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Big Brother 12 – A Strategic Overview of Week Two

Another week in the Big Brother house, another houseguest out the door. After Rachel won HoH, she nominated Britney and Monet for eviction, with the intention of eliminating Monet. However, after Britney won the Power of Veto competition and took herself off the block, Rachel needed a replacement. She needed a pawn to ensure Monte’s eviction. But how do you put someone on the block as a pawn without making more enemies? After almost putting Andrew up on the block, Rachel was fortunate enough to have Matt volunteer. And on Thursday night the plan worked, as Monet was voted out in a 7-2 vote.

What was Monet’s downfall? Where did she go wrong? Why did Matt volunteer himself to go on the block? Will it help him in the long run? And, as always, where do the players stand strategically?

Monet made several mistakes that led to her eviction. Whether she likes it or not, taking the ten thousand dollars put a huge target on her back and really got her off on the wrong foot with the rest of the house. The main reason she left the house this week was her relationship with Rachel or lack thereof. Like she said in her interview, she had trouble being “fake” and pretending to like people she didn’t. This is an important part of playing the game, and it is a part that Monet failed at.

No one seems to like Andrew that much. He’s clearly an outsider. He’s been able to escape the block a few times already, but until he’s able to find at least one genuine ally, his game is not looking so good.

All he had to do was drop his suitcase immediately after Britney dropped hers. Rachel would do the same for Monet and then no one on the block would win the power of veto. This was the perfect Power of Veto to keep the nominees from winning.

Britney feels like she will be the next to go, but I think she should be safe for a while. Usually, when your closest ally is voted out, you become much less of a threat and therefore much less of a target.

Enzo (aka Meow Meow)
Enzo may be the leader of the Brigade, but he hasn’t been too vocal, which is a good thing. He’ll last long if he just keeps doing what he’s doing, and that’s leading from behind.

He somehow found a way to keep himself and the Brigade safe this week. There may be more to him than I originally thought. It’s smart to attempt to keep his relationship with Kristen a secret, although it’s not as much of a secret as he probably thinks.

I don’t see her lasting the rest of the game. Her heart just doesn’t seem to be in it at all. It’s only a matter of time before she leaves the Big Brother house.

Her relationship with Hayden shouldn’t be a problem until Brendon and Rachel are broken up. As long as Brendon and Rachel are still together, the target will stay off of Kristen and Hayden.

Lane’s been hiding out in the background and playing it safe. I like what he’s doing. From what I’ve seen of him, he appears very likable, and that’s never a bad quality in a social game like this.

Volunteering to go up on the block was crazy. Granted, given the circumstances it wasn’t as crazy as you might think. He was aligned with more than half the house, so it was very unlikely he would be evicted. But the thing is, you never know what will happen day-to-day in the Big Brother house. Friends one day, enemies the next. The unpredictability of the game is reason enough to always favor being off the block rather than being on it.

Matt started playing this week big time. Was it too soon? I think so. He’s now going to have to watch his back for the rest of the game because he definitely ruffled some feathers.

Rachel was not smart in calling the house meeting. If she knew all along that she wanted Monet to leave and Matt to stay, then why do that to Matt? She is just making an even greater enemy out of him.

I’m still not sure who Ragan is aligned with. It would be interesting to see who he would nominate if he won HOH. He hasn’t done anything to put a target on his back yet, so it actually might be better for him if he didn’t win.

Is it just me, or are Rachel and Brendon practically asking to be put on the block?

I’ll be back next week with some more strategic musings.