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Big Brother 12, July 29 –Best Last Plea Speech

Live tonight, Julie talks to Rachel about people being public about coming after her and Brendon, and asks how thankful she is to be off the block. She admits she’s thankful and is a fighter and competitior, so she’ll do whatever she needs to do to stay here with Brendon. Julie asks Lane what he misses the most about home, and he tells her Spotlighting. Nice. Enzo is asked about Britney heping him with his accent, and he says he thinks he speaks great. He is who he is. Julie has him say dog, coffee, and “I reckon I won’t be on slop next week.” Since he says it so well, Julie makes it happen. No one is on slop this week.

We catch up with Stacy, Matt’s wife, who says the way his brain works, it’s not like anyone else’s. He’s intelligent, but lacks common sense. She was shocked that Matt told everyone she had this rare bone disease. She doesn’t agree with it and thinks it’s a bad move, as they’ll get him out of the house, if they want to. She did try helping him out with the lie in the letter, just beause she could see it biting him in the butt. Brendon offers to help him when he gets out of the house. Kathy notes later if someone would lie about such a thing it would sicken her that someone would do such a thing. Matt just kind of cringes a little.

Julie talks to Matt privately in teh HoH. She asks him if he thinks his wife’s illness lie is working, and he thinks it is, saying he already has three votes so far in the jury house because of it. She wonders if he is worried about offending some people, and he knows he has. He’s playing to win, though, and knows he’s the best player the game has had. Julie brings up that he didn’t nominate Brendon and Rachel, which is what the Brigade alliance wanted. He explains he had to look out for number one, and he was able to make a deal with Brendon and Rachel and now saved himself for another week or two. She wonders if there’s a weak link in the alliance. If there is, he thinks it’s Hayden, meaning with Kristen, or even in the lifelong friends, if that’s even a real thing.

Kathy gets a shot at pleading her case first and says she absolutely loves all of them and they all make her heart ache. When she came in she promised the house would not change her. Her mom and grandma taught her morals, her church taught her her faith and jer job taught her loyalty and integrity, and she refuses to break any of that.

Andrew tells “Cutie Patootie” he loves her, then goes in for the kill. He explains everyone thought he was going after Brendon and Rachel, and the reason he’s not is there’s a stronger threat he needs to break up, Hayden and Kristen. In the Taj room, they would get together and do massages and kiss. He says there are two pairs they need to break up. Kristen doesn’t like the way she talks. She thinks she has Ragan in her pocket and is going to control him by pushing his ego up. Hayden does love Lane, but isn’t going to take him any further than fourth or fifth place. He can’t say anything because he’s Enzo’s friend, but the things they said about his intelligence were wrong.

Andrew continues, saying he’s there and wants to take Hayden and Kristen out, and that’s why they need to keep him in there to get the votes. Yesterday, there was only one person that didn’t come to him after his speech, and that was Kristen. Lane did, because he’s a man, and he loves him for that. Kristen is a tin man and doesn’t care about anyone else. He advises Hayden to get out of it now, as he’s a great man and he. “Captain Kosher out.” Kristen starts talking and Julie shuts her down telling her it’s not her time to talk. Score one for Julie

It’s time for live voting. Kristen is up first and not surprisingly votes to evict Andrew, Rachel does as well, and Britney and Rachel give each other “Oh my Gods!” when they pass in the hallway. Britney votes to evict Andrew, as do Enzo, Brendon, Lane, and Hayden. Ragan votes to institutionalize and evict Andrew. Andrew is obvoiusly evicted and hugs everyone on the way out, except for Kristen, but does shake hands with Hayden. He wishes everyone Mazel Tov on his way out the door. Kristen is obvoulsy still stunned.

Julie tells Andrew it ws the best last plea speech she has ever seen, yet notes it didn’t work. He knows everyone is trying to stick together, and no one wants to be an outcast and vote out their own, as then they’ll end up on the block like him and Kathy did. Julie wonders why he didn’t try to blackmail Hayden and Kristen for votes, and he realizes he should have looking back on it. He thought this would make them have to make decisions for themselves really quickly.

Julie mentions Andrew was originally the pawn, and asks if he regrets the bold move at the PoV meeting. Andrew thought it was great at the time, but feels maybe Hayden and Kristen told the truth that he wasn’t going after them. Julie asks what Andrew whispered to Hayden on the way out, and he says it’s that Hayden’s a good guy, as he really likes him, but Kristen has a tough attitude about her. Originally he was suspicious when Matt told him about his wife’s illness, and he explains as a medical doctor, he didn’t recognize the name he was saying. Julie tells him that it was a lie, but it is a real disease.

In the goodbye messages, Matt says he can’t help but feel responsible for Andrew going home right now, as he did put him up as a pawn, and that was the honest to God truth. It just turned out he dug his own grave. Kristen says it didn’t need to come to an argument for the two of them to get to know one another, and that his lack of communication with her and others was his biggest downfall, Brendon notes he risked a lot just being his friend, and he’ll never be able to repay that. Kathy hated sitting next to him on the block, due to them being friends. Rachel isn’t that sorry to see him go, as nobody is going to get between her and her man, especially not anothe rman. “Eww.” Hayden tells him he represented his faith with hoesty and integrity, and anyone that worships with him woudl be absolutely proud of him. To be in this atmosphere and remain so faithful, he thinks Andrew’s the man.


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