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Hell’s Kitchen, July 27 – Talk To Me

All I can say about this year’s final four is that Chef Ramsay definitely has a wide array of dysfunctional personalities to choose from. I am not sure if any are suited for the responsibilities of running a full kitchen brigade, although they may only run the Savoy for a week. We have an egomaniac, a sulker, a romantic, and a prima dona. Actually if you think about it those terms could be interchangeable depending on the situation; none of those characteristics say leader to me though.

Last week’s teaser has me believing I can title my article before watching the show, maybe terror on the high seas. The clip certainly left us believing one of the chefs tries to sabotage the kitchen. There is nothing new about that, unless Gordon Ramsay catches them in the act.

Sticking with my high seas theme we also have a chance to hop on board the Love Boat with Jay and Holli. That sounds like a reality show on its own; follow the lives of Jay and Holli as they set sail aboard an ocean liner to cook and fall in love. Jay could dye his hair to match the flag of the docking country each week. Sorry about that my mind seems to have hicupped, back to Hell’s Kitchen. I am hoping that Sous Chef Scott gets to take the helm again; he seems just as lethal as Chef Ramsay. If the show repeats what it has done in the past, tonight will be the night they each take charge of the pass. It should be interesting.

Five seconds into the show, and I am already aggravated. Jay and Ben decide they have to bury the girls and make them look silly. Ben had his nose in Scott’s mouth when he was getting screamed at earlier in the evening; he should start worrying about himself and stop worrying about the girls. If this Jay and Holli thing becomes a reality after the show, I would like to be a fly on that living room wall when this airs tonight. He is either lying to save face with Ben and be one of the guys; or he has no respect for Holli or her ability to cook. Either way he looks like an ass, or should I say donkey.

The next day begins with Chef Ramsay cooking a dish for the remaining contestants. He is making monk fish and tells them to watch carefully. You would have to be stupid not to think he is going to ask them to repeat the procedure. They are watching intensely as he cleans and filets the fish. Jay notes that monk fish preparation is not for beginners. Sure enough, they are going to have to recreate the dish, but they won’t be cooking it themselves; they will be teaching someone else to do it. This challenge should be a piece of cake for Ben, as he is an instructor. They are given 4 cute bachelors with zero cooking skill. Poor Jay wanted to teach a stripper. Holli thinks they are pretty. They are only allowed to teach verbally; no hands on for the chefs.

Jay tells his bachelor to meet him at his station; Chef Ramsay finds him just wandering around because he has no idea where to go. Holli tells hers to put the pepper on the grill; he does that well, but doesn’t know to turn the grill on. Chef Ramsay points out the pepper just sitting on a cold grill. Autumn is almost stabbed by her pupil whose knife skills are not very impressive. Ben must not be having any issues, because they aren’t even showing him. Jay is shown sharpening his knives which I would think would disqualify him since they were told no hands on, and a sharp knife would be an advantage in skinning the fish.

Holli decides that flirting with her student is the best way to go; everything coming out of her mouth has a sexual overtone to it. It is a shame that she has such little confidence in herself and her abilities. There is quite a lot of touching and flirting going on between her and her student. A positive to that is that it may throw Jay right off his game because he is visibly upset. I can only imagine what he would be doing if he were teaching a stripper; it serves him right. Autumn is a horrible teacher, although she believes that she is wonderful. At one point she tells her student to watch the fish as she leaves the kitchen. He goes to the pan and says I don’t know what I am watching for, but I will watch it. There is quite a bit of sizzle on the fish as it cooks in the pan, but he is doing what he was told to do and watches it.

Ben’s student is trying to learn something and actually asks a lot of questions. Ben just has this way of talking down to people that is very annoying. Chef Ramsay watches for a while and leaves disgusted when the student asks, after handling food, if he was supposed to wash his hands. The challenge ends, now it is time for the tasting.

Autumn and Neal are first. Right away Chef Ramsay asks Neal what the dish is; he hesitates and almost asks “monkfish and salad?” He is asked quite a few questions about the dish which are hard for him to answer. Obviously Chef Ramsay is trying to find out how much Autumn actually taught him. I don’t really think this is fair to Autumn because all the other contestants are now aware that this is going to happen and it will be much easier for them to answer. They should have had headphones on to make it fair.

Neal can’t come up with the word caper; he calls them small pea looking things. Autumn says capers and blames nerves for him not being able to answer the question. Well if anyone else didn’t know what they were called they do now. They only present one piece of fish because the rest was shredded. Chef Ramsay thinks it is nicely done, although a little salty and a real shame that three quarters of the fish wasn’t on the plate.


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