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Big Brother 12, July 29 –Best Last Plea Speech

It’s time for the live HoH competition, and it’s “Big Brother Knockout.” Two at a time, they will face off at the podium answering questions based on previous competitions. The answers will be HoH, Have Not, or Veto. The first person to buzz in stays in the game, an the other person will be eliminated. The last person standing will be HoH.

The first two to face off are Hayden and Britney. Q1 In this competition, you had to be bold with your decisoin to stay or fold. Hayden gets it right, Britney is out, and Brendon and Rachel face off. Q2 In this comp, you worked like a mule, when trying to crawl through the caramel pool. Rachel gets it right, and Brendon’s out. She sends Kristen and Hayden up. Q3 In this comp, you may have been flustered when you got doused with streams of Big Brother mustard. Kristen answers HoH, Hayden is out. She sends Kathy and Rachel up. Q4 In this comp, there was no escape for those between the wall and tape. Kathy guesses wrong, and Rachel stays in, but is admonished by Julie to keep it clean.

Rachel sends up Kristen and Enzo. Q5 This competition was a slap in the face until you dropped your busienss briefcase. She guesses right, Veto. She sends up Rachel and Ragan. Q6 In this comp, the first priority was to answer with the majority. Rachel gets it right. Ragan is out. Kristen and Lane are up. Q7 In this comp, you felt like a nerd trying to spell the longest words. Lane gets Veto right and Kristen is out. Rachel faces off with Lane. Q8 This competitoin was quite a thrill flying above a giant grill. She gets it right again. She’s the next HoH.

Julie mentions something interesting. Pandora’s Box is back, and we get to choose who goes in the box. They’ll get an offer to become the new Saboteur. If they last two weeks, they’ll get $20,000. Hmmm. That could be interesting. I have an inkling everyone might choose Matt.

They should have put Rachel and Brendon up on the block last week. Let’s see who is her friend this week. Of course, it’ll also be interesting to see what Andrew’s fallout is from his remarks about Kristen. At the very end of the show, Rachel and Kristen are fighting, and Rachel tells her she’s being nominated. There might not be any going back at this point.

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