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So You Think You Can Dance, July 28 –A Fourth and Fifth Injury?

Toni doesn’t know if it was smart or lucky the way it was choreographed, as the characters fit the two of them well. Jose, being the wiser older one, allowed him to be less physically adept. He couldn’t kick as high or bounce as high and was less jumpy, but as the older one, he got away with it. But Kent is a contender.

Nigel doesn’t think there’s anything they’ve thrown at Kent that he hasn’t done brilliantly, including this. He agrees with the chreography, as it invoked the whole spirit of dance of the 40s and 50s. He hasn’t seen that style of dance since Evan was on the show. The worst thing for Jose was having to do it with Kent, as it did show off he didn’t have that style. He hopes he’s proud of himself, though, as when he looks at where he’s come from, to where he is now, he hasn’t just developed styles they threw at him, but his own style as well. He’s grown beyond where they could have dreamt of. It may be his last week, but he knows he’s going on tour, and hopes he continues to keep on working. And now we have Nigel thinking Jose wont’ be there next week.

Adechike and Lauren are dancing a fox trot with Jean-Marc and France. He notes it’s not the tradiitonal feel or vibe, but very sultry and sexy. Lauren thinks she has fox trot fever, and Adechike talks about her being a ball of energy and being like his little sister. He thinks they’ll have the whole audience sick. After all the talk of fevers, it’s indeed Beyoncé’s Fever they’re dancing to tonight. Toni, the ballroom expert, might disagree, but I think this is really good.

Nigel notes that watching contemrpoary and jazz dancers doing ballroom often makes it look like a jazz routine and not ballroom. There are certain things they probably did better than a ballroom dancer because of their own training, but others that don’t sit well with him. Overall they had good connectivity, but after the other routines it’s leaving him to just think “Okay … good.”

What Toni loves about the show is that it’s great for introducing new and different dance styles to America and new and different for them too, as it was the first time Lauren and Adechike did a fox trot. Even though they’re beautifully trained dancers, they don’t have the muscle memory for ballroom. The choreography is fantastic for ballroom, but doesn’t look like it with the footwork and frame being off, but at the same time she felt they got into the character.

Mia felt Adechike had great moments as a partner, but when he stepped away from her, there was a disconnect, like all of a sudden he says I’m done and goes solo instead of remembeirng he’s still with his parterner. Lauren’s grace and sensuality and presence makes it look like she’s done it a million times.

To Adam, Lauren wasn’t competing, but dancing, just proving she can master everything they throw at her. Adehicke seemed very concerned making sure she was safe, which a good parnter does, but he shouldn’t look like that. He needs to be there for her, but not look like it.

Robert and Billy are teaming up on the last dance of the night, dancing to Bollywood, choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan. What some people might not know is that Bollywood is a mix of dance styles from across the world, which Billy calls a melting pot of dance. Robert says going through all the different styles can be a bit difficult. The story is two guys fighting for one role in the biggest Bollywood movie ever. They’re dancing tonight to Ganesh from the Bombay Dreams Soundtrack. I don’t always enjoy Bollywood, but this is really amazing. And I’d love to see Kent’s personality on this.

Nigel calls it fantastic and “what a way to finish the show.” He thinks it’s one of the best Bollywood routines he’s seen with two guys. How Robert finishes the moves and his hands were fantastic. He hopes Billy’s knee is okay as he put it through some tough work. Toni says technically eveyrone is fantastic at this point, and it comes down to choice. “I like pizza and hamburgers, I just lke hamburgers more.” Right now, though Robert is one big cheesy hamburger. They both danced it gereat, but she felt like Robert nailed it.

Mia chimes in here and says Billy is a big cheesy pizza, and she likes pizza. She’s Italian. It was so hard, but a small celebration to no injuries, as Nigel tells her not to say that. He can see Billy moving his leg around, and he explains it doesn’t feel good, but it’s fine. There was nothing wrong with that and everything was right in that. She thinks they won the starring role in that film.

Adam agrees, saying they split the vote. It’s been a huge night for Billy as he surged like crazy, but it was brilliant for Robert. He doesn’t want anything more to do with it. Cat tells him he has until tomorrow night, and he starts faking a cough. Nigel knows they couldn’t make a decision last week, so they’ll be worse this week.

Nigel did say something that really made me think and adds up to that tough decision. He said Billy really surged this week. And what that did was bring back to me my original thought about keeping Billy last week. In a way, it’s not fair to give him the extra week off. Jose has been dancing for weeks on a groin injury. I’m sure he would have appreciated a week off, but instead he’s just been sitting out group numbers. Maybe everyone would have had a big surge tonight if they got to sit out for a week.

That said, Cat mentions at the end of the show that Lauren isn’t onstage, as she’s with the medic. It’s a tough, tough year.

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