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Hell’s Kitchen, July 20 – A Showmance for Hell’s Kitchen

Holli is now on fish and getting complements from Chef Ramsay. Next thing you know Ben jumps on the station and starts cooking scallops. He doesn’t say anything, doesn’t acknowledge anything, just starts cooking. He brings them up rubbery and ends up getting himself in trouble for it. The whole thing makes no sense. In the past contestants have gone home for giving up their station and being walked on. I don’t know why Holli wouldn’t have told him to get lost. He reminds me of Swiper the Fox on Dora; Holli needs to turn around and say Swiper no swiping!

Jason has some overdone fish returned to the kitchen. He then burns his hand. Ben is continuing to not talk at all. Chef Ramsay is standing within feet of him begging him to talk to him; Ben just walks around and doesn’t even acknowledge his presence. Chef Ramsay leaves the kitchen for a moment leaving Sous Chef Scott in charge.

Ben decides to push his way onto the wrong station while Scott is waiting for Ben’s garnish. Instead of bringing the garnish he goes up to the pass and tries to call out the next ticket. I think Swiper might have just swiped a little too much. Chef Scott makes Chef Ramsay look like a little British pussy cat. He stands within an inch of Ben. Ben’s nose is literally lined up with Scott’s mouth as he screams like a drill sergeant. He agrees with Chef Ramsay that Ben is a good cook but cannot lead. He tells him never, ever to come up to his pass again. I would be lying if I said I did not enjoy that; it was a laugh out loud moment. I’m bad. They show it again after commercial.

They make it to the last ticket and finish service. When asked, Jason tells Chef Ramsay that the switching of the stations really threw Ben and Jay. The contestants are told to go upstairs and think of two people for elimination. I am sure somehow Ben and Jay will try to convince everyone that Autumn needs to be up there. Hopefully some of these chefs will understand that this is a competition and put the early favorites on the block.

Jay goes on the attack when they get upstairs and again accepts no responsibility. Ben follows up attacking Jason and Autumn. Okay I will admit it I am screaming at the television. I hate pompous and cocky; I think they are two of the worst character traits. I have never been a big fan of Autumn’s, but if Ben honestly thinks he did better, maybe Chef Ramsay is right and they took more than just his hair. I don’t know how she continues to fight through with this show. If strength is something Chef Ramsay is looking for he has found it in her. Holli and Autumn nominate Ben. Holli wishes Autumn made a mistake so she could send her up.

Chef Ramsay calls on Holli this time to ask for the bottom two. The first nomination is Ben because of his complete shutdown and few bad services. The second nomination is Jason for lack of skills and slowness. She adds that no one thinks he can run a restaurant. I wonder if she would have put Jay up if he wasn’t her hot tub pal.

Jason is asked by Chef Ramsay what he hasn’t seen yet out of him. Jason replies he can take total control of kitchen. He tells Chef Ramsay that this has nothing to do with skill, that it is personal. He continues that if Chef Ramsay really believes that he is the weakest player there, that he will respect that decision. Great answer.

Turning to Benjamin, as he likes to call him, Chef Ramsay asks why he can’t cook, talk, and listen at the same time. The first thought in my mind is because he isn’t a woman; sorry guys it’s just a mom skill. He stumbles and says he overthinks cooking. He adds that he thought he did a good service, a stupid thing to say to Chef Ramsay.

Chef Ramsay sends Jason home, and he says he isn’t finished with this industry. Chef Ramsay thanks him, and Jason has a good handle on the departure. He believes this step will lead to the right doors opening. What a great outlook on life, really … words to live by. Chef Ramsay believes he was good enough for final five but didn’t bring the confidence he needed to see. All I can say is … and Ben does?

The contestants are told that they will be challenged in a new way and to get some rest. Ben and Jay believe they can pull it out. On the coming attractions, the guys are plotting to get rid of the girls. Why does this not surprise me? Jay plans on deliberately making them look silly. Here’s a question for Ben and Jay; if you are so confident in your skills, why would you need to play dirty to win? It seems the Jay and Holli relationship will heat up next week also. The previews end with her saying she loves him. I wonder how she will feel when she watches this show and sees all the diary cam interviews.

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