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Big Brother 12, July 25 – Hang Ten … Houseguests Out to Dry

Britney makes fun of Enzo’s accent and says he’s like a character from the Sopranos. He’s completely 100% New Jersey. Obviously she’s not a Jersey Shore watcher. They talk about the way he pronounces dog, saw, coffee, etc. He notes he has Britney, the Beverly Hillbilly teachng him to speak. He asks her to give the Meow Meow a break.

It’s time to see Matt’s HoH room. There’s a picture of him when he was little, his cat, his parents, and of course his wife. He says he was genuinely emotional seeing all these things his wife put together for him, including the shotglasses from his wedding. He reads his letter from his wife out loud. She says she’s in great hands and is staying strong and holding it together. Andrew says it puts a new perspective on his wife’s disease. Matt mentions it helped out his lie, as everyone’s buying it that his wife is sick.

It’s a Brigade alliance meeting, and Matt’s feeling good, planning his rain of teror on the house. Enzo says it’s perfect week to get Brendon or Rachel out. It’s perfect after what they did to him, as now everyone will understand him getting his revenge. He thinks they need to get grimy. Matt knows he’s right and that Rachel would be the perfect scapegoat. Yet Kathy tried to vote him out, so she’s the one on his radar.

Hayden and Kristen are making out again, and she says she’d do whatever it takes to keep the two of them safe. Hayden feels the same way. Enzo brings her name up tot he rest of the Alliance, and they note the two of them could be the lifelong friends. Lane brings up Britney’s suspicions about them looking alike and having the same birthmark. Enzo finds they spend a lot of time together, but aren’t hooking up. This is said while they’re making out out of sight from them. It’s Bros before Hoes. Matt doesn’t think she’ll turn on them.

Rachel cuts Brendon’s hair while sitting on his lap, and Andrew’s vacuuming the hair up around them. Brendon says Andrew knows how to kill a romance. He asks if he doesn’t have anything better to do. When they’re under the covers again, it’s Andrew that comes walking in the room, saying he just wants to get his stuff out. He says it’s awkward for him, like he’s a 9-year0old kid. Rachel feels like he’s the third peorson there in the relationship. He does it again later on when it’s dark in there.

Lane and Britney watch Brendon and Rachel laying out together from their perspective in the kitchen and add color commentary, mostly just doing their voices, pretending to be them. Everything has to do with them asking how good they look. She says it’s like a soap opera 24 hours a day, yet it’s nauseating. He says he role-played a couple times in Texas, but mainy with horses and cows. Could that be more awkward?

The house is being filled up with America’s choice for additions to the Have Nots menu for the week. Guessing what it is, Andrew says he can survive on raisins and grapes, so Enzo suggests Raisins and Rattlesnake. Britney suggests turnips and TV dinners. Enzo comes up with octopus and oreo cookies. They walk in and find Baby Food and Bok Choy. Matt reads the good news is it’s osher. Enzo says it looks like someone threw up in plates. He thinks the bok coy looks like a bootleg piece of lettuce. Andrew can eat this baby food all day long, as it’s kosher, and eats right out of the jar.

Brendon and Rachel meet up with Matt in his HoH room, and he knows they’re desperate, and it’s win-win for him to make some deals. He says two things are biting him in the ass. One thing is he’s playing by himself, and the other is that they called a house meeting and lynched him in front of everyone. Rachel admits she made some mistakes, and he has no good reasons to not put the two of them up. She mentions that she and Brendon have a good shot at winning HoH next week, since they’ll both be playing. They make a deal with Matt promising to not put them up just yet, but with no promises of not being a replacement nominee, and they won’t put him up next week in return.

Andrew is the next to meet with Matt and asks his “executioner” where he’d like him positioned. Matt tells him he was Public Enemy #1 in week one, but everyone likes him now and thinks he’s a cool dude. But due to the social nature of the game, he needs a pawn to go up, as he doesn’t want him to go home. If it doesn’t work and he goes home, Matt will feel really badly. He notes the major backdoor opporutnity to get Rachel and Brendon up, but Andrew doesn’t see why he’s not just putting them up to begin with. Matt says his a diaboloical super genius, so he doesn’t take the obvious route.

Before the nomination ceremony, Brendon is sweating it a little, but knows that gives Matt more power than he deserves, then makes mention of him being only about 3 feet tall. Andrew doen’t think Matt’s plan makes sense, but notes he doesn’t care, because it’s Matt’s life, but it might blow up in his face. Rachel isn’t sure if she can trust Matt to pull out his end of the deal. Kathy is always nervous, but especially about this one after last week. She hopes he’ll understand there are worst threats than her. Matt says it’s not just him picking two random people he doesn’t like.

Sitting down for the nomination ceremony, Matt pulls the first key, and it belongs to Ragan. Also safe are Kristen, Hayden, Enzo, Lane, Britney, Rachel, and Brendon, leaving Kathy and Andrew as the nominees. Matt tells Kathy he has no idea where her game is, and she was the only other vote against him last week, and Andrew was gunning for him, and maybe still is. So he put up two peple he knew were going after him.

Kathy doesn’t understand it, saying there are way more targets than her. Andrew again says this is a stupid plan and has a big potential of TNT, blowing up in Matt’s face, as he will be coming after him now. Enzo hopes there’s a backdoor plan in place, as he wants to break up the super couple. Matt feels it’s going to well and says if the backdoor plan presents itself, he will use it. But he feels either way, he’s sitting pretty.

Matt needs to realize that being a smart guy doesn’t win this game for you. It wasn’t the Brains clique that got to the final two last summer. It was the showmance between an Athlete and a Popular. Unfortunately, he’s too caught up on his own intelligence, and that’s going to prevent him from seeing things happen around him. I’d love for him to win; he’s from my hometown. I just don’t see the road leading straight there, like he does.

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