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Project Runway – Q and A With Tim Gunn

The new season of project runway premieres on July 29th, but this season is a bit different. It will be different for the contestants because there will be more of them, different for the audience because the show will be longer, and lastly different for mentor Tim Gunn who now gets his own one-on-one time with the camera to reflect on what’s going on during each episode. During a conference call with Tim Gunn, I learned just how important Project Runway and its contestants are to him.

This being the 8th season, Gunn has gotten to know a lot of promising designers. When asked about this particular group he said, “I don’t know of a prior season when I have felt such profound fondness for everyone”. He goes on to talk about how impressed he is with the chemistry of the group and how eager they are to help each other out. That being said, the audience should still watch out for those never-failing moments where everyone isn’t so friendly.

Project Runway is all about learning and growing from your successes and your mistakes. That includes Gunn. Throughout these eight seasons he has learned how to give advice in a better way and when to let them fend for themselves. With so many people wanting feedback, time management is another thing he’s had to improve on over the years. Gunn admits to having all of the seasons on DVD and that he watches them at times because reflection is a big part of growing.

“Make it work” has become sort of a catchphrase for Gunn because when the designers get discouraged or don’t know what to do, as a mentor it’s his job to pick them up and let them know that they can do it.

Gunn is so good at what he does that some of the former contestants still keep in touch with him. Whether they need more advice on a design or just want to grab some coffee and catch up, Gunn is always there whenever they need him.

This season is very emotional for Gunn; he was very impressed with how talented and willing these people were. Every season has been special, each leaving its mark on him, but none more so then the one that’s about to air.

So be ready for more advice, criticism, and oh yea, 80’s clothes (which Gunn isn’t too fond of to begin with, I found out).

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