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So You Think You Can Dance, July 28 –A Fourth and Fifth Injury?

Mia agrees there’s nothing to critque. She’d say she’s her favorite girl, but she’s the only girl. She does think she’s forged ahead of everyone. It was a piece that showed her strength and ability to dance. Was it the most memorable piece this season No. But they killed it. Toni remembers in the lead-in Lauren saying she wan’t going to dance sexy, but dance strong, but to Mia, strong is sexy. One thing she wants to compliment her on is that it’s easy in a high energy routine like this to overdo the face, but she hit it just right. The body was a tornatdo, but the eyes were that of a storm.

Nigel says it’s the first time we’ve ever see two women on American Idol this season, and Cat has to point out he has the wrong show. Lauren asks if he just got it mixed up, because he heard her singing in her package so well. Back on point, he asks if she’s seen the original Bob Fosse and Gwen Verndon, and Lauren answers they saw it on youtube. He thinks in truth it wasn’t quit a exciting as that, so he’d like to see her bring it up a notch, because she’s capable of doing it. Whether Lauren wins or not, he feels she’ll be in the finale.

Kent calls Robert the songbird of our generation as they show a clip of him singing with his iPod. Lauren agrees he’s always singing surprisingly well. Adechike talks about his arrogant sideburns, and Kent calls him the class clown of the group. Billy adds he’s alway doing what he calls singing, although he calls it screaming. Jose says he’s goofy, one minute standing around and the next minute yelling. He does his solo to A Beautiful Mess (From a Raining Jane Sessions) by Jason Mraz, and like the others, he’s in it to win it. He has the best lines.

Billy is dancing contemporary this week, lucking out, being joined by Ade Obayomi on a Stacey Tookey routine. The routine is about observing the two oppposite ends in society, one guy that has everything, and another who has absolutely nothng. Billy is a homeless desperate man, and Adehike is a high-powered business man. Billy’s role will be hard for him, They bring these opposites tonight to Mad World by Michael Andrews feat. Gary Jules, and interestingly, not by Adam Lambert. It’s hard for Billy to get really messy enough in it. It would be better without the pointed toes.

Three judges give BIlly and Ade a standing ovation, and we start with the one who didn’t, Nigel. He asks how Billy’s knee is this week, and says he’s really pleased they made the decision to keep him last week, as if they had lost him, it would have meant they lost the privilege to watch what he just did. The maturity he showed was the most he’s ever seen, as the little kid is gone. It was a lot of emotion and an awful mature piece, thank to Stacey. He thanks Billy for combating everything to get here.

Toni knows this must have been a choreographers dream, having two amazing powerful styles that show the contact. Some pieces transcend that and you stop seeing the steps and start seeing the heartbeat and hearing the dialogue. When it ends, you want to see what comes next, and this was one of those.

Mia calls it sheer perfection and tells Stacey thank you for keeping me on my toes, as she’s involving into some artist. It’s Mia’s favorite performance of Billy’s. He was so abandoned in this character; his face was aboslutely everything. Win or lose the comeptiton, he’s going to be remembered and respected as a very strong upcoming artist. It almost seems like she’s saying her goodbye speech to him now, like she doesn’t expect him to be here next week.

Adam knows it sounds odd, but he thinks Billy will understnad. He thinks he was just born on the show, and just showed up as one of the best dancers they’ve had on the show. He dropped into the one. He heard the music and knew what he was dancing about and showed great restraint. He was with him on the entire journey. It was mag-ni-fi-cent. It was art.

Billy calls Adechike a man of many names, CheekyCheek, Chichi, Chico Chico, Mr. Personality, as he’s best friends with everyone and their mom. They all call him a ladies man, as Kent notes he’s very flirtatious, loving to compliment the ladies. He dances his solo to Maxwell’s Pretty Wings, and this is a tough top 6. He, too, has stepped his game up quite a bit.

Jose and Kent are dancing together on a character driven Spencer Liff routine. It’s about two guys watching hot girls go by, looking to see who gets the girls. Kent’s the young, eager one, and Jose is the older, more refined ladies man. Jose says Kent’s definitely not smooth, but Kent wants everyone to know he has game too. Jose call it’s ridiculous as he just looks a certain way, to get the girls to yell, “Oh my God!” He hopes if Kent follows his lead, he’ll actually pick up a girl, and Kent notes last time he checked, he was the only one to get a kiss from Lauren. They’re dancing tonight to From This Moment On from the Kiss Me Kate Sondtrack. The judges might disagree, but I though Jose was pretty close in style tonight to Kent.

Adam says it’s the first time he’s ever seen a successfully executved 40s 50s style movie, and Stencer kiled it. It was totally in the style of the Gene Kelly/Donald O’Connor era and was fantastic. He doesn’t know what’s going to happen with him and Lauren, but he sees it coming down to the two of them. He wants to train him a little bit more, as he needs to fix his hands a little, but he was born to do this. For Jose, a B-boy, it was so hard to conquer that, and was a joruney.

Mia calls it friggin’ fantabulous. She feels like Kent just found his home, this style of Broadway, Spencer’s work. He needs to live in that world, as everything about it fits him like a glove, and he can even do his face. He is so everything, the way he moves, the power. She loved seeing him do this style and wants to see him doing it forever. Jose is not a trained dancer like Kent, and you see the difference, but he kept up.


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