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So You Think You Can Dance, July 28 –A Fourth and Fifth Injury?

Adam tells Teyce it was great and so much fun. What he loved about it is that this season it’s so partner-heavy, but this was just balls out dancing …. then he realizes he just said “balls out” on live TV and notes L.A. won’t see it. But I did! This is Adechike’s path and growth. Cat is never starting with him again. What Adam would like to see him do as a dancer is loosening up his back and hips. He would have liked to have seen a little more release.

Mia calls the music everything, with it’s style. It was a great performance; however, he is such a powerful athlete, he has to find a balance of style so that wen he’s asked to move his hips and collapse his shoudlers, she will be able to see them, as everything goes towards his strength. He does it well, but she needs to seemore style and finesse, especially with this music.

Toni asks Adehcike if he had fun, as it looked like it. He did. She loved the weight he used in the connection and thought it was well done. Nigel remembers Tyce had said they needed to have no inhibitions and just let themselves go. There wasn’t enough of that abandonment for him. It was too controlled. He threw enough energy in there, but he needs to make it look less choreographed. He just needs for him to look like he’s letting himself go and forget it’s a competition. He wants him to just enjoy it.

Looking at Lauren Froderman, Kent explains she’s a girl, the only girl. Robert calls her hyper and crazy, and Billy adds that she’s in her own little imagnary world with bunny slippers, an imaginary horse. Adehicke says she’s hyperactive, but in the best way possible, Jose calls her the baby sister everyone just wants to look after. She dances her solo tonight to (You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin. Talk about grounded and earthy, that’s this girl.

Jose is taking on hip hop with Comfort Fedoke to a Marty Kudelka and Dana Wilson number. The story of the piece is the traiditonal boy meets girl, but in a crowded, smoky club. She’s longing for someone, but can’t pick him out, so she’s trying to give him her pickup line, which is her dancing. Jose likes it beause it gives him a lot of chemistry and connection, which he has with Comfort. She thinks he has no game, but it works for him. Tonight they’re dancing to a great song, Otis Redding’s Try a Little Tenderness, and I’m trying to figure out the hip hop thinking about this song. They somehow find it, which is amazing, but what it really does is give him a way to bring out that personality they always talk about.

Nigel loved the routine and that cool vibe and funky feel to it, along with old school. He thought it was going to be the Color Purple when it started. He loves the style of it. It’s happened over the last week, with people saying Jose hadn’t been in the Thursday night group routines for awhile as he’d injured his groin. It’s interesting that we didn’t have him sitting out a week. He just forged ahead and found a way to do it. Nigel didn’t feel he had the sort of resistence he needs to get with his arms, and was a little uncomfortable with it in places.

Toni disagrees, and says maybe Nigel is talking more physically, as Toni just feels the character of it. She was so absorbed, saying what a schmoozer he is, as he could have given her his best line, and she would have bought it. Mia disagrees, saying there was no swag in there whatsoever. Marty Kudelka is the smoothest, filthiest swagster in the business. The way he moves through space, there’s nobobdy like it. He didn’t tap into the gift he was trying to give him. He made it bouncy and kooky and felt like he needed to tap into Marty’s thing more.

Adam knows what they’re all talking about. What he recommends is that in a piece like this, Jose should dance the intention. The steps become secondary. It becomes about the relationship and the story and everything is powered by that. If he got a litttle smoke in his eyes, it would have translated. What should have been a little more dark and intimate became fun.

Adechike says Billy Bell is messy, leaving clothing all over the place, so that Adechike walks on t-shirts and jeans instead of carpet. Kent calls him helpful, willing to lend a hand. Lauren thinks he’s one of the most focused, but he can also crack a joke to make people laugh. Jose adds he’s loud, and Robert calls him a crazy, sarcastic, fun nutjob. The nutjob dances his solo tonight to Lights Go Down by Telepathe. My God. This guy knows his dancing life is on the line, as he dances like I’ve never seen him. He’s dancing for his life tonight, instead of tomorrow.

Laren calls Kent the cutest little comeptitive farm boy, and Billy has to think of something nice to say. Adechike calls him a cool kid and a ladies man. He taught him well. Robert thinks of him as silly and oblivious. Billy finally figures out what he wants to say, that Kent is pretty much a baby brother to him. Jose calls him kind and generous, and a great person to have around. He dances his solo to Elliott Yamin’s A Song for You, and he’s dancing for his life as well. Everyone knows the stakes are raised.

Lauren picks Broadway to do tonight, joining Allison Hlker, for the first time two female dancers have danced together this season. They’re dancing a Tyce Dioro routine. Allison notes usually women are dancing sexy, but they’re dancing like strong women. Tyce wants Lauren to dig down deep and say, “Here I am dancing next to Allison and I’m going to sell it just as good.” They’re dancing tonight to Who’s Got the Pain? from the Damn Yankees Soundtrack. They’re great together, and at times it almost seemed lke Lauren was outdancng Allison, believe it or not.

Adam tells Lauren he thinks of her as an All Star already, and it’s crazy. She’s now kind of graduated into that further level, and he doesn’t even think of her competing anymore, becuase she’s so good at everything she does. He has nothing to criticize other than saying she’s fantastic. Watching two great lady dancers dancing together, he was thinking of all the numbers they could do, and would like to do a variety show with them.


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