the words. It’s so real, and so uncomfortably awful, and that’s what true genius and artist is. The combination of the three of them is perfect.

Adam tells Travis he is so brilliant, he doesn’t know what to do, but is so excited for his future. If this were the finale, Kent would have just won the show.

I think it is clear who the judges are pulling for, what the dancers are afraid will happen, and what should happen. It’s clear the judges do not think Robert or Lauren should go home and are worried they’re in danger. Their wish is for Adechike to go home, and it was clear from the dancing that while he is a fabulous dancer, the other three are just that much better. If Kent plays his cards the same way next week, he’ll walk away as the So You Think You Can Dance winner.

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