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Big Brother, July 22 – The Pawn or The Pain?

Julie shows them some of the more dramatic parts of the Have Not competition, and it brings up many giggles as they watch it tonight. Ragan is asked about the odd position he was taped in, and he jokes it’s a typical Friday night in West Hollywood to be tied up and strapped to a wall. Britney hung in there, yet lost, and she talks about her difficult week to be a Have Not, be one the block, and stlll have a friend nominated.

Andrew is asked about balancing his modern orthodox Judaism, and he says it’s been hard, but eveyrone there is really understanding. He loves them for respecting him for it. Kathy is asked which is harder, being a deputy sheriff or living here, and she says it’s definitely living here. She has no control in this house, but thought her training would help her, yet it doesn’t.

Julie talks to Rachel privately in the HoH bedroom. She asks about Matt being offered as a pawn, then calling him out, and what she thinks of him now. She thinks he’s a snake and deifnitely playing both sides, pitting her and Brendon against everyone else. She talked about not using her power this week to take revenge but to keep her and Brendon safe, and she thinks she accomplished it, and hopefully it will be good in the end. Speaking about him, she’s never fallen this fast, but she thinks he’s once in a lifetime. If it came down to him or the half million, you can’t put a price on love, and would probably choose him. Sucker.

Monet pleads her case first and says it’s been a pleasure to meet everyone and she wants them to vote with their heart and go with who she thinks will help their game the most. Matt notes he’s not wearing any of his mlitary gear tonight. He considers them all very good friends, and this whole season he wants them to remember it’s just a game, and there’s nothing they can say that he’ll hold against them outside the house. Yet, he wants to stay, so he hopes he has their votes, otherwise he’ll go home to his beaitufl wife. He mentions something about Natalie coming back as the Saboteur. He sees Monet, as a super cool chick in his book. He then says, “It’s all you, Chenbot, take it away.” Big props for that one, Matt.

Andrew is up first to vote, and votes for the $10,000 richer Monet. Enzo votes to evict Monet, Britney votes to evict Matt, as does Kathy. Hayden votes to evict Monet, as do Kristen, Ragan, Brendon, and Lane. By a vote of 7-2, Matt is safe and Monet is evicted. She gathers her things, waves and takes off with no hugs. Someone, I think Enzo, tells her she’s a great person and to not take it to heart. Everyone consoles Britney in the kitchen.

Julie notes to Monet how she bolted out of there and didn’t even hug Britney. She says she said her goodbyes last night to the people she knew were voting for her to stay, Kathy and Britney. She’s very emotional, and Julie asks if she’s this emotional in the outside world, which she says she’s not. Outside, she’s stronger and can control her emotions, bu the house is so draining, she can’t keep it in. She’s learned she ‘s not as strong as she thought she was. She figures the $10,000 is part of the reason she was evicted, even though she said coming in she didn’t want to win a prize. It could be a copout for them, but it’s more than three other people will walk away with, and she has the rest of her summer to herself. Julie asks if she regrets any of the mean things she said about Rachel, and she doesn’t, as it’s hard for her to be fake and pretend to like people.

For her goodbye messages, Andrew doesn’t even know why she was there; she had no strategy, she took the $10,000, and everything she did was compeltely wrong if she was trying to win. Kathy calls her a sweet girl, and many of her smiles and laughs came from her. She will now always use the phrase “I’m going to punch someone” when she gets mad. Matt admits to being instrumental in her being there, and she was like a casualty. Rachel thinks she’s a little cliquey and somewhat catty. Monet tried to break up her and her man, and if she ever had someone, she’d know that’s the worst thing you can do. Britney cries, saying she’s going to miss talking about how high-waisted Kristen’s pants are and how skanky Rachel’s dressing every day and how annoying her laugh is, and all the things they could do with her hair extnesions. That’s funny.

It’s the Head of Household competition, as everyone is on surfboards pointing downwards in “Hang 10.” The last person standing will be the new HoH. The first five to fall off will be the Haves for the week. Rachel is automatically a Have. They get blastd by water right away. They must be swearing, as we’re getting lots of bleeping out. Matt is smart, escaping the water and standing the opposite way you’d normally stand on a surfboard.

For the Have Not food choices this week, it’s between Sardines and Sauerkraut, Prunes and Pate, or Baby Food and Bok Choy. Baby food all the way. Well, that’s what I’d want, not the worst punishing, which would have to be sardines and sauerkraut. But watching eveyrone eat baby food would be funny.

Coming back from commercial, everyone is still standing and the water has stopped, but that seems to only be momentary. We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out who wins. Usually we know of at least one person who drops. For Matt, it worked out this time to be a pawn, but it definitely exposed him a bit. The others will definitely have their eye on him more. They still see him as a floater, but they may not for very long.

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