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Hell’s Kitchen, July 27 – Talk To Me

Autumn isn’t having a shining night either. She is on garnish and it is her job to reheat what was prepped before service. She continually is bringing up cold spinach. Holli is continuing to have problems with the John Dory. She is starting to slow down entrees. I wish I had a dollar for every time he yells “talk to me” in the kitchen. No one seems to be having a good service tonight. Autumn isn’t listening to what is being called out, and Ben is serving raw beef. I don’t understand when someone brings up raw or burnt food to Chef Ramsay. Do they think it is going to magically get past him? Finally the kitchen seems to be running smoothly, and everyone is communicating well. It ends on a high note.

I guess the trailer was all in the editing last week as there really wasn’t any big sabotage or rocking love scandal this week. Chef Ramsay sends them all upstairs with Jay being in charge of who goes up for elimination because of his leadership on the line. They go upstairs and Jay informs Autumn that she is his first choice, she says of course. He doesn’t know what he is going to do about the second nomination. He tells the diary cam that he doesn’t want to mess up his personal relationship with Holli or Ben. Autumn stands up for Holli and says that it isn’t fair to put Holli up because she has not had a really bad service and has won challenges. Ben just really believes that he is the best one there; maybe he has short term memory loss issues. Jay states that he thinks Ben can run a kitchen and has passion for food, but based on service Holli had a better performance. He doesn’t know what he is going to do.

They go back down into the kitchen and Jay nominates Autumn first. He states that she has had some rough services and overall has not done too well in Hell’s Kitchen. I wonder if she is the most nominated contestant in the program’s history. His second nominee is Ben, pointing out Holli has not had as many bad services as Ben. Chef Ramsay calls them both down to him.

Ben believes he should stay because of his passion and experience. He acknowledges that his service tonight was not stellar. He believes he can overcome the lack of communication if he is given another chance. Chef Ramsay winces in pain; I would imagine it is over the pain of having to deal with that yet again. Autumn believes that she should stay because she has proven herself and fought through all of the name-calling and doubt of the other contestants. Chef Ramsay says that it is a difficult decision. He calls Autumn’s name, she tearfully walks up to him, and he tells her to get herself back in line. Wow, I didn’t see this coming. I think both should go, but would have thought Ben would go after Autumn. Fooled again; Ben is sent back in line also. He doesn’t think either should go tonight.

Chef Ramsay says that they’re going to celebrate with some special guests. Autumn’s boyfriend and her best friend appear. They are followed by Jay’s mom and stepdad. It would have been funny if he had a girlfriend. Next to visit are Holli’s 4 year old son, who is unbelievably cute, and his father. She gets an “I missed you momma”, so cute. She gets a hug from the dad too, which is interesting, as they seem very close, Ben is greeted by his wife and 1 year old daughter. This man who has put women down through an entire season of Hell’s Kitchen has a daughter. Sad. She is a cutie too. After a short visit the contestants are sent back upstairs. They do not know it, but after the next service two will be sent packing.

Next week it looks like Ben might have some health problems as he discusses leaving in Chef Ramsay’s office, but it could be all smoke and mirrors.

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