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So You Think You Can Dance, July 21 – Mounting Injuries

Adechike is dancing with Comfort tonight, doing a Napoleon and Tabitha lyrical hip hop. Tabitha notes it represents the struggle some people go through in a relationship when they know in their heart they need to walk away, but their heart won’t let them. Even though Comfort loves him here, she has to build up the courage to say no more. She even gets to slap him in this. Adechike’s role is the guy who knows that he’s messing up, but is begging her to take him back again. They’re dancing to Alicia Keys’ Fallin’, and this is amazing choreogaphy and performance. I feel every bit of her frustration here. Every single bit. I’m so glad he fixed his earlier problems with connecting to his partners. Afterwards, he is actually sobbing.

Adam tells them he didn’t even feel like he was watching dancing; he felt like he was watching a movie. It was so intense and so beautiful and so horrifying and so his life. Everything that Adechike is feeling as he’s standing there crying is what it made Adam feel. To be a contemrpoary dancer and succeeed so well in hip hop, it was fantastic. Mia notes it felt more real than any contemporary piece as it came from such a raw place and it was absolutely unbelievable. It was like watching a movie like Adam said. The highest level. Adechike has so much, and he left so much out on that floor, as everyone got a big taste of who he truly is. Comfort is like Mary J. Blige, the dancer.

Kenny has to believe part of the marvel of what we witnessed comes from the permission and the know-how that the choreographers give to the dancers. You have to be ready for it and have it within you, and Adechike really does. It was like Wesley Snipes Can Dance. It was dramatic and honest and heartfelt and beatifully connected and impressive.

Nigel thinks it’s difficult to crituque the dancing in this as it moved to another level. It reminds him of Bleeding Love and Nowhere, as somehow Napoleon and Tabitha have this ability to put emotion into hip hop routines and it really is a talent. As executive producer on American Idol for a few years, he loathed this song, as everyone sang it so badly, so he hopes Alicia Keys gets to see this, as it’s on an equal par with her own beautiful work. To critque Adechike, he says he constantly talks about honesty in dance routines, and Adechike just showed exactly what Nigel has been talking about.

Jose’s mom says when she sees him dance, sometimes he gets goosebumps, and she’s as proud as a parent can be. He’s accomplished so much in such a short time, and she knows it’s because of passion and determination. His dad didn’t think this was anything more than a hobby, but he surprised him. His solo tonight is to James Brown’s Give It Up or Turnit a Loose. He, too, is blending more tecniuqe into his work, as he spends some time not down on the floor. And really, it just looked like he was having fun.

Kent’s dad says overall he’s an upstadning young man. He’s always been a good performer. His mom says it’s nothing but pure joy seeing him on the stage, as it’s a joy, as well as in everyday life. It makes him proud as well as in awe. His solo, which we haven’t seen yet as he’s been so incredibly safe, is to Boyz II Men’s End of the Road (A cappella). It’s beautiful and freeing, of course.

Robert and Lauren are dancing the first two-contesetants dance tonight, and she jokes their couple nickname is Bobfro. She’s excited because he’s a goofball. They’re doing a samba with Dmitry Chaplin, who explains it’s a beach party with two people meeting and flirting with each other the whole way. There’s a lot of footwork, making it the hardest Latin American dance. He knows Lauren can shake her hips after last week, and this involves more hip action. They samba tonight to Drummer Boy (SYTYCD Remix) by Debi Nova, It’s a cute dance, for sure, but the hips action part of it is reminiscent of last week.

Adam wants a t-shirt that says “You Shot Me With Your Butt,” echoing what Robert had said after Lauren nearly knocked him out with a hit to the face from her butt in rehearsals. Robert’s lines were so crisp and clean and his partner connection was really good. Lauren’s retractions and footwork were unbelieavable, and he thinks she could have a future in ballroom. If she wasn’t the only girl, he’d say she was the girl to beat, but she is the only girl.

Mia is so pleased with the performance of Robert, as he actually looked like a samba dancer with his hips, knees, his commitment, face, carriage, etc. It worked for him. It looked like this is what he does. However, we expect a lot from Lauren’s butt, as the whole season has been about that. The butt and hips were great, but, she’s in plie a lot, like when Nigel says she arches her back a lot. it brings a heaviness to it and we need more “ssss” in there.

Kenny mentions that you can’t do this just by choreopgrahing, as you have to be trained in it. So Dmitry spent the week training and choreogaphing these dancers in something they don’t normally do, and they did it extremely well. He wants to say to Robert that his partnering was amazing, and he was giving to her, yet on fire when he was apart.

Nigel notes both sets of parents of these two dancers were abolustley wonderful and were so proud of them, and it upset him to hear that, as he knows as a parent he’s going to go tell his own kids that tonight. It really upset him.

Robert’s upper body reminded Nigel of Dmitry tonight, as he was that broad and his hips were good. All night as a birthday boy he’s done himself proud. Lauren understands where Mia is coming from, but she’s shaken everything that is possible to shake on her body throughout the entire series, and he’s not sure how Miss Lauren will tell the kids abou that. It was enjoyable, as she made contact with us as well as her partner, and that’s important. Technically, they could have been tagged for it, but he loved it.


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