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So You Think You Can Dance, July 21 – Mounting Injuries

Adechike pulled Jose’s name to work with this week, and he’s super excited about it, as they’ve been cool since Vegas. They’re working on paso doble, choreographed by Dmitry, with an interesting assistant, Legacy. Normally the man is the matador, and the woman the cape, but this time there are two matadors fighting it out. It’s really phsyical with a lot of acrobatics and sliding and diving over each other, in a battle to the end. Dmitry notes they have to work as a team for it to be successful. James Dooley’s The Arrival/Rampage/Continued Existence is the background for this epic battle, and they do beautiful tandem capework to start it out. Without a shirt or jacket on, Jose can’t hide his lack of tecnique, but the persnality is there in full to make up for it.

Adam loved how committed Jose and Adechike were as they were completely connected. Technically it was very outside of what they do, but they put all of their strength into it and it pushed them through. Jose, again, has to stretch his legs, and Adechike could have used more abandonment, as his butterflies were contracted instead of released.

Mia thinks they did okay with and it was aesthetically gorgeous to look at, but the technique wasn’t there with the flailing legs. But the commitment, power, and focus was so there, like they were bleeding for this. It had a space to it, and with that you have to have the carraige to fill up the music., which they didn’t.Kenny feels it was a valiant effort, giving them complete credit for believing in the piece and pouring their hearts into it entirely. The choreography was difficult and an interesting exercise, and he credits them for giving it their all.

Nigel agrees with the others, and thinks yes, it was a valiant effort, but if they look at how the ballroom guys attack the paso doble, then we have a lot to learn from that. If you look at a spaniard doing it, it isn’t just about feeling angry; it’s about the carriage of it all, even just with taking the cape around the body. It was a little lacking in the performance tonight. Yet, he loves the passion with guys dancing together this season.

Of course this means Billy and Kent were meant to dance together tonight. They were to take on a style new to the show, stepping, with Chuck Maldonado. Chuck notes it’s percussion and was started by universities around the late 1950s. He thinks of it like a marching band without instruments and only drums. Billy thinks the hardest part is the coordination. For perhaps the first time ever we see Kent without a smile or an oh gee willakers look on his face. He notes it’s like you’re in your underwear and in front of people because of the lack of music. Billy isn’t performing, so Twitch is “stepping” 😉 in to his place, as they dance to Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) by Kid Sister. If you want to talk about commitment, Kent has it here again. It’s honestly hard to stop watching it. It’s just compelling.

Adam thanks the produers for introducing new and exciting dance styles into the American living room, and thanks Chuck for coming in and throwing it down like that. He wants to say thank you to Kent Boyd for kicking its ass. There was no way he thought he had it in him, but he killed it just like Lauren last week with the Tahitian. He killed a thing that’s totally foreign to him. He throws in a Kent impression that I can’t even begin to explain.

Mia had no idea that Kent had that in him at all. It was so disgusting and filhty and gross and amazing. She lives for the two of them and their chemistry together; they fed off each other. Kent is once agan having a hard time paying attention to Mia. She leaves it at this “Kent, yes, you are the one to beat.”

Kenny mentions that twelve years ago he worked with Chuck to put stepping into the Olympic ceremonies, so it’s an honor to see it for the first time on this show with Chuck once agian. To pull of a routine like that is the equiavalent of going to basic training, suiting up, and going off to war in a week. All he can say is “Suit up, Soldier. Awesome.”

Nigel wants to remind everyone this isn’t the first time stepping is on the show and it isn’t the first time Chuck was on the show, as everyone has forgotten his routine, “Five Guys Named Mo.” Chuck even helped him choreograph that routine. He’s been trying to get it on the show for years, and there’s a group that does it in Chicago he wants to bring to the show, but keeps being told they can’t afford them.

But Nigel loves the style, and has got to say that Kent brought it here as he managed to combat everything that has been thrown at him on the show. He’s looking forward to watching him krump. Nigel also notes everyone has forgotten that Twitch stepped in at the last minute, and his sadness tonight is that Billy hasn’t been able to do this, as everything we’ve seen from him the past few weeks has shown he was on the road to doing this, and to see the pair of those white boys do this would have been really good to see.

It’s going to be a hard elimination Thursday night. I know others probably don’t agree with me, but I think Billy should go, as a doctor cleared Billy to dance. Yet, he chose not to. He didn’t dance because a doctor forbade him to. He didn’t dance out of his own choice. I want a winner who is willing to completely lay it on the line.

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