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So You Think You Can Dance, July 29 – Our First Look at the Final Four

Wow. Two dancers are leaving tonight. In one fell sweep we’ll be down to our final four. I’m not sure how this will go down, but I do know one thing. When it’s all said and done, Kent Boyd and Lauren Froderman will definitely be among the final four.

Our group number once again has the All Stars and the final six, minus Lauren. They’re dancing to Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by Sting, and Allison Holker is the She in this equation. The others are so heavily costumed and in so much makeup, it’s hard to see who’s who. It again has a Tim Burton feel to it, so it’ll be interesting to see who conceived this one. It could be Sonya Tayeh. Instead, it was Mia Michaels, surprisingly. She’s juding tonight along with Adam Shankman, Nigel Lythgoe, and Toni Redpath.

After sitting out in the group routine tonight, Lauren Froderman is fine. Nigel is asked about the prize for the winner. Not only are they competing for $250,000 and the cover of a magazine, but also Gatorade is recognizing dance as a sport and the season 7 winner will be featured as the first dance athlete for Gatorade and be part of the Gatorade print campaign.

The first two dancers take the stage, Kent Boyd and Jose Ruiz. Jose is in the bottom three tonight, leaving Kent safe. Jose tells Cat he’s good. He must have known it was coming. Adechike Torbert and Billy Bell walk out for their results. He’s wearing an odd scarf. Somewhat surprisingly, Adechike is safe, and Billy is in the bottom three again. Laruen Froderman and Robert Roldan take the stage for their results. Definitely surprisingly, Robert is safe, and Lauren is in the bottom three. Wow. Goodbye Billy and Jose. There is no way the judges are sending this girl home.

Adam Shankman’s newest movie, Step UP 3D is given a special little trailer permiere here, and with 250 dancers in the movie, we have some of So You Think You Can Dance’s finest in it, such as Ashlee Nino, Joshua, Twitch, Legacy, Ivan, and Musa. The director is in the audience tonight, and onstage are some of the dancers from the movie, which even includes ‘Lil C. It’s some great hip hop dancing, of course.

Christian TV is out to sing When She Turns 18, and the dancers look like a bunch of Esther Williams. I have to say I can’t be any happier that we finally got to get rid of swimsuit caps. Those were terrible. I think the dancers are saying the same thing as they rip them off towards the end and flip their hair around.

Jose is up first with is solo, doing it to Soho’s Hot Music. He puts it all out there, but the guy doesn’t have a chance of staying.

Billy is next, and with his odd scarf, dances to Venetian Snares’ Szerencsetlen (that was hard to type!). He has furthered his great talent even more. I see a little Mark Kanemura coming out of him. But I just don’t see the judges getting rid of Lauren, as good as he is and as much as they like him.

Lauren dances to Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On, and it’s not showing 100% of her talent, but we know she was sick, and she probably also didn’t expect to be there.

We have one more performance tonight, Don’t Waste the Pretty, by Allison Iraheta, along with Orianthi. Two great young female talents. They make a great pairing.

It’s time for the judges’ decision. Nigel notes they are unanimous, and it’s the toughest decision they’ve had to make on the show, and their last of the season, as next week, it’s all up to us, the viewers. Jose is asked to step forward, and he says they feel as though he has learned three different languages in as many weeks. He has learned differnet routines he never dreamt of before and mastered them really well. They never anticipated he would be as good as he turned out to be, and a lot of it is his personality.

Billy is told he can hear what the audience thinks, but he’s been in the bottom three the last five weeks. They think his slightly androgynous style isn’t connecting with audiences, but it is connecting with choreographers and artistic directors all over the country. They love the way he soars through the air, but he needs to keep his feet firmly on the ground in life.

It’s the first time Lauren has been in the bottom three, and a lot of people say the young girls that vote only vote or the guys, but he implores everyone that stays in that instead of whining about others’ votes, pick up the phone and vote yourself. He has to tell her that they are supporting her this week and are keeping her in, He apologizes to the guys, but they’re leaving.

I didn’t take any notes during thei goodbye packages of these two. I just enjoyed it. I’m not sure either why we didn’t connect to Billy Bell. He is an incredible talent, but I think that’s all we saw in him. He never connected to us on a personal level in his performances, but we could see him in his intros and packages being a lot more personable. Jose was the opposite, so he ended up in the bottom three less often, but eventually his talent just wasn’t enough to keep him there. I’m guessing next week Lauren’s fans will come out in droves. Yet, it’ll be interesting to see who ends up there. I still don’t see Kent getting there.

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