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So You Think You Can Dance, July 21 – Mounting Injuries

In the past two weeks we had two devastating losses on So You Think You Can Dance because of injuries. It’s getting to be like [i]Dancing With the Stars[/i], with the level of competition bringing about too many injuries. The problem with this is that the people that remain on the show are there more or less because they’re healthy, not because they’re the best.

Tonight joining Adam Shankiman, Mia Michaels, and Nigel Lythgoe on the judging panel, we also have Kenny Ortega, man responsible for … half of the entertainment world? After the dancers are introduced we realize we only have five, not six dancers. It’s happening again. This time it’s Billy Bell, and while doctors told him he could perform if he chose to, he has decided not to, meaning he’ll automatically be placed in the bottom three tomorrow night. Nigel also informs us the costume designer for the show won an Emmy this morning. And speaking of injuries, Alex is in the audience. Nigel jokes they’ll join up with Mark Burnett next season and do Survivor: The Danceoff.

With only five dancers tonight, each dancers will dance three times, once with an All Star, once with another cast member, and a solo as well. Lauren Froderman is dancing with Twitch tonight to a Tabitaha and Napoleon D’Umo hip hop. The theme of this one will be the Wild Wild West, and it’s going to be grimy. She’s going to have to prove how bad she is as the only female left. They dance tonight to My Chick Bad by Ludacris & Nicki Minaj, and this girl get definitely get down. I think she’s well-deserved of being the last female standing. It’s some great choreography, too.

Adam asks Lauren who she is, as she’s not the girl who auditioned in Las Vegas who did a kind of weak hip hop in week 2. She tore it up out there and it was hot, hot, hot. What he does love about her is she listens to the music so much, and is on it and never ahead of it and is in it. She’s totally lost in the number and the character. She’s on fire. Mia says giddyup. She thinks Lauren went so hard, and the thing that she loves about her is she’s so aggressive, but she captures the sexy girl in there too. It seems she’s letting go at this pint, and she should, as she’s the only diva left standing at this point.

Before Kenny starts his critique, he tels Nigel he’s been a fan of the show every single season, and he finally has a front row seat. He’s inspired by Adam who keeps him on his toes and he loves Mia’s work. He thinks the show every season changes the state of the art of dance in our culture. As for the routine, save a horse, ride a cowboy. Lauren has enough energy to power L.A., and every week she approaches her work with such courage and conviction, and tonight is no different than any other night. It was funky, sexy, and he loves the choreography.

Nigel notes Lauren rises to every occasion, then tells Twitch he really looks like he’s been rode hard and put away wet. Shame on you, Nigel! It’s really strange for English people to hear the word “bad,” as that means not good to them. Everything Lauren has been asked to do, she’s done, and has grown tremendously. She wasn’t just bad, but was “nasty buck.”

Jose Ruiz is dancing tonight with Allison Holker on a Sonya Tayeh contemporary routine. It’s about a couple who meet and fall love, but it doesn’t work out, and they part. They’ll dance on the edge of the stage the whole time, representing the risk Sonya feels people face when they’re in love. Allison hopes to sell the different levels of every relationship. Allison thinks she might have a crush on Jose, as she melts when she sees him smile, but she doesn’t want us to tell his girlfriend. Dancing tonight to Jon Brion’s Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind Theme, It’s definitely Sonya all the way, as it’s quirky, but moving at the same time. These two can’t be together, but can’t stay away.

Adam tells Allison the cat’s out of the bag about her and Jose and the girlfriend, so he hopes she doesn’t get knifed later. He tells Sonya it was such a beautifully conceived piece of material with a strong concept. It made it difficult and tricky to critique Jose’s dancing. What he can critique is his commitment, which was perfect, his character, which was totally beautiful, and his partner work, as he was 1000 percent there for her. But there wasn’t much conventional dancing, What he did do, though, was perfect.

Mia feels the same way and feels it was conceptually ingenious. She loved being on the edge, and it followed through with the whole story and the relationship. There’s a difference between pedestrian contemporary and real trained contemporary, and that’s where she sees Sonya was smart, because he’s not trained, so she gave him pedestrian contermpoary, which most people can handle. For her, Jose did a pedestrian contemporary a few weeks ago, then this one, and did them both so well, but he can only grow so much technically in a few weeks, and she didn’t see any. But she thought the performance was really, really good.

Kenny tells Sonya he’s a big fan of all her pieces, and he loved where she put this with the creative use of the space. Allison is truly one of the most breakthakingly beautiful dancers, and all of the All Strs bring something to the show which he hopes stays, as it elevates all the competitors’ performances, bringing it to a new place. He loved that she was such a trusting partner, and that has to be earned. Jose earned her trust, and he thought he was exquisite.

Nigel feels Adam was right saying Jose was committed. Last week they showed him up some, by removing his personality and exposing his weaknesses, but what Sonya did this week was cover up all his weaknesses by keeping it pedestraian. It was also to show that quality of the relatinship, that it was just on that one level, and they perhaps need to get out more. He does stilll want him to point his toes and straighten his legs, but it was definitely a committed piece.


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