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Big Brother 12, July 18 – Paranoia … Good or Bad?

How many times has someone won HoH the first or second week of the show and thought they had the game won with a great alliance in place? That’s exactly what happened with the Brigade alliance during the first week of the show. They certainly weren’t planning on one of Hayden’s nominees winning HoH, and had to be crushed when Rachel won. Will she prove that paybacks are a bitch when she makes her nominations tonight?

Brendon is so excited that Rachel stayed, although on Annie’s way out, she disclosed that he was lying about his real job. He took the opportunity right after she left to tell the truth about having a B.S. in Physics and his M.S. in Applied Physics. He’s just beginning his PhD in biomedical physics, especially cancer treatment. He mentions he didn’t tell the truth originally, as he felt it would make him a larger target. Andrew’s glad no one knows he’s a doctor yet, and Ragan is glad they don’t know he’s a college professor with a PhD. Enzo calls Brendon Superman with a PhD and wants him out.

Once Rachel wins the HoH, Brendon can’t be happier. Andrew is exhilarated as well, as he didn’t think he was a target for her. He jumps around really excitedly after she wins, as Hayden says later, “Andrew looked like a kid at [d]Christmas[/d], Hannukah.” But if he’s in with them, he needs to not act like it, as while he’s safe this week, he just made a himself a larger target for the following week. And people thought this guy was the saboteur?

Britney is pissed, saying they were “so friggin’ close, and we let some idiot who wasn’t even smart enough to put on pants before the competition, win.” Monet knows there is no love lost between her and Rachel, so it’s not looking good for her. Enzo thinks Rachel is brainwashed by Brendon, so it’s really his week as HoH. It’s the Brigade’s job to throw out hand grenades, but they got hit themselves by a big one today. He figures Monet needs to feel nervous because of her and Rachel’s past dislike for each other, and Britney should as well, as she’s been a little mouthy, and maybe even one of the guys in his alliance. Matt thinks the same thing, that no one is safe this week.

Brendon and Rachel celebrate by making out and talk about how everyone else is pissed and they need to watch their backs. She knows she can’t use her HoH for revenge and needs to use it to get her and Brendon further in the game. He talks about Britney and Monet being so fake. They’re going to make the decision together whether he’s in charge or she is, or at least that’s what they say now.

The others in the house are trying to figure out why Andrew was so happy that Britney won. Enzo figures they have to be in an alliance, as Andrew has no one in the house. Andrew tells Britney and Monet he thought one of them were definitely winning it. They note how happy he was when Rachel won, and he says of course, he’d be nervous if they were in power. They want to know why he isn’t with Rachel in charge, and he just wants to put it back on them.

It’s time to look at Rachel’s HoH room. It’s the time Matt says he has to act like he cares about things he doesn’t care about, and Britney just wants to shoot herself in the face, but nonetheless follows “her flapping buttcheeks” all the way up the stairs to the HoH room. There’s a pink boa and “Ms. Planet Beach, Nevada” banner displayed on a chair, a pic of her hiking, another of her dog, and one of her and her sister when they were little. Monet is suspicous of the boa that Rachel says is from her showgirl days, feeling that’s a code word for “stripper.” Rachel is really happy to find tequila.

Lane and Hayden get together later outside talking about how this is basically Brendon’s HoH. Hayden says he put them both up last week, so it would make sense for them to now put him up.

Hayden and Kristen show off their birthmarks to each other, as she says supposedly birthmarks are where you were stabbed in a previous life. He thinks she has some strange beliefs, yet tells Matt sitting next to him he thinks she’s hot. Because she’s so mysterious, it makes her even more hot to him. Later he tells her he’d rather hang out with her than anybody else, and she agrees, saying she thinks that’s been obvious since the beginning. Hayden notes usually the girls come to him, but not her. She tells him she doesn’t like cocky guys. She admits later in the DR that she does like spending time with him.

Britney is glad Monet is in the house, as it gives her someone to vent to, instead of internalizing all those feelings. They share their mutual dislike of Andrew. Watching him lifting weights, Britney snarks that for someone with a “lackluster physique,” he goes around showing his a lot. Monet thinks she has better abs than him. They overhear Rachel saying she was sick back in January and needed three IVs because she was too dehydrated from drinking too much. Britney jokes she needed an IV of tequila. After that, her and Monet attack the size of Rachel’s boobs, then note how Kristen’s bikinis were demure, but are now more like lingerie.

Hayden discusses with Rachel how stressful HoH is. He notes how smart Brendon is and says he’ll be able to help her out. She makes sure he knows that Brendon doesn’t want to tell her what to do. Noting that Hayden kept her safe last week, Rachel asks him who he thinks would put him up, and he replies Britney. She notes Britney and Monet are eing catty and that Britney will do and say whatever it takes. Kristen is the only girl she wants to talk to. He lets on that he’s attracted to Kristen, as Rachel proposes an alliance of herself and Brendon, along with Hayden and Kristen. He doesn’t like the idea, so that worries her.

Matt tells Rachel he’s paranoid, wanting to know if he’s getting nailed or not. He admits in the DR later that he’s not really paranoid but wants the others to think he is, because if you get too confident, you become a target. He tells Rachel he thinks Andrew is gunning for him, and also mentions how he oddly freaked out like a lunatic when she won HoH. Matt jokes he acted happier than Brendon was. Now everyone thinks Andrew is in an alliance with her and Brendon. Rachel tells the DR that because of Matt’s paranoia, she’s considering putting him up. So his plan is having the adverse affect. Brendon thinks it means Matt has something to hide.


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