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Top Chef: DC – Episode 6 Commentary – Did I Thank You For the Duck Nuts?

Judges Table
The four inform Tiffany and Sbarro that they agreed with the other chefs that these were the best dishes. Gail loves how Sbarro’s textural contrast came together. Tom tells Tiffany that she cooked hers evenly on both sides and Michelle says everyone wanted to keep eating hers. So of course, despite the better praise going to Tiffany, Sbarro gets the win. He amusingly gives a fist pump and a “YES!” before learning he also won a trip to Hawaii. Avoid the tiki idols.

Kenny and Tamesha come in – and if you don’t know by now that Tamesha is a dead woman then you have never watched this show. The judges pointedly don’t mention that they agree with the chefs on this one. Although Tamesha’s incredulousness on being there probably didn’t help. Michelle tells her that eating the scallop was like having a tongue on top of your tongue. Tom said his palate felt lost. Uh oh.

Kenny is basically criticized for doing too much. Michelle throws in a comment about how she didn’t enjoy the flavors and could talk about each piece for a long time. A roundabout way of saying, you did too much. That’s all they had on him. Gail felt it had up to 25 ingredients and was not “straight forward” as Kenny described it. Tom felt it was gummy too.

Let me just say – I don’t think this was Kenny’s best. But he was definitely not the worst. And Team Spenny was extra catty about this challenge. That’s why I didn’t like it.

Quickfire Hits
• Loved Hot Amanda’s audible “ugh” upon drawing the last slot in the Quickfire knife pull. She knew she would get something gross or impossible.
• Spenny gets faked out by the “Duck White Kidney” leading Padma to ask with a smirk, “You know what they really are?” I really wanted to see Spenny make the “testicle marshmallow.” I can’t imagine a worse camping trip. Although we did get Ed’s description of his “cock and bull” soup that he made with Todd English.
• Sbarro to Spenny – “Did I thank you for the duck nuts?” HA!
• I really want to talk about Padma’ purple blouse during the Quickfire, but I don’t think the English language has a proper way of describing how gorgeous she looked. I need to invent some sort of term – she was gr$%ioluous.
• Hot Amanda was surprisingly sage in this one stating that the others had no idea how hurtful this challenge could become. She knew the mischief that was about to happen.
• Based on next week’s footage, it seems they are going to make these Ed/Tiffany teasers become a Hosea/Leah type of plotline. Wonderful. Because that last one was such a joy.
• If Spenny uses sexual terms to describe his food one more time, I am going to have to start throwing around these types of references.
• Tamesha’s grudge versus Hot Amanda is thankfully no longer an issue. She claimed they have personality differences. Yeah, Hot Amanda has one.
• Tamesha blames the Spenny influence for her demise. Yep. As Sbarro said earlier, cook your food, not Spenny’s food.

Next week – Does Moby steal someone’s pea puree? And if so, why? Because, I mean, eww.

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