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Big Brother, July 22 – The Pawn or The Pain?

As is well-known, offering yourself up to be a pawn can be very dangerous, especially in these early weeks. However, that’s exactly what Matt has done. I can’t see it going against him, though, as everyone wants Monet out over him, except for Britney. It’ll be interesting to see if she votes with the house to keep it unanimous or not.

Right after the veto meeting, Monet knew he was clearly still Rachel’s target, as she calls the HoH a complete stupid bimbo. Britney talks about the original plan being to put up Andrew, because no one would be sad to see him go. Yet with Matt up, Monet has a 95% chance of going home. Rachel explains she did it this way, because “Monet gets the hell out of the house.” Matt explains he offered himself up as he has the Brigade as well as most of the rest of the house with him, so he’s just sitting pretty waiting for Monet to go home.

Brendon notes Rachel was worried about Matt trying to play both sides, but he thinks she made the right decision. Britney is sad about the possibility of Monet going home, as she’s the only person she considers to be a friend in the house, and is her only relief from missing her friends and family so much. Monet comes in and joins her in a good cry, but takes the time to say she thinks Rachel is stupid, Brendon is stupid, Kristen is stupid, and Kathy is stupid. She feels Rachel should feel lucky she didn’t get her fist upside her head. Britney notes she could have also worn a shirt, but they can’t make all her decisions for her.

Matt joins in on the pity party and says he’s pissed off. He lets them know Brendon and Rachel are going to get what’s oming to them next week. Britney agrees and calls them trashy. Matt tells his fellow nominee and her BFF that Brendon and Rachel need to be put in their place. He wants the girls to think he was blindsided and mortified and that he wants to avenge himself and Monet, but he could care less, knowing he’s sitting pretty. He’s just having fun until Monet is voted out.

Hayden mentions to the DR that he and Kristen have a secret showmance that resembles a 3rd or 4th grade crush. People in a showmance don’t usually make it far, so the’re trying to keep it a secret. He tells her later in bed that he’s trying hard to not think about her, but he’s so attracted to her. She admits to develping true feelings for him and that there’s something there she can’t fight. They thought they wouldn’t be shown on TV, since Brendon and Rachel are more obvious with their showmance, but they’re obviously wrong. Andrew notes he’s five feet away in the bedroom and hearing the whole thing, and it’s like falling asleep trying to listen to a dirty movie.

Rachel wants to get Monet out of the house, so needs to see where Kristen’s head is at. She finds Kristen and Hayden in the bathroom together, along with what looks like my kids’ dirty laundry, and says that Britney and Monet think they have Kristen’s vote. She just wants Kristen to think people are talking about her vote, but it’s a lie. Kristen doens’t like people talking behind her back, and she’s pissed off. She goes out asks Britney about it, and she says she never said it. Kathy runs away as Monet is called over and Kristen tells Britney that Matt doesn’t dseerve to go home over her. Monet says she never said any of this.

Rachel comes out and says as HoH she had to nominate two people and Monet hadn’t talked to her and had won $10,000, and she thought she’d put her and Brendon on the block, so she wants Monet to go home. Monet says just don’t act like I’m a bitch, and Rachel responds she never did call her a bitch, as she wouldn’t use such a derogatory term. She tells Monet to get her facts straight, but instead she says she’s going to choose to walk away and Rachel is lucky. She feels it’s obvious she won’t get votes now, and Rachel will get her fist in her face if she says anything else to her. Meow Meow. A cat fight.

Britney goes up to HoH to cry to Rachel and tells her it’s a lose/lose situation for her, and Rachel understands, as Britney is losing a friend. Britney’s just trying to clear the air, as she doens’t want Brendon and Rachel to put her up again. Rachel doesn’t want Britney to hate them, so she tries to make a possible ally in the situation. She tells her that Matt volunteered to go up as a pawn, because she wanted to put Andrew up, and he said if you want Monet to go home, you have to put me up. Britney asks if this means Matt promised to not put up Brendon and Rachel, which of course he did. Britney informs Rachel he’s playing the game, as he’s walking around acting like he’s pissed at Rachel for putting him up. She starts to cry, saying, she knew Matt would do this and told Brendon if they put him up, he’d do this.

Rachel holds a house meeting to get some answers. Andrew doesn’t make it, as he’s observing a religious holiday. Rachel says she feels someone is playing both sides of the house right now. But really, everyone in the Brigade is. She mentions Matt offering to go up as a pawn to get Monet to go home, and Monet starts crying about how he acted paranoid afterward, but had already volutneered to go up. He fights back saying he felt strong-armed by them when he got pulled into the room with Ragan. He was told he needed to vote how they wanted him to and that they were putting Andrew up against Monet. Rachel says they didn’t pressure anyone, and he counters she went on a power trip this week.

Incredulous that she is hearing this, Rachel says again Matt was begging to go up, and she asks if he didn’t tell Britney that he was shocked to be nominated, that she and Brendon were idiots, and that he’s coming after them to seek revenge. He says yes he is, and if anyone else thinks they shouldn’t be a target, they’re idiots for sure. Rachel is upset, saying he’s trying to turn the whole house against them, and Brendon tells Matt he got busted. He asks if anyone is in an alliance with him, and of course the Brigade is slent, except Enzo, who offers up that he doesn’t know of any alliances. Matt calls it a load of crap. Ragan is struggling to see where his vote should go, as it’s hard to trust someone who’s played both sides of the house. Monet warns them to watch their backs and leaves the room.

Julie talks to the houseguests live tonight and mentions them finding out that Annie was the Saboteur. She wonders how Brendon feels since he was one of the original suspects. He felt relieved, as he was getting nervous and didn’t want to go up on the block twice. Hayden calls it a different game as he feels like he can trust people … well trust people more so.


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