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Big Brother 12, July 29 –Best Last Plea Speech

It doesn’t seem like this week was working out for anyone in the house. The rest of the house was failing to get Brendon and Rachel out, and Andrew and Kathy didn’t get themselves off the block. In other words, it worked for only Brendon and Rachel, or really only Rachel, since Brendon and Andrew seemed to be working together. If Brendon or Rachel wins HoH, Matt is going to be shooting himself in the foot.

Andrew had done something really odd at the PoV ceremony, telling Brendon and Rachel he was coming after them, then telling Brendon to use the veto on him. It just didn’t make sense. Britney says she’s confused about it, feeling like she’s in the twilight zone. Rachel wants to know when Andrew jumped on the bandwagon of hating her and Brendon. Kathy had no idea what Andrew’s speech was about and knows she just needs to fight. Andrew felt he had to make a bold move, since sometimes the pawns end up going home.

Brendon asks Rachel why she’s pissed off at him, and she explains she’s not, but doesn’t understand why he thinks Andrew is his friend. He lets her in on the fact that he knew Andrew was going to do that beforehand, but she doesn’t believe him. He explians it’s part of the plan, wanting people to think Andrew is against them. She wants to know who he’s in an alliance with, her or Andrew.

Lane and Ragan get together in Matt’s HoH room, as Lane says Andrew just messed up down there, and Ragan knows what he was trying to do. They’re all in agreement that the whole thing was concocted by the three of them. Britney joins the mix, and what’s interesting is they all think what gave it away was Rachel acting so shocked, thinking she oversold it, but really, she was the one who didn’t even know about it. Matt says Andrew went about it all wrong, and it blew up in their faces.

Matt calls Andrew up to the HoH for a private conversation and tells him if the vote happened yesterday, he’d still be there, but it’s slowly shifted to people wanting to get him out, since they’re suspect that he wouldn’t really put Brendon and Rachel up. Matt explains everyone thinks it’s staged because of Rachel’s reaction and Andrew starts to mess up, saying she didn’t know anything, then corrects himself to saying they didn’t know anything. Andrew is feeling worse off now, and he should be. Matt advises him to go around and talk to everyone to try and fix what they broke.

Rachel asks Brendon why he’s allowed to keep secrets from her, but she’s not allowed to do the rverse. He claims he’s not. She was totally onboard for getting Kathy out, but now she’s pisssed, because she wasn’tinolved in the plan, and she doesn’t think they know what they were doing. She feels like she’s the only person she can trust. He tries to smoothe it over with “I love you.” But she doesn’t seem totally sold. Brendon says it took the wind out of his sails, and he may have lost the best thing to happen to him.

Kathy tells Ragan she needs to be here because she was a mom at 18, then got cancer and was given six months to live. She needs the money, because the chemo she took causes leukemia. She tells the DR she’s here to secure the money for her son’s education. She can meet up with her sufferng, but not her son’s. Ragan tells her that what she just said shows that she’s a fighter in life, as well as a survivor. He starts to get emotional. He tells the DR that earlier in the week he wanted to keep Andrew because he goes in and fights in every competition, but she’s reconceptualizing what a fighter means at this point.

Kathy moves on to telling Kristen she barely had enough money to feed her family. She had to walk around a hospital pregnant, and you can imagine what people say about you. Andrew sees these two getting closer and thinks Kathy is deifnitely working her to keep her. Kristen tells her she’s the only person she can relate to, while Andrew resents not getting the emotional support that Kathy’s getting, making him seem like an outcast. He notes it’s easier to be in the house if you have someone to talk to, but he’s not the socialite here, and it’s hard.

Andrew walks into the bathroom where both Kathy and Kristen are and tells them he knows what they’re doing, playing him like a fiddle, and he doesn’t appreciate it. Kristen goes to find him in one of the bedrooms and tells him she doesn’t appreciate being called out. There has been no communication from him for the past however many days, and he’s up on the block, so that’s his reponsibliity. He’s looking for confirmation from her that everything’s still okay, and she asks why he doesn’t come and talk to her. She explains Kathy came to her to talk, because she has no one else, and he says he doesn’t either. This explodes into a really loud argument that the whole house hears, all on her part.

Matt holds a meeting with Hayden and Enzo and tells them he’s leaning towards keeping Andrew instead of Kathy, because it leaves another target in the house. Without him, Brendon and Rachel would be going after the Brigade. Enzo notes he could be the right person to keep if he has a big enough target on him. Hayden agrees Kathy is useless, but she’s not going to win. Enzo wants to keep Andrew because it’s friction away from them. He knows they have to play this one smart.


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