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Big Brother 12, July 25 – Hang Ten … Houseguests Out to Dry

Every single houseguest (other than out-going HoH Rachel, of course) was still on their surfboard at the end of Thursday night’s live show. Endurance comps usually don’t have everyone fighting for too long, and with the added bonus that the first people that fell would be the Haves, you can bet there were people that dropped off shortly after the live show ended. So who took a dive, and was it on purpose?

Brendon knows he needs to win the competition for he and Rachel. He wants to be her knight in shining armor. Enzo says someone from the Brigade alliance needs to win this week so that they’ll be safe again. He thinks they need to drop some grenades. Andrew’s a loner here and knows he needs to win to keep himself from being evicted, and besides, the slop isn’t kosher, so he can’t be a Have Not. Britney needs to win, because she doesn’t know where she stands after Monet left.

Matt orchestrated what he needed to do to stay and thinks he’ll undoubtedly sweep the next comp to become HoH. Brendon didn’t vote to keep Monet, because he didn’t want the bigger target of going against the house. Lane mentions Monet jumped out of her seat like a clown running from a bull when she left. He guesses they’ll miss her, as they didn’t get to say goodbye. Kathy thinks she could have sealed her fate voting against Matt, and he does know the first vote was Britney, and thinks the other was probably Kathy and now wants to beat anyone gunning for him to the punch. Britney hopes the people responsible for Monet leaving get what’s coming to them.

On the surfboards, Andrew’s trying to figure out the best position, and says it’s not a Jew sport. Matt says it’s a little chilly, and compares it to a Have Not shower. The boards move in and out and tilt, getting close to the wall, so someone like Brendon, with size 13 feet, has a hard time. Ragan is glad he didn’t wear jeans. Kathy didn’t do too well at the first HoH competition, and people noticed that, so she wants to keep letting them think that so that, so she can fly right under the radar. She falls off quickly.

Lane mentions they do things differently out there in California. If you put him on a bull or bucking horse he can do it all day, but not on a board. He’s glad Kathy fell before him, otherwise he wouldn’t have lived it down. He he takes a dive. It’s not even 18 minutes yet. Kristen is the next to fall off, followed by Hayden, who admits he feels safe and doesn’t want to be a target, so he threw it. There’s one spot left for a Have, so Britney takes it. The others, other than the HoH, will all be Have Nots.

Everyone makes fun of Andrew’s ultra-tight short shorts. Enzo doesn’t think they look sexy and says he’d have to move if he wore those in Jersey. They think Andrew will be dropping pretty soon, but the others are all still there at 36 minutes. Matt asks, “Is that all you got, Surfboard?” He’s trying to just have fun and get in everyone’s heads. Brendon knows he cannot let Matt win. Enzo knows he can’t do another Have Not week, but falls, and it seems legitimate, as he didn’t want to be a Have Not. He hates it. He feels like he let down New Jersey.

Matt is the last remaining hope for the Brigade alliance. Ragan says after all the BS he had to endure in high school, if any of them are wtatching this, not only is he doing okay on Big Brother, but he’s doing good in an endurance comeptition. Rachel feels safe with all those up still, except Matt. Brendon falls right after this. He feels like he let Rachel down.

Coming up on an hour, the other three all seem pretty safe. Matt looks like he’s just hanging out. He knows it’s important for him to win. Andrew wants a letter really badly from his family to know know what’s going on with them, especially his daugther. Ragan tells Andrew 100% if he wins HoH, he’s not going up, not nominations or replacement. This gives Andrew a two out of three chance of not going up at this point. After an hour and a half, he falls. He was the last one up there with big feet. Mentally he felt he could have stayed up there for five hours, but he almost felt like he was being pushed from the back as he fell.

Brendon knows he needs Ragan to win to stay safe this week. If Matt wins, it’s his worst case scenario. Ragan asks the others if they can go inside so that he and Matt can talk. Matt tells him there’s no way he’d make a deal, but Ragan asks what his thoughts are. He doesn’t mind being a Have Not, and wants Matt to ge a picture of his wife. They’ve bonded this week, and he thinks he’s a really good solid guy, but hates to fall right away while the others are inside. Matt says he doesn’t have to fall; he knows he can be up there for quite awhile yet. Ragan thinks he can do this, as he smoked for eighteen years and quit cold turkey.

Andrew comes back out to get his yamulke, or “yom kippur” as Rachel had called it on the first day. The others come back out as well. The others stare at them up there as the time now goes over two hours. Everyone tells Ragan they’re impressed, and he realizes they didn’t think he had that in him. He falls off at two hours and fifteen minutes. Lane is happy and wants to say “Matt, I want to punch you in the face,” but in a good way, as he can’t let anyone know about the Brigade. Brendon calls it the worst case scenario, and he jst wants to go be with Rachel and not talk to anyone for awhile.

Rachel’s inside crying, and Brendon goes up to find her. He tells her to play it cool for a few days until she finds out if she’s going up on the block or not. She knows she’ll probably be nominated and thinks Matt would be an idiot to not put her up. Brendon tells her it’s the two of them together that are going to get them through this week.

Rachel pulls Mat aside wanting to talk to him. She says she feels like she’s going to cry, but doesn’t want him to feel like she’s playing the emotion card. She explains she never wanted to attack or come after him. He nonchalantly talks of the components of a deald says he completed his side, which was going on the block, but she backed out on her side by telling everyone. He doesn’t want to make deals with her as she breaks them on him. He says he’s not playing both sides, and his side is just with his wife. She thinks he’s going to send her home this week.


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