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Big Brother 12, July 18 – Paranoia … Good or Bad?

Rachel announces it’s time for the Have Not competition. She explains what’s going down in the BB house is they’ll break up into groups of “fo” as she peppers her speech with a lot of “yos.” The backyard is covered in grafitti and Rachel feels like she’s in the middle of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Kathy thinks it’s like Sanford and Son. Isn’t that the perfect generation gap? Each team has to choose one team member to become human graffiti. They have to be taped to a brick surface, and the brick will then rise up, and the player who stays up the longest can choose which four people to be Have Nots. Everyone can use the paint blasters to wash their opponents off their wall. Kathy does not want to sleep with maggots, take a cold shower, or be on slop.

The orange team is Andrew, Matt, Hayden, and Kathy. They want Kathy to be taped to the wall and try to delicately tell her they don’t want her to screw it up, by telling her it’s because she’s the smallest. Britney’s team really does want to put her on the brick, because she’s the lightest. Ragan is being taped on the other team, and he notes he likes being sticky and hot anyway.

The wall stats raising up and they think Britney looks like a green mummy because she’s so covered in green tape. They grab the plaint blasters, and Brendon realizes Ragan isn’t strapped nearly as well as Kathy, so she’s his target. Enzo thinks Ragan looks like Hanibal Lechter in a weird pose, but Ragan notes it’s just another Saturday night for him. Ragan can feel his tape coming off the wall, and says it’s like Jenga. He falls off after 33 minutes, as everyone now only has Britney and Kathy take the brunt.

Kathy’s hoiding on, because she knows she can’t go another week without eating. Britney gets upset that they’re shooting the paint at her face and not just the tape, calling it personal. She can feel herself sliding and notes the tape is strangling her. The last hting she wants to do is black out or die because of friggin’ slop. They rip her down and she apoologizes.

The orange team wins and they get to choose four people to be the Have Nots. They choose the team of Britney, Monet, Enzo, and Brendon, because they have never been on slop before, and because the other team helped them team up against Britney’s team. After the comp, they go inside to find fish sticks and fruitcake. Enzo calls it a perfect week to be a Have Not as he and fruitcake are “like this” as he crosses his fingers.

The Saboteur has another messsage, as she slowly reveals her face. The houseguests now know it was Annie. She thinks some had a little bit of suspicion, but notes there are probably some shocked faces. She thinks they did a good job and it was fun while it lasted. She hopes there are no hard feelings. Hayden feels like a king to have nominate the Saboteur. Matt admits he was wrong, and Andrew celebrates that they all know it’s not him now. Enzo says that’s why she was hustling hard. He says he knew it; she can’t get past the Meow Meow.

Rachel tells Bitney she really does like her and thinks she’s a nice girl, but she scares her, as she thinks she’s coming after her and Brendon. Britney says if she had won HoH, neither of her or Brendon would have been her target. But to the DR, she ays, “Duh, of course they were her targets.” Once again Andrew’s celebration when she won HoH comes up, and Rachel says she didn’t tell him he was safe. She promises if she doesn’t go up o the block, she won’t be after her and Brendan next week. Rachel doesn’t know if she can trust her though.

Because they do everything together, Monet is the next one up to see Rachel. Rachel tells her that is she is afraid if Monet had won HoH, she would have put up her and Brendon. Monet says she wouldn’t have, and she had other targets in mind, such as Andrew and a floater. Monet says to the DR, of course that wasn’t true. When Rachel hears “floater,” the first one she thinks of is Matt, who she thinks is a floater, but isn’t, and because he’s been super-paranoid since she won HoH. Rachel mentions this person, but doesn’t name him. She says she’s confused whether she should have Andrew or this person go home.

Hayden is the next one up to visit with Hayden, as she tells him she and Brendon want to know that he’s on their side, as they don’t want someone wishy washy. Brendon is up there in the HoH as well, and says they have to play smart and make moves that make sense. Hayden says he just wants to keep him and Kristen safe and wants them to think he’s on their side. The people Brendon wants to get rid of are the ones that make him feel uneasy, Enzo, Lane, and Matt, Hayden’s whole secret alliance. Hayden tells him if they put up Britney and Monet it won’t upset anyone else in the house. Of course, Monet’s $10,000 comes into play again.

Matt is confident his paranoia was a great strategy and feels safe. Britney doesn’t think Rachel has it out for her, but does think she’s out for Monet, so is guilty by association. Hayden is nervous , but thinks Rachel and Brendon feel they can trust him. Rachel is targeting people she feels would put her and Brendon back on the block.

Rachel calls people in for the nomination ceremony, and the first key pulled is Brendon, followed by Kathy, Hayden, Ragan, Kristen, Enzo, Matt, Andrew, and Lane. That leaves Britney and Monet nominated. Rachel brings up the $10,000 again and notes Britney’s alliance. She knows how much it sucks to be on the block and be a Have Not for the week, but this is the game. Britney cries in the DR and says nobody looks good that way, and Monet feels defeated, and dislikes Rachel even more since she nominated her.

I think either way you look at it that it’s telling that Rachel nominated two girls. The nominations definitely made sense for her, but when you look outside that, it’s really interesting. I think someone needs to nominate Kristen, though. I like her, but there’s something really sneaky about her that the others seem way too comfortable about.

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