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Hell’s Kitchen, July 20 – A Showmance for Hell’s Kitchen

Oh no, when Tanya sees Ben she tells him he looks like a rock star. Personally the hair looks better, but I think it makes him look like he is 12 because it is standing up in the back. It’s the kind of haircut a mom would lick her hand and swipe the hairs back down into place on her son. I think his dish actually looks better created by the staff at the website. Back in the dining room Jason is trying to show Jay how to mop a floor.

The next day is service again and Jay has redone his faded blue locks to royal purple color. I guess my hope for black coat/black hair was too much to ask for. Light bulb moment, maybe Jay is like a peacock with his purple and blue hair, trying to impress Holli! Chef Scott tries to convey to the contestants how important this service is. Ben’s dish is also added to the menu; it has a lot of components to it and has the other contestants worried about what it is going to do to them at service. Chef Ramsay gathers the contestants around with an hour till doors open. He informs them that he is really going to be scrutinizing everything they do in hopes of finding an emerging leader. He also tells them there is a special VIP guest eating at the chef’s table.

The doors open and a lot of diners are ordering Ben’s halibut. Ed is already making mistakes on the fish station. Jason follows that up with not enough seasoning on the appetizers. Chef Ramsay wants someone to take the lead in the kitchen. Now everyone starts talking trying to take control, except for Autumn and Jay. Autumn is on desserts trying to help out. Ben is completely ignoring her. Chef Ramsay tells him to start talking and acknowledge Autumn. She asks him again, and he tells her to “get the f&^$ out of his way”. Chef Ramsay makes a comment about Ben having his brains removed when he got a haircut.

At this point Ben is frustrated and angry. He starts to run in the kitchen and drops himself and his chicken to the floor. Ed is having trouble on the fish station, serving it raw up to the pass, again and again and again. Tonight is not the night to be on the fish station for Ed, he has 38 orders of Halibut. Even with Ben’s help, the Halibut goes up raw for the 5th time. Ed finally gets his fish right, and Ben brings cold fish.

Chef Ramsay tells Ben that he can cook, but he can’t lead. Ben is getting frustrated and brings up the wrong order of meat. Ed follows right behind him with burnt scallops. They are both thrown out of the kitchen. Jason is called onto fish and Autumn is on meat. Ben and Ed go upstairs disgusted with themselves.

The VIP turns out to be Whoopi Goldberg. Holli wants to know what Whoopi is doing in Hell, funny. The four remaining chefs really worked so much better as a team together without Ben and Ed. Dinner service is finished. Chef Ramsay calls everyone back into the kitchen. He tells Ed that he should know how to cook halibut by now. Chef Ramsay also tells Ben that he has confirmed that he cannot lead. He continues, saying if he cannot lead 5 people, how in the world is he going to lead 45 people. He wants them to nominate two chefs overall that do not deserve to be in Hell’s Kitchen.

The contestants go upstairs and Ben and Jay both want to nominate Autumn. Holli joins in. They all feel that she skirts by on service and prep. Holli is putting her up because she has been put up so often. That seems the obvious choice. Jay thinks the other person should be Jason or Ed. Jay thinks Jason is scary when he loses his temper.

Chef Ramsay asks Autumn who the first nomination is and why. She states that it is her, he seems surprised. The reason is simply the number of times she has been nominated? That just seems stupid to me. The second nominee is Ed, because he has had a few difficult services in a row for bad communication.

Ed believes that he is better at multi-tasking, more knowledgeable, and has better communication skills than Autumn; Chef Ramsay asks Autumn why she thinks she has been nominated 5 times. If she was smart, she would say they think she is a threat. Autumn thinks she is more consistent then Ed. Chef Ramsay sends Ed packing because he is disintegrating. Before sending them off upstairs, Chef Ramsay tells them he is not impressed with any of them. He adds that Ed was one of his favorites because of his strong start, but a strong start is not as important as a strong finish.

The contestants go back upstairs, and the guys are just frustrated that Autumn is still there.

The following morning the chefs go off to a high end market for their challenge. Chef Ramsay gives them each $10 and 10 minutes to buy the ingredients for a stunning dish. Jay chooses lamb. Ben and Autumn choose veal. Holli goes with tuna, and Jason buys frozen raviolis. Holli is the only person who went over and needs to put back some ingredients. Autumn is out to prove Ben and Jay wrong. Chef Ramsay again has brought in guest judges. Joaquim Splichal, restaurateur and owner of The Patina Group, is the first. You can see the thrill on Jay’s face as soon as he walked through the door. The second judge is Dana Bowen, the Editor of Saveur Magazine. Lastly, it’s Vern Lakusta, is the manager of Gordon Ramsay at the London.

All three judges will taste each dish and tell Chef Ramsay what they would be willing to pay for that dish. Jay is first with his pita crusted lamb dish with Greek salad. He spent 8.95. The judges really like it. The average on the price they would be willing to spend was $28.66.