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So You Think You Can Dance, July 28 –A Fourth and Fifth Injury?

It’s going to be a tense night tonight on So You Think You Can Dance. We only have six contestants left, and after tomorrow night, we’ll only have four. As the show starts, I see Billy Bell dancing with a knee brace, so let’s see how that works out for him.

Tonight joining Adam Shankman, Mia MIchaels, and Nigel Lythgoe on the judging panel, we have ballroom champion Toni Redpath. Cat Deeley takes Nigel to task for the surprise decision last week to keep all six contestants and eliminate two this week. He tells her it surprised the judges as well. They didn’t know they were going to do that leading into it the judging. I suppose, but they must have already been thinking of what they should do in the Billy situation, don’t you think?

Kent Boyd is out first tonight and picks All Star Anya Garnis and the cha cha, choreographed by Jean-Marc and France Genereux. It’s Kent’s second cha cha, and he did a good job in week one, so they’ll be expecting a lot, though Kent makes note that doesn’t mean he’s an expert at it. The song behind this will be My First Kiss by 30H!3 feat. Ke$ha, and Anya notes he had practice with that already, kissing his female partners. She’ll be a schoolteacher, and he’ll be a bad boy. He has to start it off with some lucky girl in the audience, being all over her. He avoids the temptation this time to take the easy way out and play to the audience. It’s the perfect roles for these two as well.

Nigel must say that Kent started off the show as a young boy dancing and has ended up as a man dancing, which he needed to do with Anya. He had a good strong base, but he needs to watch his hands, as they curl up sometimes. Toni tells Kent this time it was better. She liked that he was more grounded and more earthy and had better footwork. In his intent to be macho he lost a little posture in his shoulders. He doesn’t need to do that as the show matured him and he can trust that he’s man enough.

Mia knows that as a contemporary dancer, Kent’s hips can get in the way in ballroom, and he did do it, but she felt like the whole piece was a little crunchy, and there wasn’t enough space and length to his movement. Her biggest note for him is that he is not taking her note about his face. He says he’s been working on it, but it’s him and when he goes for it, it comes out. Adam calls it a super solid performance and knows he’ll be happy with it, but agrees he needs to dance with more length. He just needs to breathe and relax and know how fantastic he is. Own it.

Robert Roldan is dancing contemporary with Kathryn McCormick on a Stacey Tookey number. It’s about the last moment before going off to war, leaving a loved one behind. Robert notes they’re connected physically and emotionally the whole time. Stacey warns them to feel the story so that the audience will as well. They dance tonight to Heaven Is a Place on Earth by Katie Thompson and it’s as billed – emotional and connected. You can literally feel their pain of not wanting to leave each other.

Nigel loved the connectivity of it in the dance and emotions and loved the twist at the end that it was Kathryn going to war and not Robert. Robert has been goofy in the past, but has grown enormously and matured. There is no question that while they put him in the top 11 because they thought he was a wonderful dancer, he is growing and maturing to become even better than Nigel thought he would be.

Toni adds that as a ballroom-trained dancer, her criteria watching a male dancer is how his partnering skills are, if he connects in all ways to the lady he’s dancing with, and if he’s invested himself fully. Cat asks Kathryn if he did, and she says she doesn’t remember the last couple of days. What it comes down to for Toni is does she want to be the woman he’s dancing with, and tonight that’s a yes.

Mia says the beginning of the piece was sacred and tender. She knows it’s easy to go 250% and hit things strong, but it’s a mature deciion to pull back and allow the story to go first. That showed how much he’s matured, and if there’s one note she can give to him, it’s to allow his emotions and reality of what he feels to be the catalyst of his movement. Then it won’t look like dancing steps, but speaking thorugh his steps.

Adam just wants to say how proud he is of the dance world in general, because no one supports each other more than dancers. The way they supported each other out there was so magnificent, and Kathryn is so stunning, it freaks him out. For Rob, he came up to her and killed it.

Before Jose Ruiz’ solo, his fellow dancers check in with their thoughts of him. Lauren says he’s clueless, and notes that for a blonde to say that, that’s pretty scary. Billy thinks of him as a wise tortoise. Robert calls him smooth, explosive, and kind-hearted, but Kent says even though we see him smiling, happy, and everytng, in reality he’s one of the most focused, determined people on the show. Adechike calls him a fighter, conquering everything thrown at him, and adds he’s like a brother to him. He does his solo to Giant Squid by RJD2, and displays quite a bit of that focus and determination.

Adechike Torbert is dancing jazz with Courtney Galliano to a number choreographed by Tyce Diorio. It’s supposed to be like a Spanish Harlem nightclub late at night with no inhibitions. Courtney feels sexy during this dance and thinks they have good chemistry together. The song they’re dancing to is Manteca by Dizzie Gillespie. Courtney thinks she sees growth in Adechike, who says he doesn’t want to look like a contemporary dancer doing a jazz routine. They definitely let it all go out there on the floor, and they definitiely do have great chemistry together. His partnering has so improved over the weeks.


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