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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 3 – Excellence Was Just Delivered

Tyce thanks Doriana and tells Courtney she was beautiful. He tells Kent it was a good job, but his recommendation is that when you take on a style like this you need to do a little more research to learn specifics and be more of a detective. But he did well. Mia says it was a little rough for her, but it wasn’t the partnering , as that was kind of solid as he did the lifts. It was when he wasn’t partnering, it seemed very childlike, bouncy and squashy. For her it was his worst perfromance this season, but she loves him.

Adam says Mia is not totally wrong, and asks he audience to bring it on and boo him. Nigel tells him he will not marry him now, prompting Adam to warn him he’s going to eat those words. To Kent, he says t brought out his most youthful performance yet, and the thing about disco is the man is totally in control, and he was, as she was safe, but his performance was really excited. Nigel interrupts that’s how old they were when they did it. Adam says yes, but you did it with Blue Steel and Rico Suave, and he’s seen the footage on youtube. Nigel interrupts and says the hands he did were fantastic. Nigel always argues for Doriana’s disco.

For Kent’s “where he came from” package, we of course get several clips of Nigel trying to say Wapokaneta. His mom notes it’s a small community where they know everyone, as we see Kent standing on a corner waving at people. His dad notes They are a soccer family and dance family, as he’s been palying soccer his whole life and started young, but quit when he was a junior to focus on dance. There aren’t any male dancers around there and barely any girl dancers. The mayor doesn’t think there could be a better person to represent them.

Cat notices Kent always says the things that come into his head, so asks what has surprised him most about this whole experience. He tells her it’s the whole exprience that has been so amazing. You dont have to be from a huge city or studying with the best to get here. He thinks the biggest thing is he’s starting to believe in himself. He then gets all animated about it, as Cat notes he’s going to run for president.

Lauren is now paired with Ade Obayomi and is working on a Sean Cheesman jazz number. He needs her to be very vampy, sexy and enticing, which usully isn’t a problem for her, and was pretty much what we just saw her do in her first number. She’s a black widow and Ade is her prey. One part is literally only hand choreography that was only one 8-count, but they thought it would be half the dance. They dance tonight to Kosheen’s Hide U (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix), and it’s perfect for Lauren’s athleticism. It’s also interesting to note that a little of the African Jazz seem sto have seeped in here starting with the beat.

Nigel though the lift was amazing when she was upside down and put her feet on his shoulders as he turned her around. It ws great choreography and strong, masculine work that she did in a feminine way, still being sexy. She changed from being a gymnastic girl inoto a strong woman. He hopes people will look at her work through the season and realize she needs to be in the finale. Tyce calls it great jazz and dancing in the heels, a fantastic job. He thinks there could have been more ferociousness in the ending position, but he says that from love and thinks her dancing is spectacular. He doesnt’ think they’ve had too many girls like her.

Mia calls her a beast and loves strong female dancers. Lauren is that and owned it. There were a few moments that could be more ferocious, and where it lacked some sexual chemistry, as it was the whole intent of the piece. But as a whole, she thought it was amazing. Adam says the only words a dancer ever wants to hear. He wants to hire her. It would be his privilege to work with her. She tells him any time any day she’ll give him her number number.

Adechike is working with Kathryn McCormick on a routine by Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden. Adechike admits he almost peed on himself to walk in the room and see those two. He was fortunate to work with them about five or six years ago in their first ever summer program. They are proud of his journey as they have watched him grow. He’s done every style you can think of this season, and Kathryn notes the piece makes up what the show is with so many different styles. They didn’t want to give him something easy to do, and wanted to challenge him, yet show his gifts. They dance tonight to Melissa Ehteridge’s Fearless Love, and while they didn’t think he was letting go before and letting the piece take him, he definitely is in this one. It just looks like fearless abandon.

NIgel points out how honored Adechike must have felt to be working with Desmond and Dwight. It was an absolute marvelous moment in any dancer’s career. Dwight had said they wanted to showcase his many talents, and he has many of them. Nigel agrees and feels he has showcased them throughout the season. He lost a little bit of wind at the end, and he understands, but he stopped going to the extent of his lines. He needs to keep it going whatever happens. He’s done a wonderful job across the season and Nigel is really proud of where he is now.

Tyce wants to celebrate where Adechike is at in this position and celebrate Kathryn with him. He thinks he reached in and took a piece of himself and put it on the dance floor, and that’s great. He has a lot more to go, as it needed width and height and suspension and a line that is stellar, but that’s something a dancer works on their entire lives. It’s not overnight. Congratulations to him.

Mia wanted more, but will say Adechike has the potential to be a superhero dancer, and she thinks that’s why he’s connecting to Desmond, as he’s already become that superhero. She thinks he sees himself in him. She saw glimpses of Desmond coming through Adechike, then found the exhaustion coming through and a disconnect and lack of strength and line and fluidity in his transitions. But he’s moving and growing, and every day is another gift to move and grow and to become better artists and better people, and that’s all we can ask for. Adam thinks that Adechike really laid it all out there, and he really loves when he does that. He has grown so much on the show, and Adam is super proud.

Looking back to where Adechike came from, he notes he grew up in the hood, and it wasn’t cool to be a male dancer there. He had to fight his whole life and can’t give up. He was exposed to a lot of things to cause him to mature, but he’s thankful, as it’s made him into the man he is today. His mom is proud and notes he’s always had a passion for dance, even composing his own solo to get into the performing arts school. When the Dance Dept. chairperson first met him, she says he was an unfocused, undisciplined, unmotivated young dancer, and when he walked out, he was just the opposite. He was the first student to receive one of their prestigious awards. His brothers learned to never give up from him.


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