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Hell’s Kitchen, July 20 – A Showmance for Hell’s Kitchen

Jason is next with pan-seared tilapia and pre-packaged raviolis. The judges aren’t happy that he served something pre-made, and the average that they would pay for that dish is $16.00. Jason thinks he misunderstood the challenge.

Ben, who has some kind of injury on his face, made a seared lamb with rustic potatoes. The judges are not impressed at all with the lack of creativity on the plate and think the vegetables were undercooked. They all said $25. Ben tells the diary cam that he didn’t think his dish was that bad. Ben and Jay both have a hard time accepting criticism. They always believe the judges are wrong. How do you grow if that is what you always believe?

Autumn’s veal gets compliments on presentation before it is ever tasted. The judges all love it. The average amount they would be willing to pay is $27.33. Not enough to beat Jay, but quite a bit better then Ben’s.

Last up is Holli. She makes an Ahi tuna with a mix of lots of different ingredients. She uses bacon, kumquats, potatoes and allspice, to name a few. Chef Ramsay thinks the dish is spot on. The dollar average for Holli’s dish is 29.66, and she beats Jay by a dollar. Jay looks like he is going to be sick.

The losers are faced with laundry day. They have to wash and iron all the uniforms, napkins, and tablecloths. Chef Ramsay tells Holli she is now Queen Holli. She will be spending the day at a Beverly Hills hotel cabana being swept up in luxury with Jean Philippe. She will then get $1,000 to spend at a kitchen supply store. Chef Ramsay is letting her pick someone else. Gee, she chooses Jay, didn’t see that coming. This might be Hell’s Kitchen’s first showmance.

Jean Phillipe asks Holli why she chose Jay; she says it’s because Jay came in second. Jean Philippe asks if that is the only reason; she giggles and says yes. When they are sitting and talking, Holli reveals that she has a four-year-old son who lives with his father. He asks Jay if he has anyone special, and he says no, not even a girlfriend. Holli responds to that by saying he was saving himself for her. It might just be a “me thing”, because I cannot even begin to imagine my life without my children, but Holli not having her son bothers me. It’s funny that there is a stigma to a woman not raising her child but no stigma if the man is not custodial parent. Seeing everyone’s behavior on this show, it is probably a good thing.

Jean Philippe asks the executive chef who comes out to serve champagne and say hello how much it would be to rent the nuptial suite. Jay chimes in and asks if they rent by the hour. Wow, she laughs, but that was incredibly disrespectful, and on national television too. They continue on with their meal.

They don’t forget to feed the losers either. They get spam and mayo on white. Autumn refuses to eat. I think a punishment worse than ironing and washing is being forced to listen to the nonstop ramblings of Autumn.

Jay and Holli are now at this amazing kitchen supply store to spend Holli’s $1,000. Jay puts a small wooden peel into the cart and tells Holli it is multi-functional. Don’t act taken back when he wants to rent a room at an hourly rate when that is how the two of you communicate. This show has just gone downhill since it first aired. Holli buys Jay a large drink dispenser. Jason and Ben see that there is something going on between the two of them. Autumn thinks it is nothing, and they just had a fun day. That is until she walks in on them in the hot tub; it is quite clear there is something going on as there is nothing between them.

The next day the doors open for service. Chef Ramsay informs the remaining contestants that he is going to force them to communicate tonight. When he says change they will have to rotate stations. Obviously if someone is not communicating what is going on at their station it will be impossible for someone else to step in. Holli’s tuna dish will be on the menu tonight. The doors are opened for service.

Chef Ramsay actually wishes them luck before reading the first ticket. He makes the first change relatively quickly. Holli tells Jason that the Wellington has been in for 18 minutes. Jason cuts them and they are rare. Ben is on fish, and instead of searing the tuna, he cooks it through. Some of the chefs are finding it very difficult to switch stations and continue on at a fast pace. Jay brings up overcooked John Dory. Jay seems to be having a lot of problems on fish. He is blaming it on the person that was last in the fish station.

Personally I think Jay made a mistake trying to start a showmance with Holli. He seems to have lost all focus in the kitchen. At this point, even Jason is yelling at him to get a time for the window. Jay is just standing there. Switching again brings problems to Autumn, as she has to take over fish. Customers now start returning Wellingtons to Jay on the meat station. Holli asks him point blank how long; Jay tells her 14 minutes. Less than a minute later Jay shows up at the pass with Wellingtons. Holli now has nothing ready and she looks like the screwup. Holli makes the mistake of not talking to Chef Ramsay as she struggles to get the garnish ready. She should have thrown him under the bus. Luckily for Holli, Chef Ramsay sees what is going on.