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So You Think You Can Dance, July 21 – Mounting Injuries

Robert Roldan is paired with Lauren Gottlieb, with his own chance to “grab the booty,” as they work on a Tyce Diorio jazz routine. It’s all about seduction, with no story other than that. It’s a physical story, speaking with their bodies. Lauren notes they have to fall in love with each other in two days. It’s easy for him to do with Lauren, and she doesn’t find it too difficult either. They seduce each other to Wasted Time by My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, and it’s definitely as biled, seductive and sexy. Robert is amazing in this, and by that I mean with his technique, but his seduction is definitely fine as well.

Adam tells Robert and Lauren they were smoking. “Lauren … ouch.” Robert is so good, every week with such a command of the stage and a great partner. He’s growing and starting to lose himself more and getting out there to dance more. When his hands aren’t choreographed, they’re too tense, but he was outstanding and killed it. Mia thinks it’s like a breath of fresh air to have a clean, strong jazz piece. It was a good piece to show his true capability, and it really showed he is a solid dancer for sure. Her one tiny critque is that when he jumps, he jerks his head down. She can’t wait to see how he matures as a dancer.

Kenny tells Tyce that he really served Robert with the choreography, as did Lauren and her partnering. Robert needed this piece to show he does have bottom and is grounded. It was exciting and fluid. He loved the turmoil of the piece, feeling they were engaged. He enjoyed it. Nigel loved the smooth jazz feel to it and the flow of it, thanks to the choreography. There was never a jerk to it, but he agrees with Mia’s thing about Robert ducking his head. He has good lifts and doesn’t need to do that. This program is credited to giving integrity to men dancing, but an inspiration for guys dancing has to be Lauren.

Before everyone’s solos, we get to hear from their families. Adechike Torbert’s mom mentions he always had fun with his dancing. He loved it, but what everyone always noticed about him was his smile, and that had to come from deep inside. Her message to him is that they believe in him and love him and know he can do it. He’s out with a solo to Maxwell’s This Woman’s Work, and his leaps are tremendous and beautifully breathatking.

Kent Boyd is so happy to be paired with Kathryn McCormick. They’ll dance to a Sonya jazz piece. She notes it’s about having fun and accepting who you are. Someone is always going to not like you and is going to want you to lose. That’s her main gaoal for Kent, to embrace how wonderful of a dancer he is and tell everyone. Kathryn doesn’t think Sonya at 8 AM should be legal, which is why she went to bed early last night. It’s Tightrope by Janelle Monae that Kent and Kathryn are dancing to tonight, and just as Sonya masked what Jose needed to be masked, she brings out the person who we know Kent to be. This is Kent. This makes you realize what is so good about Sonya’s choreogrpahy is that she knows her dancers and knows people.

Adam doesn’t know if the TV audience heard the studio audience just yell “We love you Kent” or not. He also doesn’t know if they showed it on TV, but in Vegas, Kent did a monologue of why he needed to be on the show, saying the ratings would go up and he’d make the show more special, and he’s definitely doing that. He is something else and he doesn’t think they’ve ever had anyone lke him on the show. The handspring over Kathryn was phenomenal and out of this world.”You kicked ass.”

Mia notes Kent is a strong dancer and we all love him, but her problem is that sometimes his face gets so animated that it takes the choreographer’s work to a juvenile work, and Sonya’s work isn’t juvelinile at all, so it bothered Mia a little. But dance ability-wise, everything was there and it was solid and great.

Kenny liked the choreography as it had a kind of a Gidget/Moon Doggie kind of thing going for it. Kent is awesome, and when he saw the piece he did with Neil last week, it was like watching a young Gene Kelly. He thinks he’s the guy to beat and is amazing. Cat thinks Kent always says what he feels, or his face does, and tha’ts why people love him. She definitely has a point.

Nigel agrees it’s mixing really good technique with a really fantastic personality. Mia said what he said a couple weeks ago, that he needs to be careful, as if it comes across as not being real, they won’t believe in him. However, honestly, he didn’t see it this week. The last two weeks he’s danced with two All Stars, and he’s almost outdanced them, and that’s the biggest compliment he can give him. To see someone like Sonya Tayeh do totally separate routines and styles was fantastic.

Robert’s mom says he thinks of life as a journey. He doesn’t let things get him to the point of falling apart and losing his vision. She admires his focus. When he first made the show, his dad was surprised, then thought about it and wasn’t as surprised. His mom wants him to remember to strive for the best, and go for it 100%. He dances his solo to Parachutes by Trevor Hall. I think I almost see him trying not to lift his head the way they were critiquing earlier. Cat notes it’s Robert’s 20th birthday today. Honestly, he looks older.

Lauren’s mom feels amazed at everything she’s accomplished at this point in her life, and she’s just doing what she loves. Her dad talks about her varied interests, being involved in student teaching. She’s just one of those kids you like to be around. No one would have predicted she would have developed this kind of talent. Her students wish Miss Lauren luck. She dances her solo to Elisa’s The Waves. What is really great, which is what I love to see at this point, is her growth. Gone is that “I have to be sexy to get people to notice me” thing, and it’s now an inner sexiness that comes out of great technique.


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