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Hell’s Kitchen, July 27 – Talk To Me

Jay and Rick are next. Jay tells him to put the dish on the table and take the dome off. Chef Ramsay thinks that the presentation is suburb and adds that he thought Jay sliced it. Rick spot on knows what the dish is and what is in it. Chef Ramsay thinks that it is delicious and cooked perfectly. Chef Ramsay says if he had to nitpick something it would be less vinegar in the salad and gives the guys a “well done”.

Ben and Steve are next. Ben is very confident in his dish and knows that everything is there. Unfortunately the roasted peppers are almost raw and the potatoes are burnt. Chef Ramsay thinks it is a real shame and points out that Ben is a teacher. He asks Steve what he thought and is told that he felt like he was just following him and waiting for direction. Ben is furious on the diary cam saying he doesn’t understand why Steve threw him under the bus. He accepts no responsibility for that comment.

Holli and Chris are last. When Chris is asked what the dish is he says Monkfish made with a lot of love. Cue the sappy romantic music, Holli’s giggles, and them holding each other in a half hug. Although Chris falters a little with his explanation, Chef Ramsay thinks the dish is delicious and spot on, even if a little jagged of a cut.

Again the challenge win is going to come down to Jay or Holli. Jay and Rick get the win. The bachelors get a copy of Chef Ramsay’s new cookbook. The losers get to enjoy maintenance day in Hell’s Kitchen. This involves light bulbs, wobbly tables and cleaning the parking lot. They also have to prep for dinner service tonight. Jay has 30 seconds to choose a partner to take with him on his grand, exclusive adventure. To Ben’s surprise, Jay chooses Holli. They all go back upstairs to smoke. Jay says that he feels bad for Ben, but doesn’t think he would have had as much fun with him. Ben tells the diary cam that he was bummed, but isn’t going to sleep with Jay, so it is what it is.

Jay and Holli are taken to the Goodyear blimp. There is an LCD screen on the blimp congratulating them; Holli thinks it is like a marriage proposal. While they take a steep accent into the wild blue yonder, Autumn and Ben are putting on their tool belts back at Hell’s Kitchen. Autumn believes that she is too skinny for the belt. She also believes that Ben is on a downward decline, as opposed to what – an upward decline? Ben thinks all Autumn cares about is looking pretty. Ben and Autumn have moved on to the outside. They are scrubbing the glass wall of the waterfall. You can hear a humming noise in the background; my money is on it being the Goodyear blimp. Yep, and as it flies over them the LCD reads “Losers, hope you are enjoying your punishment”.

Holli and Jay arrive back in the kitchen half an hour before opening for dinner service. Ben and Autumn are not really talking to them too much. Ben believes Holli is just rolling through and it is luck that she is there. I think Ben’s downfall is that he worries too much about other people which cause him not to focus on his own game. Chef Ramsay comes in and asks Jay and Holli if they spotted a house together from the blimp. Jay jokes with Holli that they should be honest and admit that they looked. Holli jokes back that she doesn’t want to live in L.A., that they should look in London instead. Ben thinks Holli is a tramp.

Chef Ramsay gets serious and says that based on the last two services he doesn’t see a head chef in front of him. He wants them to know that they need to step it up and show him a leader. He tells them that he is going to do something that he has never done before in Hell’s Kitchen. He wants them to play to their own strengths. He asks them to decide amongst themselves who is going to work on what station for the evening. The four stations are appetizers, garnish, fish and meat.

Holli chooses fish, Autumn garnish, Jay appetizers, and Ben meat. Everyone is comfortable where they are, and there should be no excuses. The first ticket is called by Chef Ramsay and not a single person responds to him. I am just bewildered why this has been a problem the entire season. You would think with this many services under their belts that the contestants would understand when he calls a ticket he wants an answer back. It is just stupid. Holli gives a half-felt “Yes, Chef.” He again tells them that he wants a leader.

For some reason, Autumn goes up to the fish station when Chef Ramsay is calling for the John Dory, and she pulls it out of the pan. Holli tells her not to, but she does it anyway. It is raw. When Chef Ramsay goes back to the fish station and asks who took it out of the pan, Autumn is standing right there and says nothing. Holli finally speaks up and says that it was Autumn. Chef Ramsay asks Autumn if she is trying to sabotage Holli; she says no. Jay brings up a risotto, Chef Ramsay thinks it is bland and asks for more lemon. Jay doesn’t think it is bland, but slightly under seasoned. Holli is complimented on her perfect scallops, and Jay is moving out appetizers.

Unfortunately nothing perfect lasts forever. Holli starts having problems with a John Dory order and Jay puts potatoes up to the pass that have never been ordered. Jay is told by Chef Ramsay that when he gets busy he gets a little sloppy. The kitchen moves on to entrees and it is a different day but same problem with Ben. Holli asks numerous times for a time on meat and he completely ignores her. I don’t know if he doesn’t hear her or he ignores her completely. When he starts ignoring Chef Ramsay also I think he just can’t multitask. As an instructor, he really doesn’t need to multitask. He teaches, and it is the student’s job to keep up with him. It might be this mentality that would make it impossible for him to work anywhere on a line.


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