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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 3 – Excellence Was Just Delivered

Nigel calls it a good fun routine and good choreograhy. Adechike needs to watch his back as it’s terribly straight so that it’s not being relaxed enough to get into the waves, which is the same thing he said to him last week. Yet Adechike enjoyed himself, and we enjoyed watching it.

Tyce asks Nigel what he’s talking about with the back, then says he’s kidding, as he just wanted to say it. Getting it out of the way, he tells Lauren he loves her. To Adechike, he tells him the heart of a dancer lies within the storyline, and he needs to look for that, as it’s all in the journey. There’s using a center, and then there’s also deepending within and really grounding yourself where it makes the audience come onboard with the piece. It’s about the exhiliaration, and you need to lay down for it. He danced it very well, but he could have gone “over there” with it.

Mia didn’t care for that, not becaue of the piece, but because of the execution. She feels like Tyce sid, it’s about the celebration, about the bigness and joy, and because of that tightness he has in his upper body, he can’t expand. She wants to feel from him full body, full mind, and full heart. She was waitng for him to tear it up, and he didn’t. There were moments like the footwork that she loves, but she’s looking at it as there’s one week left and he should be perfection, and isn’t there yet.

Adam puts it smore simply and says he knows what they’re talking about, that it’s not about using your center, but losing your center. In the last piece, we saw Lauren completely lose herself within it, but here he felt conscious about him being in the choreoraphy. For the next one he wants him to forget they’re all there.

Robert Roldan got together with Anya Garnis to do a Viennese Waltz with choreographer Jonathan Roberts, who we know from Dancing With the Stars. It’s his first time on this show and his first time working with a contemporary dancer on ballroom. Anya notes he didn’t hold back, as it’s very technical and complicated. Jonathan makes Robert feel good about what he does, and the choreography is amazing. He’s done the Argentine Tango, Quickstep, and samba, so thinks this should be a piece of cake. He jokes he’s ready to take Pasha’s place. They dance tonight to Anouk’s Lost, and here you can see Robert not having that tightness they talk about with Adechike. This is open and beautiful.

Nigel thanks Jonathan for a routine that can be often boring, but was turned into a beautiful routine. The Vienesse watltz was originally choreographed for the military and they were very upright, but Robert has that beautiful carriage, and he can tell he’s worked really hard on the rise and fall. Robert has had nearly every ballroom routine, and while he talked about beng like Pasha, Pasha didn’t do a straight arm lift tonight like Robert. “And what a beautiful lift it was.”

Tyce calls it an exquisite experience when the music begins and the dancer invests wholheartedly, and he feels Robert did that to the max. It’s outside of his style and he becomes that style. He wore it like a suit. Mia adds an Armani suit. She found it to be so romantic, as he’s like the prince of the season. She wants to see it again, becaue it was beautiful . When they dance, she wants him to relax and enjoy the rise and beauty of the waltz where it looks like just breathing life. She just wants to fly with him and kind of did, as he’s so beautiful. He’s the prince.

If ever there is ever a night to be brilliant, Adam feels it’s this one, and Robert was brilliant. There was absolutely no difference between the movement quality between him and Anya, and she is so “dance.” He was not a slave to the dance. It became a slave to him. He owned it. Adam thinks he’s on a surge here, and there may be be a really interesting movement in the competition.

Looking at where Robert was before the competition, he notes his parents separated when he was about twelve years old, and it was one of the hardest things he had to go through. His mom got remarried and it was one of the best things to happen to her and their family. HIs humor has really rubbed off on Robert. After he graduated high school, he moved to North Holllywood and lived with four people, one of them, being Channing Cooke from season six. They have a thing they do around the house where they clear everything out and just dance crazy. He and his roommates are everthing and he loves them so much.

Channing notes when she was on the show Robert supported her and was a great friend. It’s great to now switch it around for him. He considers himself very lucky to have a family back home and a family with his roommates. The moment he’ll remember most of this is getting to Hollywood for the first time with the top 11, as they all had an amazing energy making him feel blessed.The routine he’ll remember is Travis Wall’s Fix You routine. It was a gift.

Kent Boyd is paired with Courtney Galliano on a Doriana Sanchez disco. The story is inspired by love on the dance floor. Kent doesn’t know about disco, only that it’s very upbest and shiny clothes. He’s so young, he thinks it was from the 60s. He doesn’t know what Studio 54 was, but does know the song Hot Stuff. Courtney notes there wre a lot of hiccups in the rehearsal, and he had a lot of trouble with the lifts. They dance to When Love Takes Over by David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland. Courtney is the right person for this upbeat routine. He gets the Kent face going that Mia will surely point out. It’s not my favorite piece of Kent’s, but he does have the energy needed for it and pulls off one great lift.

Nigel asks Kent if it was the first time he did anything like that, and he says, “Yes sir.” When he first pulled it from the hat, he was excited, then did a lot of lifts. Courtney adds, “and then I fell on the ground.” Nigel points out there were only about two lifts in there, but Doriana normally has about seven. Kent says yeah, but that’s not him. Nigel has already said about disco that it can look very cheesy, and if he did that face thing, he’d make it doubly cheesy, but he didn’t do it. He saved himself tonight, as he was ready to have a go with him. He notes it’s tough and you don’t get a chance to breathe. Nigel thanks Doriana for the routine and points out one of the best contemporary dancers that did disco in season one is Nick Lazzerini who is in the audience celebrating his 26th birthday.


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