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Hell’s Kitchen, July 20 – A Showmance for Hell’s Kitchen

I was glad for the refresher tonight since we were pre-empted last week with baseball. Nilka was kicked out of the kitchen. At elimination, Autumn and Ed were left sweating for Chef Ramsay’s pleasure, until they were given black chef coats. Tonight the remaining six will work in a single kitchen; all competing to work in London at Chef Ramsay’s Savoy restaurant.

At the beginning of the episode, they are greeted upstairs with champagne. If someone, anyone, was smart, they would refrain from drinking and be at the top of their game the next day. I don’t think that is a possibility with this group of in my opinion lackluster contestants. Autumn told the diary cam that the cream rose to the top and she is still there.

I don’t know … if you are surrounded by mediocre, at best, is it really cream that floats to the top? In actuality spoiled milk floats to the top but cream is heavier than most liquids it is poured into and will sink to the bottom. I am an expert in this due to many an iced coffee in what seems to be an unbelievably hot summer. You know you are in trouble when the weatherman says that the 96 we felt today is the cool temperature for the week.

Jay is so confident he thinks he needs to start learning a British accent. Oh how funny it would be to hear someone say they need to start learning the language.

The next morning Chef Ramsay greets the chefs in the kitchen for the first individual challenge. He wants to focus on presentation. They have 30 minutes to prepare something that is pretty, tastes great and photographs well. Jay decides to make a salad. It looks pretty, but that is a risky move. The dishes will be photographed by Alex Vasilescu. He is a world renowned food photographer. I wonder if he is the one that makes things look so much better in a magazine then they really are when served to you at a restaurant.

After the pictures are taken, they are presented in the lobby. Chef Ramsay surprises the contestants by inviting in a large group of culinary students who will rank all six photographed dishes, with 1 being the highest, 6 being the lowest. The chefs are then told to go back to the kitchen and recreate the exact dish. The top two photographed dishes will go head to head on taste.

Last place goes to Holli’s. It really is an ugly dish, just a piece of plain salmon on top of pasta. Jay’s salad is voted second worst or 5th best if you want to spin it. Jay is speechless; I find that a refreshing change. 4th place is Jason. 3rd is Autumn. Ben and Ed will go head to head to win the challenge. Chef Ramsay invites Tanya Steele the Editor and Chief of Epicurious to help him judge the dishes.

Ed makes a bass dish with purees and oils. It is very pretty and colorful. A couple of the culinary students commented, as did Jason, that his photograph made them hungry. Both like his dish. Ben’s dish is Halibut. Chef Ramsay thinks the dishes are both visually stunning. Tanya Steele is told to make a decision on which is the winning dish. She finds the dishes spectacular, but when she goes with the total package, she decides Ben is the winner. The prize is his mug and his dish on the Epicurious website. It sounds like he is going to get a mini makeover also.

The losers will get to give the dining room a little mini makeover under the watchful eye of Jean Phillip. Poor Jay is so just dumbfounded with his 5th place finish. In my opinion Ben already has an over inflated ego, he would be smart not to have this go too much to his head. Oh well never mind about that, Ben knows his dish was spot on perfect. Jay thinks he won’t get back till midnight because he needs the work.

Ben tells the diary cam that his wife really likes his hair longer, but then he wants it short and spiky. I don’t even know this woman and throughout the entire season I have felt bad for her. Ben asks the stylist to make him look like George Clooney. He is happy with his short sexy hair, and poor, poor woman. After the hair is a, I don’t know, brow stylist? Poor baby is crying getting his brows tweezed.

Oh take me out of my misery now. It’s bad enough to watch a married man continually make snide comments about his wife, but now I have to watch Jay and Holli. Somehow they have found a way to make dusting an act of sexual foreplay. Jay has two goals in Hell’s Kitchen, one is to win and the second is to sleep with Holli. Honestly, where did they find this cast of misfits. You could pull 12 of my mega foodie friends in to that kitchen and we could give them a run for their money. I hope when this show starts up again with a new cast in September there is a higher level of dignity and passion for food. I don’t like the new trashy Hell’s Kitchen.